Wreck Removal Continues for Pacific Paradise

November 10, 2017

Work on the Pacific Paradise continues and the unified command has contracted Resolve Marine Group with support from several other experts to conduct the removal of the pollution threat.

"The combined experience of the team we have working this challenge is impressive and the effort they've put in to develop this wreck removal plan is significant," said Captain of the Port Capt. Michael Long, commander, Coast Guard Sector Honolulu. "This response is a dynamic and constantly evolving process with many factors to consider and it will take some time to complete. Modifications to the pollution removal plan and changes in timelines are possible, but we are committed to resolving this situation."

Photo: U.S. Coast Guard
Photo: U.S. Coast Guard
Photo: U.S. Coast Guard
Photo: U.S. Coast Guard

Resolve Marine Group, American Marine, Global Diving and Salvage, Pacific Environmental Corporation and the Coast Guard Marine Safety Center are all providing expertise.

Today the team continued planning and mobilization efforts. They also replaced sorbent boom aboard the vessel collecting oily water and fuel leeching from the engine room. This type of boom has been in place since the grounding and is replaced as needed. The team also secured the danger signs that have been applied to the hull.

The pollution threat removal effort has been divided into several phases that will, in their entirety, take several weeks to complete.

With initial surveys taking place and further calculations being made, specialized equipment can be shipped in while other preparatory work takes place over the Veterans Day holiday weekend.

As soon as the vessel is removed from the reef, the Department of Land and Natural Resources' Division of Aquatic Resources will put expert teams into the water to assess damages to the coral reef and determine appropriate steps for restoration and mitigation.

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