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Wednesday, May 22, 2024

GLO Marine: Acting as a Vessel Upgrade Department in the hybridization of the MV Mygan.

Posted to Maritime Reporter (by on May 6, 2024

In a showcase of expert project management and engineering precision, GLO Marine successfully integrated a mild-hybrid prototype onboard the MV Mygan, a 6000 tonnes deadweight cargo ship. Acting as a specialized vessel upgrade unit, GLO Marine handled every phase of the project from initial assessments through to the final installation, demonstrating our role as a fully integrated vessel upgrade department. This project highlights our capability to enhance vessel performance and compliance with strict maritime regulations.

Hybrid Ship: MV Mygan

The Growing Need for Specialized Vessel Upgrades:

As maritime regulations evolve and vessel operations become increasingly complex, ship owners and managers are in greater need of specialized services. An external vessel upgrade unit, equipped with a multidisciplinary team and a robust supplier network, offers comprehensive management of retrofit and upgrade projects. This ensures seamless integration of advanced technologies, maintaining operational continuity and compliance, while minimizing downtime and boosting the efficiency and profitability of maritime operations.

As maritime regulations become more stringent and vessel operations increasingly complex, ship owners and managers are in dire need of specialized services that can manage retrofits and upgrades effectively. An external vessel upgrade unit, like GLO Marine, equipped with a multidisciplinary team and a robust supplier network, is crucial.  GLO marine offers comprehensive management of retrofit and upgrade projects, ensuring seamless integration of advanced technologies, maintaining operational continuity, compliance, and minimizing downtime.

GLO Marine’s Comprehensive Service Approach:

As an external vessel upgrade department, GLO Marine provides turnkey solutions for all vessel modifications and upgrades. From the outset to the completion of a project, our approach focuses on efficiency and cost-effectiveness, tailored specifically to handle modifications for vessels in operation. Our streamlined, single point of contact strategy allows clients to focus on their core operations while we manage the complexities of the upgrade, through a single schedule and a single budget and no issues generated at the interface between design and installation

Project Overview:

In 2023, GLO Marine was tasked by a vessel manager and an equipment provider to integrate innovative technology onboard an operational vessel.

Client Profile:

Marine Edge, an innovator in maritime technology, develops regenerative hybrid technology that leverages advanced machine learning and predictive algorithms to optimize energy use on vessels. This technology, designed to capture energy during low wave loads and redistribute it during high loads, required a partner with expertise in complex maritime retrofits for its deployment.

The functioning principle is just as simple as it is ingenious.  When a ship sails up a wave crest, the torsional loads on the shaft increase, when the same vessel travels down the wave crest, the shaft loads decrease. These load variations caused by waves decrease the propulsive efficiency and increase fuel consumption. So this patented system works by flattening down the load fluctuations so the main engine feels like it’s travelling in flatter sea and functions in its most efficient way.

The entire system is governed by a piece of software (predictive algorithm) with machine learning capabilities called the ‘controller’. The controller’s job is to measure and predict. It measures the shaft loads using torque metres and by analysing the torques, the system can predict in real time how the next wave would look like, so that the generator-motor can involve in a more efficient manner.

Project Challenges:

The primary challenge was adapting Marine Edge’s laboratory-tested technology for real-world application aboard the MV Mygan. This integration required navigating complex spatial constraints and achieving precise engineering tolerances within a tightly controlled budget.

Project Execution by GLO Marine:

Phase 1: Assessment and Planning

  • Initiated with detailed 3D laser scanning and point cloud mapping of the engine room to assess space and design constraints.
  • Conducted a thorough feasibility study, including risk assessment and troubleshooting to preempt potential issues. 
  • Developed a bespoke conceptual design tailored to fit the unique specifications of the MV Mygan

Phase 2: Design and Engineering

  • Our comprehensive team, including mechanical, electrical, systems, and installation engineers, undertook over twelve iterations of system layout designs to ensure the perfect alignment and smooth connection between the generator motor and vessel’s shaft.
  • Produced detailed engineering and production drawings essential for achieving regulatory compliance and securing class approval from Bureau Veritas.
  • Maintained an open and continuous dialogue with all stakeholders, meticulously planning and executing each adjustment under the guidance of our experienced Project Manager.

Phase 3: Installation and Finalization

Created a detailed, step-by-step installation guide to facilitate a smooth transition from planning to physical execution.
Managed the installation process to ensure that the integration of the prototype was accomplished with minimal modifications to the existing vessel structure, thereby optimizing installation costs.

Project Outcomes:

This meticulously managed project led to the successful integration of the hybrid technology aboard the vessel Mygan, completed within budget and without significant minimum structural modifications. The system operated as intended, with all engineering aspects quickly approved by classification authorities.

Client Testimonial:

Marine Edge was extremely satisfied with the project’s execution, particularly appreciating the ongoing cooperation and communication between GLO Marine’s team and their representatives. This positive experience has established a solid foundation for future collaborations, with Marine Edge eager to continue this partnership for upcoming vessel upgrade projects.


As a dedicated vessel upgrade department, GLO Marine ensures a comprehensive management approach to complex retrofit projects from concept to completion. We deliver technical precision and operational excellence, addressing the most challenging modifications to enhance your vessel’s performance and compliance.

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