Thursday, September 23, 1999 Maritime News

MetalCraft Kingston Series Vessel Delivered

Sep 23, 1999

MetalCraft Marine Inc.'s latest delivery is a 38-ft. Fisheries Patrol Boat for the Canadian Dept. of Fisheries and Oceans, for deployment on Great Slave Lake and the Mackenzie River.

Washburn & Doughty Launches Fort Bragg

Sep 23, 1999

Fort Bragg, built by Washburn & Doughty for Cape Fear Towing Company of Wilmington, N.C., will be primarily used for docking shops and coastal towing. Fort Bragg

Reproduction Launched by Beckmann Boatshop, Ltd.

Sep 23, 1999

The Beckmann Boatshop, Ltd., has delivered the 25th of its popular Compromise 21, steam launches. The boat shop specializes in the reproduction of antique and classic launches and tugboats.

Winninghoff Delivers Pilot Boat to Harbor Services

Sep 23, 1999

Harbor Services, Inc., a support organization for the Canaveral Pilots Association of Port Canaveral, Fla. has taken delivery of a 40 ft. pilot boat of welded aluminum by Winninghoff Boats, Inc.

Bisso Towboat Launches Reverse Z-Drive Tractor Tug

Sep 23, 1999

Cecilia B. Slatten, launched in late December at Main Iron Works, Inc., is the new reverse Z-drive tractor tug for Bisso Towboat Co. Inc. The 4,300 hp tug was built

Seacraft Shipyard Delivers Luxury Dive Yacht

Sep 23, 1999

Seacraft Shipyard Corp. of Amelia, La. delivered M/V Cayman Aggressor IV to Aggressor Fleet Ltd. The 110 ft. aluminum luxury dive yacht was designed by Seacraft

Marinette Marine Delivers Sixth Coastal Buoy Tender

Sep 23, 1999

USCG Cutter Joshua Appelby (WLM-556) was delivered to the USCG in November 1998 at a ceremony in Marinette Marine's shipyard. Appelby's homeport will be in St. Petersburg, Fla.

Todd Pacific Shipyards Launches Margarita

Sep 23, 1999

Todd Pacific Shipyards launched Margarita, a 70 mw power barge, that will provide Nicaraguan communities with much needed electricity. In the wake of devastation from Hurricane Mitch,

Anti-Fouling Paint Remover

Sep 23, 1999

Safe-Way Marine Products offers a safe, new environmental stripper that removes anti-fouling paint and above-water-line coatings, such as epoxies, urethanes and marine varnishes.

Barnaclean from Clean Seas

Sep 23, 1999

This compact, energy-efficient system installs easily to repel barnacles and other bio-organisms automatically. Available from Clean Seas, Barnaclean draws less

Zero-Rust Coating

Sep 23, 1999

D.C. & Associates offers Zero-Rust, a high-performance maintenance coating, designed to go over existing rust. Minimal surface preparation isrequired (no sandblasting or priming).

Redefining Offshore Painting

Sep 23, 1999

Wasser High Tech Coatings has made dramatic technological breakthroughs, solving tough problems and producing a complete product line. Their advanced state-of-the-art

Water Reducible Coatings

Sep 23, 1999

Aqua Shield, a water reducible coating from Watson Coatings, features the WSR Series, which are industrial enamels that provide outstanding corrosion resistance and damage resistance.

Full Line from Sigma Coatings

Sep 23, 1999

Sigma Coatings offers a wide range of products for the marine industry. An assortment of colors is available. The company provides specific coatings for each task

Sattex Marine Polishing Compounds

Sep 23, 1999

Sattex offers marine polishing compounds, available in bricks and sticks, and in six abrasive grades. The buffing sticks and bricks vary in abrasive strength to remove surface oxidation,

Rohm and Haas Offers New Literature

Sep 23, 1999

Chemicals manufacturer Rohm and Haas Company has published a new bulleting on the use of Sea-Nine 211 marine antifoulant. Sea-Nine employs isothiazolone chemistry

Underwater Five-Minute Epoxy

Sep 23, 1999

Progressive Epoxy Polymers offers a modified version of its five-minute underwater epoxy in a dual chambered, hand-powered caulking gun. The #912 Navy Glue hardens within 5-10 minutes,

New Coating Thickness Measurement Gauge

Sep 23, 1999

A new CTM 20 coating thickness gauge, that uses innovative ultrasonic technology, is available by Krautkramer Branson. The new instrument enables measurements to

Zero VOCs

Sep 23, 1999

Jotun Valspar Marine Coatings offers WB-14 Pre-Construction primers, featuring zero VOCs. Fast weld formulas (40 in. per min) and high speed welding are also benefits to the product, says the company.

International's Intersleek

Sep 23, 1999

Intersleek is a revolutionary coating technology which controls fouling on fast craft, says International. Unlike the traditional solution - antifouling - Intersleek


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