Thrane & Thrane Introduces Maritime High-Speed Terminal

Thursday, April 04, 2002
Thrane & Thrane introduces its new maritime high-speed terminal, Capsat® Fleet77.Orders for more than DKK 14 million have been received. Shipment of the Capsat® Fleet77 will commence soon. As the first manufacturer Thrane & Thrane will introduce a new maritime high-speed terminal for Inmarsat’s Fleet F77 service. The new terminal, Capsat® Fleet77, is a competitive alternative to the present Inmarsat-B terminals typically used on large merchant and fishing vessels. This is a new market for Thrane & Thrane and has an annual value of approximately $30 million. Since the Capsat® Fleet77 was unveiled at the Europort fair in November 2001, Thrane & Thrane has received orders for more than $2 million from approximately 30 distribution partners. Shipment of the Capsat® Fleet77 will commence soon. The Capsat® Fleet77 terminal consists of a transceiver, an antenna, and a handset. The terminal is an integrated communications centre providing links to phones, fax machines and ship-board computer networks.Thrane & Thrane’s Capsat® Fleet77 terminal offers global high-speed and cost-effective voice and data communication based on either 64 kbps ISDN or the MPDS (Mobile Packet Data Service) protocol with constant online access.MPDS provides ships with continuous online access to applications such as remote supervision and diagnostics of onboard mechanical systems, cargo monitoring and logistics handling. As users only pay for the amount of data transferred MPDS is the most economic and convenient solution for e-mail, small to medium size file transfer, and continuous online access to corporate intranets, extranets, and the Internet.

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