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Mackay's World Me Department: Local sendee on a global scale

Since John Mackay and his partner, James Bennett, constructed two transatlantic cables in 1884, Mackay Marine has evolved with the maritime and communications industry. When technology breakthroughs during World War I unveiled radio as a viable means to communication with ships, Mackay was making air waves. And when the world was introduced to communication via satellite, Mackay was at the forefront of this bold wireless revolution. Consistently, Mackay has proven its leadership - defining, honing, and improving communication system reliability at sea. Today Mackay is at the forefront in serving the growing marine equipment and communication business. With its World Service Centre in Houston, Texas, Mackay is charting new courses in customer service at sea. The World Service Centre was created to meet the growing need for quality managed service on a global scale. The center represents the newest commitment and extension to the company's extensive world-wide service network to provide equipment, equipment repair, installation, and airtime to its customers.

According to Francis Neary, Mackay President, the goal of the World Service organization is to, "provide quality service for both overseas and domestic clients through one central coordination location. We have a strong edge in achieving our objectives because we have an existing network of foreign and domestic service depots that deliver reliable work. In fact, I'd say Mackay Marine does it better than anyone operating a maritime service business today." Mackay augments its global service effort with its unique TEAM approach. TEAM stands for the Technical Electronic Administrative Management program, pioneered by Mackay service experts and their worldwide customers. TEAM removes the burden of scheduling and coordinating repairs of ship's electronics equipment from the ship owner or manager. Mackay TEAM members take on the repair responsibilities for the complete maritime electronics package including engine room equipment. "It's a value-add service that surpasses anything out there today," Mackay's Gulf Regional Service Manager, Steven Colburn, stated.

When Mackay claims extensive, comprehensive service features, they mean it. Some of the features available include: • Single point of contact for world-wide service coordination • Experienced technical support staff available on a round-the-clock basis • 24-hour per day availability, 7-days per week via phone, fax, telex and email • Confirmation of attendance and notification when repairs are satisfactorily completed • Notification of trouble prone equipment and advice on repair or replacement options • All invoices reviewed by technical staff for accuracy and correctness prior to payment • Complete database of repair history maintained by vessel, fleet, and type of equipment • Vessel equipment condition surveys and reports • Annual survey and renewal of SOLAS and GMDSS certificates • Regulatory compliance advice and updates • Complete communications and navigation packages • Representation by major marine electronics manufacturers • Extensive inventory of spare parts stocked for immediate dispatch • The latest diagnostic equipment to solve customer problems • A computer information system specifically designed to provide the necessary data to make informed replacement decisions and reduce repair time One of the cornerstones of the Mackay service offering is its state-ofthe- art, continually updated, cost tracking system. Gulf Regional Manager, Steven Colburn, stresses that, "Mackay will analyze and track associated costs whether it's for equipment under warranty sold by Mackay or equipment purchased from another provider. In terms of cost, our customers will know the who, what, when, and where of every single service job." Mackay's World Service department, of which the Service Centre is a part, is staffed with experienced marine service engineers who have years of field service experience. Not only that, these marine experts have completed the company's rigorous factory training seminars on products ranging from GMDSS to Inmarsat B satcom. All Mackay service is conducted under the supervision and direction of these engineers to ensure quality work, responsive turn-around, and competitive pricing. World Service Centre customers would all agree that competitive advantage is the greatest benefit of having Mackay on board. One customer, a large European ship management company, has been with World Service for more than a year and is so thrilled with the benefits that they are contracting for more of their ships to be included in the program. This level of customer satisfaction is a result of Mackay's comprehensive service program and seasoned support team which offer far more advantages and resources than were possible from a single crew member. Global capability that makes the customer think it's local. That's the underlying rule for Mackay Marine's World Service Centre.

Mackay is a world leader in the installation of marine and offshore electronic equipment and offers a comprehensive line of innovative products and services. For more information, contact Mackay inside the U.S. at 1- 888-361-8532, outside the U.S. at 1- 713-644-3788, by telex at 4612018MACKAY, or by e-mail at service @

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