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Manson Construction Aidod By Mobil In Coastal Pipolino Project

Extending San Diego's Point Loma outfall pipeline—part of San Diego's Clean Water Program—was both a challenge and an opportunity to help ensure the integrity of California's coastline for Manson Construction & Engineering Company. With help from Mobil Oil, Manson Construction and joint construction partner Morrison Knudsen Corp., completed the 18- month Point Loma Outfall Project without experiencing a single hydraulic fluid-related delay or incurring one environmental spill fine. Today, the pipeline extends 12,500 feet (3,810 m) to a point on the ocean bottom nearly 4.5 miles (7.25 km) offshore and 325 feet (99 m) below the surface. The Point Loma Outfall pipeline, which carries treated effluent from the Point Loma Wastewater Treatment Plant, needed emergency repairs and a large extension to help protect California's delicate coastal marine habitat. To complete the job, Manson and Morrison Knudsen constructed two major pieces of hydraulicallyoperated underwater equipment: a "screed," which laid the gravel roadbed for the 12,500-foot pipe, and a "horse," which jointed two 73-ton pipe sections and carried them to the ocean bottom. All of the hydraulic systems involved in the construction of the outfall pipeline were lubricated with Mobil EAL 224H, a new biodegradable and virtually nontoxic hydraulic fluid.

"With so much of our work done either in or close to sensitive coastal waters, we aggressively pursue methods to eliminate both the potential for and the damage done by hydraulic fluid leaks and spills. Two of these methods involve increasing our preventive maintenance program and the converting of all of our hydraulic systems to Mobil EAL 224H," said Pat McGarry, Manson Construction's vice president of Operations. Mobil EAL 224H's vegetable base biodegradability is good news for the environment, as is EAL 224H's low toxicity. Mobil's environmentally-friendly hydraulic fluid passes the commonly accepted toxicity "Trout Test" at levels beyond the current standard of acceptability. Throughout the project, the U.S. Coast Guard closely monitored Manson Construction's Point Loma Outfall Project activities. The construction company reports that no environmental damage was caused by Mobil EAL 224H, nor were there any spill fines levied at any point. For more information on Mobil, Circle 114 on Reader Service Card

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