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JACOB KROGH BORCH was born in Dram- men, Norway, April 28, 1888, then son of Emil and Dorothea (Schiolborg) Borch. He was educated in the Drammen Latin School, from which he was graduated in 1904, and immediately following graduation entered upon a connection with his father's firm, A. F. Borch & Sons, Ltd., A/S, an important house in the shipping business at Drammen, Norway, and after a year with that business left for the sea, following the established Norse plan of preparing for the shipping business by the practical means of becoming an expert seaman and navigator. Beginning in 1905, he followed seafar- ng for eight

ears, and during that period graduated from Christiania Offentlige Sjomandsskole, a mate's and captain's school, with highest honors.

Upon his return to Norway at the close of his g " years of experience on shipboard, Mr. Borch worked for a year with the firm of H. Heitman doing an extensive business as ship-owners I" 0 merchants in Christiania. After that he the Christiania office of Christoffer Hanne- g remaining for about six months, then came the New York office of the same house, but rather opened his own office of Borch-Lydon Company. Inc.. Of which he is president.

Mr. B rch is also a member and director of A. 7 Borch Sons. Ltd., A/S, of Drammen, Norma-. Shipowners and coal merchants.

He .5 a member of the Norwegian Club of New York, the Crescent Athletic Club of Brook- m ar.d the St. Olaf Club of Drammen, Norway.


IT; I the rapid and continuous expansion of trade relations overseas and the development of an American shipping interest far greater than any the country has ever before known, there has been created a great field for the activities of experienced freight brokers and fox-warding agents.

In the list of those who in New York have shown high capacity and successful achievement during a period of unsurpassed difficulty, because of tonnage shortage and other impediments due to the conditions prevailing during the war, is the Continental Shipping Corporation, of 74 Broadway, New York, of which Mr. H. C. Strieker is the president and manager.

Mr. Strieker was identified with the shipping business in other connections before organizing this company, with which he has built up a large and active connection and the best facilities for

meeting, in the most efficient manner, the demands of his clients and customers. The company transacts a business of steadily increasing volume, and includes among its regular accounts those of m any large business enter- prises. The company does the forwarding of freight by all domestic and overseas lines, and executes large or small orders for the forwarding of freight and looks after all the various details in connection with shipments to all destinations.

In the building up of the business the company has most favorable connections, and thrives steadily under Mr. Strieker's able management.

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