Busan Port Aims for Top-notch Eco-friendly Port

November 10, 2017

 Busan Port Authority(BPA) stated that it will convert RTGC (Rubber Tire Gantry Crane) at Busan North Port into e-RTGC/Cable Reel as part of its ‘Eco-friendly Green Busan Port Roadmap.’

To this end, BPA plans to convert 5 conventional RTGC into fully electric RTGs (E-RTGC) by the end of this year and will convert 85 more RTGC equipment.
Photo: Busan Port Authority(BPA)
Photo: Busan Port Authority(BPA)
The e-RTGC conversion project is conducted by BPA and Busan Port Terminal Corp.
BPA will cover the construction expenses for infrastructures at Gamman Pier 2,3,4 berth to provide electricity and BPT will pay for the equipment renovation.
BPA official stated “When the conventional RTGC equipment is replaced with e-RTGC, approximately 150 million won fuel budget and 420t Co2 emission can be reduced annually.”
He added “We will ramp up our effort to make Busan Port a global eco-friendly port by introducing e-RTGC and renewable energy, and converting yard tractor fuel into eco-friendly LNG.”

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