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ONS Offshore Northern Seas

The Offshore Northern Seas (ONS) Conference and Exhibition, a gathering of people in the international offshore industry, will be held August 23-26 in Stavanger, Norway. The conference will focus on overall strategic issues and technology details relating to the industry.

Under the main conference theme "A Changing World - A Changing Industry," industry and government officials will address the political and economic issues of importance to the future of the offshore industry. Such issues range from European energy policy and world economics through changes in OPEC's strategies in the oil market. Industry experts will look at the consequences for the industry, including the opportunities in the energy markets and in the new republics of the former Soviet Union.

ONS 94 also has been planned as a forum for dialogue between technology users and technology suppliers.

While oil companies have been invited to identify required new technology developments, support industry representatives have also been invited to present their responses to such requirements.

For more information on ONS 94, contact Offshore Northern Seas - International Conference and Exhibition, GunnarWarebergsgt. 13, P.O.

Box 410, N-4001 Stavanger, Norway, tel: +47 5155 81 00; fax: +47 51 55 10 15.

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