Workboat Tow-Hook to make U.S. Debut

November 9, 2017

A new tow-hook developed specifically for workboats by Henriksen Hooks, will be on show for the first time in the U.S. at the International Workboat Show in New Orleans.  Visitors to the Henriksen display in the Vestdavit (booth 1349) will be able to inspect the first towing hook to bring the safety standards enjoyed by tugs and larger ships to smaller, workboat-sized vessels. 
Benefits of the Henriksen towing hook include an emergency quick release capability plus a guaranteed load limit which reassures boat operators about their maximum towing capabilities. In the event of a problem with the tow, an emergency activation point on deck or in the wheelhouse can be used to immediately release the tow line. 
The Henriksen Towing Hook is available in ten, five and two and half ton load capacities. (Image: Henriksen)
The Henriksen Towing Hook is available in ten, five and two and half ton load capacities. (Image: Henriksen)
The Henriksen tow hook is a scaled-down version of the disc-type hooks used by tugs to tow the world’s biggest ships. It was developed at the request of operators of smaller vessels engaged in towing duties during in a wide range of harbour, rescue and civil engineering tasks. They had complained that there was nothing on the market that provided the same degree of protection enjoyed by the crews of tugs and ships.
The new hook is available in versions for use with loads from ten, five and two-a-half tonnes. Each model is certified as being capable of towing loads up to six-times greater than its designated strength. It was launched in Europe during the summer since when it has attracted multiple sales to customers who report that it has increased productivity by enabling boat crews to work with more confidence and efficiency.
Henriksen Hooks are manufactured in Norway where the company also produces a range of single point lifting hooks that are widely used by navies and ship operators around the world for the safe and efficient launching of fast rescue craft and work boats.

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