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Nautronix Wins Contracts For DSV, ROV Vessels

Nautronix, Inc. of San Diego, Calif., has won a number of recent orders, three of them to supply various systems to a Small Waterplane- Area Twin Hull (Swath) dive support vessel being built for Global Industries, Ltd. Nautronix will supply a dual Automatic Station Keeping system (ASK4002), a dual Data Collection and Control System (DCCS), and a Thruster Control System (TCS4000) for the vessel. The newbuild Swath — in addition to supplying support for Global's dynamically-positioned (DP) dedicated reel pipelay barge, the Chickasaw — will have saturation diving capabilities, will be able to install, maintain and service subsea completions, conduct abandonment operations, pipeline installation, and perform a host of other services. The ASK4002 dual DP system will enable the vessel to maintain a position on a fixed-point or pre-determined course. Nautronix says it received this follow-on order as a result of the performance of the DP system on the Chickasaw, which Nautronix also supplied.

The DCCS system is an automatic instrumentation monitoring system that keeps track of all instrumentation points of the vessel and allows remote control of ballast and safety features. Crewingrequirements are decreased, as the system automates many vessel stations that previously required crewmembers.

The thruster control system will enhance the ASK4000 position keeping system, providing transit capabilities with autopilot features, offering the user worldwide navigational capabilities.

In addition to the Swath contracts, the company was awarded a contract for an Automatic Station Keeping ASK4000JS DP and joystick backup system for the Oceaneering International Remotely Operated Vehicle/Atmospheric Diving System (ROV/ADS) vessel Ocean Service. Featured in this system is a dual redundant computer configured for immediate activation in case of main computer failure, retaining joystick control. The system was specially designed to ensure the safety of WASP divers working below. A portable joystick and remote CRT display offer added flexibility in vessel control and ROV monitoring.

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