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KCS Unveils Tribon Dotori Details

Kockums Computer Systems (KCS) recently announced technical details of the new Tribon Dotori module, which has seamlessly integrated into the Tribon system. The feature focuses on reducing worker hours during the assembly and erection phases. The Dotori feature of Tribon is an implementation of NC instructions for a continuously varying bevel angle in fillet welded joints associated with the assembly of adjacent structural components.

Tribon now supports the definition and use of bevelling for fillet welding whenever there is to be a dependence on the connection angle between the elements involved and/or their material thickness. Dotori can be applied to calculate bevels in many situations, for example, in webs of shell profiles and lugs of cutouts. The Dotori feature automatically generates information to control the angle of the cutting heads with a variation according to rules specified by the customer. The latest cutting machines for both plate and stiffener piece parts have the capability of controlling and changing the angle of the cutting heads.

The user specifies an unrestricted number of instances of complex bevel definitions based on an extended number of basic bevel codes, thus setting up the customer's own preferred standards affecting the design, and which will automatically be used in production. In doing so, the customer assigns values to a number of parameters (including chamfers, opening angles, nose and/or knees and gaps between the center of the joint and the edge of the plate after preparation) and may in a convenient way specify the rules under which each type will be applied at the various joint types.

Different bevel rules can be set up for diffenerent production lines, depending on the types of parts to be processed. In each instance, the connection angles are then automatically calculated from the Tribon Product Information Model; during processing the nominal part geometries are modified in an automatic manner. KCS is touting Dotori as a means for world class shipbuilders to reduce building time and cost through lower numbers of worker hours in the assembly and the erection processes. It complies with Japanese Quality Standards and improves the accuracy of parts manufacturing. In short, Dotori is designed to: • ensure a first-time fit of the component structural items at all of the assembly, thus contributing to a reduction or complete elimination of excess material; • offer significantly reduced welding by suitable selection from a greatly increased number of bevel options. For example, minimizing extra machining resulting from chamfers; • lead to extremely low rework levels because of the reliable, automated process which reduces the possibilities of human error; • present the true cross-sections of joints; and • facilitate the output of appropriate bevel notes and boring sketches from the nesting module. For more information from KCS Circle 115 on Reader Service Card

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