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Coastwise Lumber & Supply Company,Inc


AMONG die important lumber concerns that make a specialty of classes and grades of lumber and timber especially adapted for marine use. One of the best known is that of the Coastwise Lumber & Supply Company, Inc., of 17 E artery Place, New York. The business was established and incorporated in March, 1915, the founders being George T. McQuade and Charles Curtis, who inaugurated the business for the purpose of engaging in the handling of lumber and timber of all descriptions and the officers of the firm now are George T. McQuade, president and treasurer; Charles Curtis, vice-president; and J. W. Van Gordon, secretary.

The business has been steadily successful from its inception, and the company now carries on a large and active enterprise with three yards located in Brooklyn Borough, one located at Clinton, Halleck, Percival and Henry Streets; another at Hamilton Avenue, from 18th to 19th Streets; and another at 40 Beard Street. The company has established most favorable milLcon- nections, enabling it to give prompt attention to orders for all kinds of lumber and timber and

makes a special feature of steamship trade for supplying dunnage and fitting up vessels for grain, cattle, horses and troops, and a special department for spars, derricks, masts and booms.

The volume of the business has greatly increased during the past two years, owing to the extensive revival in shipbuilding activities and the large demand coming in connection with the fitting up of ships for transport service and for the carriage of supplies for the militant forces abroad.

The classes of lumber and timber in which this company specializes were in a particularly large demand in connection with these war activities and the direct connections of the company with the sources of supply made possible promptest response to the orders that came in increased number during the period that the United States was at war.

The president of the company, George Thomas McQuade, who was born in Brooklyn, New York.

February 22, 1877, is fhe son of Thomas F. and Margaret (Cashman) McQuade. He was educated in Public Schools Nos. 17 and 25 and in the Boys' High School of Brooklyn, being graduated from that school in 1893. In the same year he made his start into business life as office boy for the stevedoring firm of B. J. Hall & Sons and advanced in that business steadily until he became its proprietor in 1906, continuing it under that firm name until 1910, when he incorporated it as the Mc-Quade Stevedoring Company, of which he has since been president. In addition to that company and the Coastwise Lumber & Supply Company, Inc., he is also prominently connected with the Neptune Forwarding Company and the New York Ship Scaling Company.

Mr. McQuade is a life member of the Maritime Exchange, the Whitehall Club, the Beaver Club, the Foreign Commerce Club, the Cathedral Club and the National Democratic Club.

His personal supervision of the business has been a leading factor in securing the success attained by his company.

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