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Agency Urges Action to Prevent Cruise Ship Balcony Fires

According to Cruise Ship Report, lead British agency investigating the March 2006 Star Princess blaze has urged cruise lines to take action to prevent fires from starting on balconies of cruse ships. The Marine Accident Investigation Branch (MAIB) on April 26 said the fire erupted on the balcony of a cabin on deck 10 of the Star Princess and spread within 10 minutes to three decks, ultimately damaging more than 280 cabins. The agency said current safety regulations do not take into account the enormous increase in balconies on cruise ships built over the past decade. The agency recommended that the International Maritime Organization (IMO) extend fire-prevention regulations covering the interior of cruise ships to balconies and other exterior areas. The agency's preliminary report did not address the cause of the blaze. Source: Cruise Ship Report

In Memory of Mike R. Dixon

Photo courtesy News from Mieko Mahi

From News from Mieko Mahi My dear friend and ex-boss from Texas Oil & Gas, Mike R. Dixon died April 25, 2011.  "He was a great man" are the words his children use to describe him.  And that he was. His family has started a scholarship fund through the Oklahoma State University for students pursing journalism and communications.  Below is a letter written by his son, Gregory Dixon. Please feel free to contact Gregory for any questions regarding his father at Gregory

Forging Ahead

Despite a marked drop in shipbuilding volume during the past decade to lower cost competitors in the East, Germany's marine market has maintained it adherence to the highest technical standard while carving its niche in the world of constructing complex, high-value vessels. In many ways, the saying "the more things change, the more they stay the same" could be aptly applied to the current status of the German marine market

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