Crane Load Monitoring & Measurement Systems

Friday, December 14, 2001
For the past twenty-five years Water Weights, as part of the IMES Group has been supplying products and services to the crane industry. This experience has given the knowledge first hand of the operation and requirements of different types of crane equipment. Building on the experience, we are able to design and build user-friendly Crane Load Systems of top quality. The unique approach allows cost effective systems to not only be reliable, but also easy to install, calibrate and maintain.

Water Weights has made breakthroughs in state of the art digital electronics. No longer is it necessary to load and unload a crane many times in order to set all of the system parameters. All you need do is set zero, with no load on the crane, and then load to capacity and you have completed the entire calibration procedure. All other system parameters are then digitally entered on the internal or external display, including multiple load limits and units of measure.

Radio telemetry interface between the trolley/winch mounted electronics and the crane operator, not only allows for greater application options, but also in many cases, actually cuts installation costs to the point that it is the lower cost option versus hard-wired systems. Due to our unique digital signal transmission, a large number of our radio telemetry systems can operate in the same area, without interfering with each other or slowing down signal response time. Additionally, our digital signal transmission also means that other radio equipment in the area cannot cause misinformation to be accepted by our remote digital indicators. The highest quality load sensing and monitoring components are used for unsurpassed reliability. Our entire line of load cells, load pin, and motion sensors are manufactured to highest tolerances for accuracy, whilst maintaining superior factors of safety.

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