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George F.Pawling & Co


THE prominent firm of George F. Pawling & Co., engineers and contractors, of Philadelphia, is widely distinguished for its effective work in designing and building great shipbuilding plants.

George F. Pawling, its founder, was born in Lewiston, Pa., April 16, 1879. Fie was graduated from the Central Manual Training School of Philadelphia in 1896. He was employed by the Pencoyd Iron Works, 1896 to 1900, taking the course in that company's School of Instruction in Engineering, and also studied engineering in Temple College, Philadelphia. He went with the New York Shipbuilding Co., was engaged in detailing, checking and in charge of detail work and designing, 1901- 1902, and in responsible charge of detailing of hulls. From 1903 to 1905 he was assistant engineer of the Philadelphia Rapid Transit Company, in charge of preparation of design for the Market Street Elevated Railway, and in 1906-1907 was contracting engineer for the Belmont Iron Works, in designing, constructing and construction work.

In January, 1908, he organized the firm of Bergdol & Pawling, engineers and contractors, and in January, 1911, incorporated its successor, the firm of George F. Pawling & Co., Engineers and Contractors, of which he has ever since been president and treasurer. The work of the firm has covered a wide field of designing and construction, including all classes of building and bridge work Piers, bulkheads, marine railways, refrigerating plants, power houses, conveyor work, transmission towers, mill buildings, factories, apartment houses, office buildings and monumental structures. The company has contracted for and completed many great plants, including the Philadelphia Shipbuilding Plant, 1916-1917 New Jersey Shipbuilding Plant, 1917-1918 Pusey & Jones Plant, Wilmington, Del., 1917 also the entire Ordnance Storehouses (seven storage and manufacturing buildings and the power houses at the Bellevue Magazine), Washington, D. C.. For the United States

Navy; the largest seaplane hangar in the world, at League Island Navy Yard, Philadelphia seaplane storage building, Gloucester, N. J. the TNT Plant, Fort Mifflin, Philadelphia; case, shell, and forge shop, Frankford Arsenal First Squadron Cavalry Armory, Phila

delphia also marine railways, boat houses, piers and ice protections, and bulkheads, at League Island Navy Yard.

The directors of the company are George F. Pawling, president and treasurer; James L. Faw- ley, vice-president and chief engineer; M. E. Burtnett, secretary; John P. Hallahan and D, Hayes Solis-Cohen.

Mr. Pawling volun-teered for service in the Engineers Corps, U.S.A., in August, 1918, and was commissioned Major, Engineers Section, Officers' Reserve, March 5, 1919. He is a member of the American Society of Civil Engineers, Engineers' and Manufacturers' Clubs, and Union League, Philadelphia; was president of the Middle Atlantic Association, Amateur Athletic Union, 1908-1916, and vice- president of the Amateur Athletic Union of the United States, 1910-1915.

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