Solution For Two-Stroke Engine Lubrication

Tuesday, November 20, 2001
BP Marine has delivered an innovative for improved cost-effective two-stroke engine lubrication. Specifically developed to offer cost effective operation while maintaining the highest levels of performance, the two-stroke engine solutions consists of two recently improved lubricants: improved Energol CLO 50M 70 BN cylinder lubricants and Energol OE-HT 30 system oil.Improved CLO 50M is claimed to reduce cost of operation through reduced wear and cleaner operation, leading to major benefits including higher margin of safety for low oil feed-rate operation, extended time between overhauls and enhanced control against scuffing. It represents a significant cost advantage to ship owners and offers improved performance and peace of mind in the face of growing concerns about the margin of safety for engines operating close to the point of grossly excessive wear.

The new cylinder lubricant, which has undergone numerous laboratory, rig, test-bed engine, and ship trial tests, and is approved by leading two-stroke engine builders, offers opportunities to optimise cylinder lubrication, either through extending time between overhauls or providing the added safety factor when operating at lower feed rates, in accordance with BP Marine’s technical advice. Energol OE-HT 30 system oil has also been improved to enhance overall performance ensuring efficient operation while meeting the demanding requirements of the latest ‘camless’, ‘common rail’ or ‘intelligent design’ engine now coming into operation. A key feature of this performance improvement is a gear load-carrying performance of FZG12. Significantly, for the marketplace, BP Marine say improved Energol CLO 50M and Energol OE-HT 30 are replacing the existing grades, and will not be additional grades, enabling existing customers to enjoy the benefits of the new products without the need to change.

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