Xantic To Offer Fleet 33, Fleet 55 Services Globally

Wednesday, January 22, 2003
Xantic has become the first company to announce the availability of the new Fleet 33 and Fleet 55 services. Last Friday a contract was signed with Nera for upgrades of both Xantic Land Earth StationsLES’s in Holland (Burum) and Australia (Perth). The services will be available early April and will be provided in the 4 Ocean regions. At the same time Xantic’s Fleet 77 service will be enhanced by the addition of a 9.6k fax channel. Fleet 33 / Fleet 55 are the new Inmarsat services specifically targeted at smaller vessels who have data requirements. Prime segments include yachts, fishing, coast guards and coastal commercial coastal vessels operating within the Inmarsat spot beams. The compact and light terminal equipment makes Fleet 33 and Fleet 55 specifically suited for installation and use on small and medium size vessels.

The Fleet 33 and Fleet 55 improved data capability enables attractive and affordable solutions for data, e-mail, Internet and Intranet access, VPN’s and voice services. “ The expansion of the Inmarsat Fleet service to include Fleet 33 and Fleet 55 is an exciting move towards new business potential within the market for maritime Inmarsat services, says Terje- Ask Henriksen, President Nera SatCom. The new Fleet technology that Nera and Xantic are announcing means increased possibilities for users of smaller vessels to benefit of the improved maritime access to data services. In addition to global and secure telephone services, the user will now benefit from improved capability for Internet browsing and e-mail solutions when they are out at sea.”

All Inmarsat Fleet terminals combine medium or high-speed dial up data with the “always-on” capability of MPDS. Also a global voice service is available on each Inmarsat Fleet terminal. Main difference between the existing Fleet 77 service and the follow up products Fleet 33 and Fleet 55 is the fact that Fleet 77 provides all its services globally, where as Fleet 33 and Fleet 55 provide the data service in the Inmarsat spot beams. Fleet 33 provides dial-up fax and data at 9.6k, Fleet 55 users can also benefit from a 64k ISDN channel. Because of its global voice channel, Fleet services could also be a potential back-up system and crew calling solution onboard larger ocean going vessels. The addition of a 9.6k fax channel on Inmarsat Fleet 77 is seen as crucial for Merchant customers, who have indicated the importance of a dedicated Group 3 fax channel. As this enhancement is now in reach within of a couple of weeks, Fleet 77 reconfirms its promise to be the premium data solution for global sailing Maritime users.

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