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Thursday, October 21, 2021

Navigation & Communication equipment

Alden Electronics Alden Electronics has introduced the SATFIND-406 the features of a 406 MHz EPIRB and a GPS (Glo receiver. The SATFIND-406 GPIRB reportedly providi ity by using the internal GPS receiver which can be NMEA output to a remote display unit or printer. Circle 6 8 on Reader Service combines item) gation capabilard Anschutz Anschiitz offers Nauto Control 2000, an Integrated Navigation and Control System (INS). The open system structure of the Nauto 2000 is said to guarantee the functional adaptation to further bridge systems sueFTast ship's automation; ship's communication; and ship's safety. Each Nauto Control 2000 subsystem has modular software and hardware and is set up hierar chically.

Circle 6 9 on Reader Service Card Ascom Tateco Ascom Tateco is a Sweden-based developer and manufacturer specializing in on-site paging, personal alarms, and cordless telephone systems. All software and hardware for these systems are developed in Ascom Tateco's head office in Gothenburg. Ascom and Ericsson have agreed to form a joint venture company for their On-Site Paging (OSP) activities. The ownership is intended to be 70 percent Ascom and 30 percent Ericsson. The objective of this joint venture is to confront the realities of the new environment for onpremises wireless messaging applications and systems, in view of the powerful new technologies in communications. The new company will seek a position in delivering integrated messaging solutions worldwide. The present Ascom Tateco AB company in Gothenburg will become the new company, and will retain its subsidiary companies.

Circle 7 0 on Reader Service Card Ashtech The Ashtech SCA Sensor GPS Receiver is a powerful navigation system that offers Real-Time Differential capability and Super C/A tracking. It is reportedly ideal for high precision mapping applications. The receiver uses "All-in-View" dedicated 12 channel Super C/A tracking where the carrier phase is used for smoothing the low noise code ranges. This enables greater accuracies than other GPS receivers that have no carrier smoothing or low noise measuring techniques. The SCA Sensor continuously tracks up to 12 satellites simultaneously on 12 separate and parallel channels.

Circle 71 on Reader Service Card CAE CAE's Integrated Platform Management System (IPMS) uses computerbased technology to control and monitor operations systems in naval vessels. More than 35 systems have been delivered or are in production, including 12 systems for the Canadian Patrol Frigate program, and 12 systems for the U.S. Navy's MHC-51 Osprey class minehunters.

Circle 72 on Reader Service Card Cetrek Cetrek has introduced C-net instruments, autopilots and chart plotters. Reportedly, a single wire datalink connects individual C-net instruments, allowing each to gain information from the others. The instruments rely on sensors placed elsewhere on the vessel to supply their data.

Circle 73 on Reader Service Card C-MAP C-MAP has licensed Anritsu of Tokyo, Japan, to use C-MAP technology. conji The Rout fuel i c- L'S RN107A Radar/Chart Plotter, a new product developed in iction with Simrad, Inc., displays the C-MAP Chart Reader, ser can call up either radar or charts on screen as desired, planning data including Lat/Lon, distance, time schedule, and Dnsumption are automatically computed and displayed.

Circle 7 4 on Reader Service Card Ith 'lath offers the N^lTWIN II, a compass monitor which reportsimultaneously: processes up to three separate heading refer- es from one or iwo gyrocompasses and/or from one magnetic comis. Tbe^headings of the compasses monitored are shown perma- Cna simultaneously on the control and display unit. Circle 75 on Reader Service Card EV Inc.

EEV is a manufacturer of microwave components for marine radar. E Vs range of long life Third Generation marine magnetrons covers powers of 1.5 kW in X-band and 5 kW to 60 kW in S-band, and are designed to fit all manufacturers' radars worldwide.

EEV introduced new low cost marine night vision equipment. The P2000 Nite-Watch is a miniature hand-held viewer, ideal for use by coast guards, yacht owners, and sports enthusiasts for providing the ability to see during night-time sailing.

Circle 108 on Reader Service Card Electronic Marine Systems Electronic Marine Systems, Inc. offers the NAVIGATOR, a DGPS system supplied with software for intercoastal, river and Great Lakes navigation. These navigation packages were designed to address the needs of these specific markets. Electronic Marine also provides Ground Guard, a passive ships' grounding prevention system which reportedly creates an extra watchstander to ensure proper water depth miles ahead of the vessel.

Circle 117 on Reader Service Card Furuno Furuno introduced the Voyager concept, an Integrated Bridge System which reportedly integrates functions and principles in one piece of equipment.

There are eight basic elements of Voyager: position calculation; ARPA radar; communications equipment; voyage management; route planning; electronic chart system; automatic steering; and engine and propulsion control.

Circle 7 6 on Reader Service Card Globe Wireless Globe Wireless introduced GlobeEmail, a maritime data communications service. GlobeEmail uses digital technology to deliver telex and text messages, as well as computer data files by using HF radio. GlobeEmail will reportedly transmit anything via radio that can be sent down a telephone line with a modem, such as facsimiles, word processing documents, spreadsheets, data files, and text files. The system's reliability is estimated at 99.98 percent, worldwide. Circle 7 7 on Reader Service Card IHI Marine IHI built the ADMAX-SM ship administration system on the basis of the International Safety Management (ISM) Code, making use of the ship management know-how fostered through the develop- ment/sales of its original ship management system, the ADMAX.

Circle 114 on Reader Service Card Infonav Corp.

Infonav Corp. has integrated a real-time radar graphics overlay with its Infonav electronic chart system. The electronic chart radar overlay system, known as Infonav/R3000, was tested on the Canadian Coast Guard ship Sir Wilfred Grenfell. The combined Infonav/R3000 system operates on a single personal computer.

Circle 7 8 on Reader Service Card Intl. Communications Group International Communications Group, Inc. announced its new Communications Integrator, Mobile-Com 64. According to industry analysts, Mobile-Com 64 will emulate operation and proved services common to European- North American central office facilities. Mobile-Com 64 is designed to provide automatic switching, accounting, communication management, and control in either manned or unmanned radio stations. Circle 105 on Reader Service Card Kelvin Hughes Kelvin Hughes has expanded its Nucleus Integrated Navigation Systems (NINAS) with the introduction of Nucleus 2 bridge equip- Kvaerner Kvaerner Ships Equipment has been contracted to supply integrated ship systems to a series of tankers on order at shipyards in the U.K., Spain, and Korea. The contract for this two-ship series of 45,000-dwt product/chemical tankers marks the first time Kvaerner has secured a single source contract for a vessel under construction in Korea. Kvaerner is supplying both vessels with integrated bridges; liquid cargo handling systems, including computerized monitoring and control; inert gas systems; incinerators; and engine room pumps.

Circle 106 on Reader Service Card KVH Industries KVH Industries offers TracVision, a new source of entertainment at sea which reportedly allows users to watch more than 150 channels such as CNN and HBO.

Circle 8 0 on Reader Service Card Leica Leica Navigation and Positioning (NAP) Division received an order from the U.S. Coast Guard (USCG) to supply more than 200 MX 200 GPS Navigation Receivers for use on USCG vessels, bringing the total number of USCG MX 200 shipboard installations to more than 400.

Circle 113 on Reader Service Card Mackay Communications Mackay Communications has introduced the NERA Saturn Bp, an Inmarsat B terminal weighing approximately 20 kgs. The complete system, including the four section antenna, main control unit, and RF equipment, is packaged in a rain-resistant, molded polyethylene, compact and rugged suitcase with wheels for easy transportation. Circle 81 on Reader Service Card Magellan Magellan's 1996 line of marine GPS receivers includes: the new Magellan NAV DLX-10, offering full graphics and a built-in plotter, in a hand-held, portable GPS receiver; the 10-oz. Magellan GPS 3000 and GPS 2000; and the allnew Meridian XL.

Circle 82 on Reader Service Card Marine Technology Infl.

Marine Technology Int'l. Ltd. introduced the Solas Lifeline, a GMDSS console which is designed specifically for bridge installation. This system is reportedly flexible enough to fit into any bridge situa- tion with a range of mounting options, including bulkhead, desk, and ISO 8468 pedestal.

Circle 8 3 on Reader Service Card Marinet Systems U.K.-based Marinet Systems was chosen by Christian F. Ahrenkiel to provide a network linking a +35 fleet of chemical tankers, LPGs, bulk carriers, containerships, and RoRos to the company's international offices in Hamburg, Rostock, Cyprus, Hong Kong, and the U.S. The major requirement for bringing the vessels into the network was for their software to remain a predominant feature.

Circle 8 4 on Reader Service Card McMurdo McMurdo introduced the MCM330 Personal Beacon. This unit, presently undergoing FCC approval, will reportedly be available at the end of this year.

Circle 116 on Reader Service Card Nautical Technologies Ltd.

Nautical Technologies Ltd. has developed The Cap'n, reportedly the first fully integrated navigation system for Windows and Windows 95. This system includes electronic charting, tides and currents for 300 years, route plan- ning, voyage logs, a ship's inventory module, and a celestial system.

Circle 8 5 on Reader Service Card Nautronix, Inc.

Nautronix Inc., specializing in dynamic positioning and acoustical tracking equipment, has had its ASK4000 series DP product evaluated and subsequently found in compliance with DNV Rules for Classification Of Dynamic Positioning Systems for Steel Ships and Mobile Offshore Units. Nautronix is also in the process of obtaining the ABS's Maltese Crosstype certification for its ASK4000 Dynamic Positioning Systems. Circle 8 6 on Reader Service Card Naval Electronics, Inc.

Naval Electronics introduced a new line of stabilized marine satellite dishes for TV reception while at sea. Several packages are available from the new Small Dish DBS system, to conventional Ky and C band equipment.

Circle 112 on Reader Service Card Northstar Northstar announced the addition of the 95IX and 951XD to its family of Differential GPS systems. Features of the 95IX series include: an internal tide-track; 1,000-waypoint capability; and a 3- D perspective screen.

Circle 8 7 on Reader Service Card NovAtel NovAtel Communication Ltd. introduced the GPSDredger and Hydrographic Surveyor, the company's latest GPS product releases targeted at the marine industry. These 12-channel GPS receivers reportedly achieve real-time accuracy to the 3.3 ft. (1 m) or better level.

Circle 8 8 on Reader Service Card Panasonic Panasonic has introduced its KXG5700 handheld GPS receiver.

This unit accepts pocket-size Navionics cards which contain digitized charts of worldwide coastal waterways.

Circle 8 9 on Reader Service Card Racal-Decca Marine Racal-Decca Marine is launching its new ChartMaster dual capability electronic chart. This system will show both vectorized and raster scan charts in the same unit. Users can create and display electronic chart portfolios using a combination of the two chart types, according to operational requirements and chart availability.

Circle 9 0 on Reader Service Card Radio-Holland USA B.V.

Radio Holland USA is supplying the Kelvin Hughes NINAS 2 (Nuclear Integrated Navigation System) in the U.S. To date, there are more than 30 ships of various types that have been fitted.

Circle 111 on Reader Service Card Raytheon Raytheon has introduced two new color integrated navigation systems: the Pathfinder/ST C26 ECDIS and Pathfinder/ST C20 ECDIS. The C26 ECDIS (Electric Chart Display and Information System) features a 26-in. diagonal CRT display and matches Raytheon's Pathfinder/ST M34 ARPA radar. The smaller ECDIS, the 20-in. Pathfinder/ST C20, matches Raytheon's Pathfinder/ST M25 ARPA radar. The Pathfinder/ST C26 and C20 ECDIS systems are compatible with a variety of chart formats, including SP57/DX90 from government manufacturers, and formats from private manufacturers including C-MAP and CD-ROM electronic charts.

Circle 91 on Reader Service Card Ritchie Ritchie Navigation has developed a new MM-300 interface module that allows owners of Raytheon and Autohelm electronics to interface with the Ritchie Magtronic Heading System which includes autopilots, radar, Loran, GPS, and plotters.

Circle 9 2 on Reader Service Card Rydex Rydex Industries Corp. has signed contracts to provide a stateof- the-art ship/shore communica communications networks for a trio of U.S. shipping companies — Sea-Land Service, Keystone Shipping Co., and Lasco Shipping Co.

Circle 9 3 on Reader Service Card SAIT-RadioHolland SAIT Marine, a member of the SAIT-RadioHolland Group, introduced the SEAGULL concept, a new version of the GMS console. SEAGULL starting kit is a 906 mm console which incorporates: the main VHF (TRP3000) with DSC3000 and channel 70 receiver; an MF/HF DSC9000 with watch receiver; and a power control panel with alarm.

Circle 9 4 on Reader Service Card Scientific-Atlanta Scientific-Atlanta installed an Inmarsat MariStar Multi-M system on board Century, the newest Celebrity Cruises' luxury liner. The system is reportedly providing telecommunications service to passengers and crews on board Legend of the Seas, Crystal Symphony, Sky Princess, Silver Wind, Ryndham, and other ocean liners. In addition, Scientific Atlanta has been awarded a $3.7 million contract by the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications (MPT) of China to establish an emergency satellite communications network. Circle 9 5 on Reader Service Card SEA Inc.

SEA now offers a complete line of MF/HF GMDSS communications products. SEA has been supplying other GMDSS approved products including SEATOR/Telex, Inmarsat C, Navtex, EPIRBs and SARTs.

Circle 9 6 on Reader Service Card Sea Beam A SEA BEAM 2100 multi-beam survey system will be deployed, for oil exploitation, in Gulf of Mexico waters for the first time. This will occur under terms of a joint venture/ lease arrangement between SeaBeam Instruments, Inc. and John E. Chance & Associates, Inc. A SEA BEAM 2136 (36 kHz) survey system has been installed aboard the John E. Chance survey vessel, the Seis Surveyor.

Circle 9 7 on Reader Service Card Simrad, Inc.

Simrad, Inc. introduced its Shipmate RS8300 VHF Radiotelephone with automatic SOS signal.

Reportedly, by connecting the RS8300 to a GPS receiver, an emergency signal, including position, time, date and vessel call sign, can be transmitted by activating the SOS button on the handset keypad.

Circle 9 8 on Reader Service Card Sperry Marine To meet with requirements of ship owners and ship builders, Sperry Marine has designed the Vision 2100 line of bridge console configurations available in three levels of modularity, to meet any need.

Circle 1 0 7 o n Reader Service C a rd S.P. Radio The Danish company S.P. Radio A/S, manufacturer of the SAILOR GMDSS Solution, introduced a GMDSS Simulator Program which is compatible with the SAILOR integrated GMDSS station.

Circle 9 9 on Reader Service C a rd Standard Communications Standard Communications will be introducing the following new Horizon marine electronics at the International Workboat Show in New Orleans: the HX250S fivewatt "radio; the Eclipse+ 25-watt fixed mount VHF; the MD50 Digital, Multi-Data Instrument, which displays depth, speed, temperature, log, voltage, and time functions on a single unit; the AS45 marine instrument; and the CH50 Close Hauled Instrument which complements the WS50 Wind Speed and Point Instrument. Circle 1 0 0 on R e a d e r Service C a rd Starlink Starlink offers DNAV-212, and MRB-2A DGPS and GPS Beacon Receivers with new MBA Series "H" Field Crossed Loop ferrite antennas. Starlink is a provider of DGPS products and services for professional GPS users and OEMs. Starlink is constantly working on improving products to offer navigation solutions.

Circle 1 1 5 o n R e a d e r Service C a rd STN ATLAS STN ATLAS Elektronik has developed a series of singlesourced Ship Control Centers which reportedly integrate all navigation, communications and main control operations for lower cost package design of ship bridges. The latest 300 NACOS system has been installed aboard P & O's Princess Cruises' new line, the Fincantieri-built, 77,000 grt Sun Princess.

Circle 1 0 1 o n Reader Service C a rd TITAN TITAN offers its Radar Display system, which consists of a standard full size AT format personal computer expansion boat, with associated mezzanine board which occupies a second expansion slot in the personal computer.

Circle 1 0 2 o n Reader Service C a rd Transas Marine Transas Marine announced the opening of its U.S. office in Everett, Wash. Based in Southampton, U.K., the company is a manufacturer of a variety of marine electronic products, focused on Electronic Chart Display and Information Systems (ECDIS), and Electronic Chart Systems (ECS), supported by color vectorized electronic charts.

Transas Marine is also known for its PC-based ship's simulators. Circle 1 0 3 o n Reader Service C a rd Transdigital Communications Corp.

Transdigital Communications Corp. (TCC), based in Glendora, Calif., announced the signing of a letter of intent with Carnival Corp. to install TCC's Transtar interactive digital video system on two of Carnival Cruise Lines' largest ships. The terms of the agreement include options to install TCC's system on 12 ships within the Carnival fleet.

TCC's digital Transtar system was designed to provide instantaneous stateroom access to a vast digital media library, containing both entertainment and information services including: preview and purchase of shore excursions; on-demand selection of digital video programs and movies; health and beauty service; duty free shopping; daily activity guides; and room service and dinner wine ordering all from the stateroom TV set via the remote control unit. The first ship installation is scheduled in May 1996, and the second in September 1996.

C i r c l e 1 0 9 on Reader Service C a rd Yachting Electric, Inc.

Yachting Electric, Inc., a new manufacturer of electronic equip- ment for the marine market, introduced the YachtGuard Monitor.

The user of this product will reportedly be able to check and report the status of his boat, yacht, vessel, or other watercraft from anywhere in the world, 24 hours a day. A telephone call to the YachtGuard monitoring device will provide information on the condition of a boat's battery voltage, inside and outside temperatures, and the condition of the bilge. Voice commands direct the user on the phone to the appropriate status report. Options include remote adjustment and call-back in an emergency. This system can be connected to a telephone land line or to a cellular phone.

Circle 104 on Reader Service Card BOATRACS BOATRACS, Inc. announced it has signed an agreement with Intrex Data Communications Group, under which BOATRACS will be the exclusive distributor of Intrex's fuel and engine monitoring products used in the marine market. These products are currently being used by industry leaders such as Dixie Carriers, National Marine, and Tidewater Marine. Commenting on the announcement, BOATRACS Chief Operating Officer, Annette Friskopp stated, "We are pleased to formalize a working relationship wit Intrex, as we have had mutu customers for many years. Ou products and services are a natu al fit, which will be of great valu to our customers." BOATRACS is the U.S. marin market distributor of th OmniTRACS System, a satellite based communications and track ing system manufactured b QUALCOMM Inc. The system provides two way communications between vessels at sea and base stations on land, or with other vessels. It also allows for real time tracking and monitoring.

Circle 135 on Reader Service Card Teleste Ring-Master A/S, the Norwegian fast access communications company, acquired all the shares in Teleste Marine Communication AB, Goteborg, Sweden. Teleste's intercom business is also transferred to Ring-Master.

Teleste Marine is a leading company within the field of digital telephone/intercom systems and integrated communications solutions for the marine market. The company's name will be changed to Ring Marine Communication AB.

Thomas Sandung will remain on as managing director. Ring Master has a strong position on the European and American markets for intercom systems in land applications.

Circle 136 on Reader Service Card OSI Offshore Systems International (OSI) received orders for 22 of its ECPINS (Electronic Chart Precise Integrated Navigation System) systems since the end of August 1995. The purchase orders, from a variety of U.S. and Canadianbased customers, includes the largest sale in the company's history 10 systems to New Yorkbased American Steamship Co.

Canada Steamship Lines of Montreal was reportedly the first company in the world to install ECDIS on its entire fleet.

Circle 176 on Reader Service Card Philips Navigation A/S Philips Navigation A/S, a manufacturer of satellite communications and navigation equipment, launched a new compact satellite communications terminal which complies fully with the new GMDSS requirements for vessels at sea. The Philps Safecom CMX was designed specifically to fit into a standard 19-in. industrial rack in the navigation area or wheelhouse of fishing and other commercial vessels. The unit operates using Inmarsat C satellites for transmission to telex, PSTN (telephone and fax modems), PSDN (X.25 network), and mobile-toshore fax.

Circle 160 on Reader Service Card

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