Fishing for Maximum Power

Wednesday, September 07, 2005
The commercial fishing industry must rely on the power of their vessel to stay afloat in business. Weather, rough water, long excursions and heavy loads can cause great wear and tear on a boat. When fishermen spend hours, days and even weeks at sea, they have to count on the boat's engines to get them safely to and from their destination. Captain Bob Brewster, the owner of Brewster Fishing out of Barnegat Light, NJ, and a long-line commercial fisherman, has been fishing the Atlantic Ocean, from New England to Puerto Rico, since 1992. He and his crew of four depend on his two vessels, the F/V Snoopy, a 55-ft. wooden, long-line, gill netting boat, built in 1969 and the F/V Eaglet, a 65-ft. steel boat, built in 1972.

Brewster takes out his boats year-round for up to two weeks at a time, to fish for swordfish, tuna and monkfish. "My boats are the backbone of my company," says Brewster. "I need to be able to rely and trust them for my fishing needs and livelihood." The F/V Snoopy goes on 120 trips a year to various fishing locations within a 60-mile radius from Barnegat Light inlet. Traveling at speeds of nine to 10 knots, it takes Brewster around three to eight hours to get to his destination. Once they begin to fish, the F/V Snoopy is trolling at five knots for another three to nine hours. For longer journeys, Brewster takes the F/V Eaglet out for two weeks at a time, once every month. Voyaging 100 to 500 miles from the dock, the F/V Eaglet travels at nine knots for one to three days, before reaching its destination. Trolling at five to six knots for 10 and 12 days, the F/V Eaglet brings in 25,000 pounds of tuna and swordfish per trip. "That's a lot of hours to spend on a boat, and a lot of fish to haul in," states Brewster. "I need to feel assured that my engines are modernized and maintained to withstand the rigors of the commercial fishing industry." When Brewster began his commercial fishing business, he bought the 23-year old F/V Snoopy from another fishery and knew it needed a major overhaul. His first priority was to replace the worn-out and outdated engine. In order to re-power the F/V Snoopy, Brewster needed a new marine propulsion engine and generator set. He turned to Mid-Atlantic Engine Supply Corporation, located in Cinnaminson, NJ, with an extensive knowledge of diesel engines for the marine industry. After several conversations, Brewster felt he could count on Mid-Atlantic Engine Supply Corporation to provide him with the appropriate equipment and service. Chuck Cook, Mid-Atlantic Engine Supply Corporation, knew Iveco Motors' diesel engines' would provide the F/V Snoopy with the best power. "Working with their diesel engines for over 15 years, I knew that the combination of the mechanical characteristics and performance of Iveco Motors' diesel engines would be perfect for Brewster's vessel," says Cook. Cook fit the F/V Snoopy with an Iveco Motors' 8210SRM36, which develops 330 hp at 1800 rpm, and accompanied it with an Iveco Motors' 8031 30kW generator set. Since the installation, running hours exceed 16,000, and Brewster has had no major expenditures for engine repairs. "The increased efficiency of the Iveco Motors' engine decreased fuel usage by approximately 25 to 30 percent and the higher horsepower of the engine enabled the F/V Snoopy to pick up an additional three to four knots," states Brewster. Iveco Motors' low noise level engine also made for a quieter ride. "I was so happy with the performance and durability of the new engine in the F/V Snoopy, that in 2001 I repowered the F/V Eaglet with an Iveco Motors' engine as well," says Brewster. When Brewster took over the F/V Eaglet it had a worn-out, outdated engine and was in desperate need of re-powering. His first hand experience with Iveco Motors' made his decision to fit the F/V Eaglet with an Iveco Motors engine easy. Cook chose to fit the F/V Eaglet with an Iveco Motors' 8210SRM45, which is rated continuously heavy duty at 400 hp at 1800 rpm. He also fit the F/V Eaglet with an Iveco Motors' 8045 40 kW generator set. "Mid-Atlantic Engine Supply Corporation has provided me with excellent engines and customer care," says Brewster. With the help of Iveco Motors' engines and generator sets, the F/V Snoopy and the F/V Eaglet continue to keep on fishing.

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