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George W. F. Green


THE road to success in business has frequently been found through a sound legal education which trains the faculties to discriminating judgment of men and facts and their application to conditions as they arise. Many of the heads of great business enterprises, and of the younger generation of successful business men, are examples of that kind of training.

In that list may be included George W. F. Green, now president and treasurer of the Marl- time Transportation Company, having offices at ii Broadway, New York City. He was born in Opelika, Alabama, December 12, 1888, the son of W. B. Green and Elizabeth (Carden) Green, both of old Ala-bama families, the Green family home being in Anniston, Alabama, and the Garden's in Opelika. Mr. George W. F. Green was educated in the public schools of Opelika, Alabama, and in Texas, to which State his family removed, and at Baylor University, Waco, Texas. His father died when he was fourteen years old, and he found :t necessary to alternate his periods of study with periods of work He later attended the University of Texas, where he studied law, leaving the University in 1912. He participated in the student activities as well as the studies of the University career, becoming a member of the Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity. After leaving law school, he was admitted to the Bar, October 10, 1912, and then formed a connection with the legal firm f Carden, Starling, Carden, Hemphill and Wallace, a firm of prominence at the Bar of Dallas, Texas, and during the years from 1912 to 1914

was in general law practice in Dallas.

But in 1914 opportunities offered which led him to engage in the business of buying and selling stocks, bonds, mortgages and investment securities, which he has successfully prosecuted at Dallas, building up favorable business and financial connections. He continued in that line until February 1, 1916, when he came to New York to engage in the shipping business, which he has since successfully conducted. He is now president and treasurer of the Maritime Transportation Company, steamship agents and ship brokers, a corporation that has gained an important place in steamship agency and brokerage transactions, and possessing favorable relations with shipbuilding and shipowning companies, and in connection with the purchase, sales, and chartering of vessels of all kinds.

Mr. Green, applying native energy and enterprise to his business, has brought it growth and prosperity. His political convictions and relations have always been Democratic. He is a member of the Maritime Exchange of New York City, and still maintains his home relations as a member of the Dallas Country Club of Dallas, Texas, and of Dallas Lodge No. 760, F. & A. M.

Mr. Green has adjusted himself in a most effective way to metropolitan improvements, and has attained a place among those who are enlarging the pre-eminence of New York as a port. He also has other large interests, particularly in oil development in Texas and other States, having an expert knowledge of the oil business.

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