1994 Marine Electronics Yearbook

Navigation & Communication Equipment Adroit Systems Inc.

Circle 28 on Reader Service Card Adroit Systems Inc. (ASI) supplies custom design of GPS attitude determining products to meet specific customer requirements. ASI offers TRIADS Model 100 and TRIADS Model 200, GPS-based attitude determining systems which provide GPS derived heading, pitch, roll, position, velocity and time anywhere in the world on a 24-hour basis. The system is DGPS capable and accepts RTCM SC-104 corrections. TRIADS outputs NMEA compliant solutions via RS-232 or RS- 422 serial ports.

TRIADS has an embedded 486 single board computer, multiple GPS receivers and antennas, and an antenna assembly. Model 100 updates its attitude solution once per second and achieves accuracies of 0.4 degrees azimuth, 0.5 degrees pitch, and 0.5 degrees roll. TRIADS Model 200 provides a 5 Hz attitude update rate for more dynamic applications. Alden Electronics, Inc.

Circle 29 on Reader Service Card To support the Global Maritime Distress Safety System (GMDSS), Alden Electronics provides the new SATFIND- 406™ SURVIVAL EPIRB in both float free and manual release models; the new ALDENSART, which responds to radar signals from rescue planes or vessels by painting its location on the rescuer's radar screen; and the Alden Navtex Receiver, AE-900, that automatically receives all weather and navigational warnings. Alden is also in the process of introducing the Alden SATPHONE™ SP1600 Inmarsat-M Terminal. Ashtech, Inc.

Circle 30 on Reader Service Card Ashtech, Inc. designs a variety of GPS receivers for use in survey, mapping, navigation, Real-Time Differential applications and threedimensional positioning. New products include the 3DF ADU that provides real-time attitude measurements with accurate position, heading and velocity and the DNS-12 that comes standard with Real-Time Differential while using its new SUPER C/A code technology.

The 3DF ADU's applications include INS integration, vehicle heading and attitude, photogrammetry and artillery pointing. The 3DF ADU is a real-time heading and attitude sensor for oceanographic, seismic exploration activites and gyro calibration at sea. With Real- Time Differential the system can accept RTCM-104 differential corrections while simultaneously outputting the corrected position. The 3DF AFU is ideal for dynamic conditions such as use on ships, aircraft and land vehicles.

The DNS-12 receiver can continuously track up to 12 satellites simultaneously on 12 separate and parallel channels with SUPER C/A code technology. The DNS- 12's features include Waypoint navigation, datum selection, UTM's or latitude, longitude, satellite visibility and QA/ QC display and outputs. Post-processing raw data can be achieved withPNAVTRAJECTORYSoftware giving the same sub-meter accuracy. Atlas Electronik of America Circle 31 on Reader Service Card Atlas Elektronik of America has a number of developments, including Atlas Multipilot, a turnkey integrated navigation unit combining ARPA, ECDIS and track control functions which superimposes radar images on an electronic chart display. It has been successfully evaluated under the auspices of the U.S. Coast Guard at Kings Point, N.Y.

Other systems include a new range of low-cost survey sounders, DESO 11, 14 and 15, for precision measurements down to 650 meters. Also new is the SP 1600 series of Inmarsat-M mobile communications terminals, including an approved briefcase version.

CAST, Inc.

Circle 112 on Reader Service Card Computing Applications Software Technology (CAST), Inc., a subsidiary of Billerica, Mass.-based Pacer Systems, Inc., offers the ADS 580V for use with an Automated Dependent Surveillance System (ADSS).

The ADS 580V is fully compliant with Federal regulations for Automatic Dependent Surveillance equipment required on tankers operating in Prince William Sound, Alaska. The unit features an all-inview, 12-channel GPS navigator, augmented with differential corrections automatically accepted as determined by pre-stored NDB almanacs.

When a vessel enters designated waters, the ADS 580V automatically reports its position within 32 feet to a shore-based vessel traffic control center on a VHF-FM DSC transceiver, along with the time, figure of merit (HDOP), ship's speed and course over ground and its Lloyd's Registration number. Cellnet Circle 113 on Reader Service Card For marine operators of all types, Cellnet Corporation provides CallAboard®, a solution for offshore environments where public telephone service is desired.

Using state-of-the-art cellular and pay-phone technology, CallAboard reportedly fills a need for many industry companies including operators of ferries, gaming vessels, work barges, marine offshore construction projects, etc.

CallAboard allows callers to dial anywhere in the world and bill the entire call to a major credit or phone company calling card, as well as make collect calls. The vessel or platform operators never receive any bills for user calls. In addition, Cellnet pays commissions based on percentages of the monthly gross cellular airtime revenue that is generated. The service is provided free of charge to qualified marine operators and is available across the U.S.

and in certain foreign markets. C-Map USA Circle 32 on Reader Service Card C-Map USA's digitized electronic chart library includes more than 8,500 charts covering all major areas and ports around the world.

C-Map electronic charts are accuruate digitized composites of all pertinent information from government charts. Observations made during a trip, like the location of dangerous reefs, may be permanently stored in the charting system or on a C-Map "User-Cartridge." A C-Map-based system may also be connected to a compatible printer to print a hard copy of each course. All C-Map-based systems have the capability to convert meters to feet or fathoms with a push of a button. ComNav Marine Circle 33 on Reader Service Card ComNav Marine has manufactured commercial marine autopilots since 1982. ComNav introduced the ComNav 2200 Autopilot in response to customer demand. The 2200's actual heading and commanded course are continuously shown on a traditional compass rose which is also used for dialing in the course changes. Knobs are used for function control, rudder and turn rate. Automatic Yaw Control constantly senses and adjusts for sea state conditions. A DC motor controller circuit interfaces the 2200 to most available steering drive systems. Comsat Circle 111 on Reader Service Card Comsat's new Mobile Link digital satellite communications service provides instant direct-dial telephone connections anywhere in the world through marine terminals small enough to be fitted on boats 40 feet (12 m) and up. In 1994, Comsat will expand Mobile Link coverage to include the Indian Ocean Region through a new land earth station to be opened at Kuantan, Malaysia.

Comsat also offers worldwide telephone, fax, telex and high-speed data links for larger vessels through its Inmarsat-A and Inmarsat-B services. Store-and-forward text and E-mail services are also available through small, lightweight Inmarsat-C terminals.

C. Plath Circle 86 on Reader Service Card C. Plath offers the Computer Aided Gyrocompass (CAG) and the NAVIPLOT line of electronic chart tables. The CAG from C.Plath fulfills the requirements of a draft which includes speeds of up to 60 knots at latitudes as high as 75 degrees. The C.Plath NAVIGAT X gyrocompass is the heart of the CAG system. In the CAG system, the computation of the correction values is carried out by the compass monitor NAVITWIN II, and one or two NAVIGAT X gyrocompasses may be used. The compensation value is calculated and applied separately for each gyrocompass. Data transfer between the individual system components is serial. The repeater distribution box generates all analogue and digital heading signals required to drive peripheral equipment. EEV, Inc.

Circle 34 on Reader Service Card EEVs complete range of long-life marine radar magnetrons, covering output power of 1.5 kW to 60 kW, have been designed to provide long operational life. EEV now manufactures three new long-life magnetrons to replace a standard glass 2J55 magnetron. Types MG5435/2J55, MG5445 and MG5455 provide up to three times the life of a standard 2 J55 magnetron, are competitively priced and in stock for same day shipment.

EMS A d v a n c e d Product Group Circle 71 on Reader Service Card Electronic Marine Systems, Inc. (EMS) Advanced Product Group manufactures Differential GPS (DGPS) Systems and has developed a complete DGPS system which automatically selects the closest beacon and tunes to it in software, which also acts as a complete voyage recorder.

Another new product from EMS Advanced Product Group is the Marine DC UPS power supply which is built to ABS and USCG specifications as a 115VAC to 12 or 24 VDC uninterruptable power supply for navigation or automation equipment. EMS Marcon Circle 75 on Reader Service Card EMS Marcon manufactures Shipboard Automation Monitoring and Control Systems approved by the U.S. Coast Guard and American Bureau of Shipping for ACCU applications. EMS Marcon has a new product line of overfill alarm sensors with no moving parts, which can be replaced on deck, without venting to atmosphere, in minutes. It is approved by USCG, ABS and FM for Class I Div. I Groups C&D use. On deck displays and closed tank gauging rounds out this new technology.

Frotronics, Inc.

Circle 114 on Reader Service Card Frotronics, Inc., the North American distributor for Tokimec, Inc. (formerly Tokyo-Keiki), an international designer and manufacturer of marine gyrocompasses, radars and autopilots, offers Tokimec's new ES-100 series of gyrocompasses and BR-2500 color radar system. The ES gyrocompass series, the ES-140, ES-150 and ES-160, offer the latest in Tokimec's combined "mechatronics" and computer technology, providing a highly reliable compact gyrocompass, designed for use on any size of vessel. The ES-160 exceeds IMO requirements.

Tokimec's BR-2500 color radar system uses a very high resolution 20-inch, seven-color CRT, a touch panel control, with person-machine interfaced menus for all high level functions and automatic tracking of up to 20 targets.

Furuno U . S . A . Inc.

Circle 109 on Reader Service Card Furuno, U.S.A., Inc. has, in addition to its traditional big ship ARPA radars and GMDSS equip- ment, new additions to the Furuno product line ranging from more big ship radars to sounders, sonars to NAV receivers, weather faxes to plotters— even autopilots and marine radios. Furuno has a new 1994 product catalog featuring full details on more than 75 different products. Garmin International Circle 35 on Reader Service Card Garmin International designs, manufactures and markets navigation and communications electronics worldwide. New products from Garmin for 1994 include: • GPS 45: an ultra-compact handheld receiver with rocker keypad operating environment • GPSMAP 220: a color, LCD GPS/ chartplotter with waterproof case; also available as GPSMAP 210 with black & white LCD screen • GBR 21: a differential beacon receiver enabling an accuracy of better than 33 feet.

Graseby Nova Ltd. Circle 148 on Reader Service Card Graseby Nova's RT260M EPIRB received type approval from the U.S. Coast Guard. Launched early in 1993, the company has sold more than 2,000 units, with a major contract to the Royal Navy. The new compact beacon operates on 406/ 121.5 MHz and features a five-year battery shelf life. The RT260M can be programmed externally by use of a handheld Infra Red link. The RT260M is approved to Cospas- Sarsal, and throughout the world, including Russia and China.

Henschel, Inc.

Circle 115 on Reader Service Card Henschel, Inc. supplies the industry with marine alarm, control and interior communications equipment. Henschel's UMS 2000 Alarm and Monitoring System has expanded graphic options such as full mimic diagrams for the Alarm and Monitoring System. Henschel also offers the UCS 2000 control system and integration for the company's communications systems.

Hose-McCann, Inc.

Circle 116 on Reader Service Card Hose-McCann Telephone Company moved south last year from its Englewood, N.J. location to a larger, state-of-the-art manufacturing facility and corporate headquarters in Deerfield Beach, Fla. Hose-McCann continues to manufacture its product line of soundpowered telephones, navigation light panels, audible and visual signaling devices and a complete line of U.S. Navy symbol number items, as well as the series 9500 dial telephone system.

ICOM America, Inc. Circle 36 on Reader Service Card ICOM America offers a complete line of marine communications equipment. ICOM is known for its VHF transceivers, VHF handhelds and single sideband transceiver, but also has a GPS handheld and radars. ICOM provides a full twoyear warranty on all marine VHF transceivers, single sidebands and the IC-M11 handheld. Newly introduced gear includes the IC-M15 waterproof VHF handheld and the IC-M126DSC (Digital Selective Calling) VHF transceiver. ICOM's ICM126DSC is a marine VHF transceiver with Digital Selective Calling (DSC). ICOM's IC-M15 is a marine VHF hand-held tranceiver and is FCC-type approved.

IDB Mobile Circle 85 on Reader Service Card IDB Mobile provides Inmarsat service and delivers a full array of telecommunications services with its global network and user-friendly products. IDB Mobile's Global Infrastructure of Multiple Inmarsat Services and Systems will be joined by other mobile satellite services: Voice Services: Inmarsat A; Inmarsat B; Inmarsat M; Oceancell (AMSC); CI-7 Call Integrator (PABX); Credit/Debit Card Phone. Data Services: Inmarsat Telex; Inmarsat C, AMSC C; ORBCOMM Messaging & GPS; E-Mail; Point- to-Point Data; High Speed Data 56/ 64KB; Data Broadcast (exclusive) ; and compressed video.

Also, voyage billing, departmental billing and personal identification numbers (PINs) are available.

These will not require any additional equipment aboard the vessel.

KB Electronics, Ltd.

Circle 76 on Reader Service Card KB Electronics Ltd. designs and manufactures a complete line of full mil qualified and ruggedized power conversion equipment in the 1-10 kW power range for military and critical commercial applications. Products include on-line and offline Uninterruptible Power Supplies, Static Frequency Converters, Rectifiers, Battery Management Systems and other related products. The company also provides a full range of Integrated Logistic Support Services.

Kelvin Hughes, Ltd. Circle 105 on Reader Service Card The latest integrated bridge systems being fitted by Kelvin Hughes include chart displays capable of showing the new Admiralty Raster Charts as well as the future of ECDIS charts.

Its bridge systems can also include the full range of GMDSS communications and safety equipment.

Kelvin Hughes Ltd. is the Naval and marine division of Smiths Industries Aerospace.

The company designs and manufactures a full range of marine navigational products including Nucleus radars, navigational displays and electronic chart displays.

Litton Special Devices Circle 37 on Reader Service Card Litton has recently introduced two new EPIRBs that are geared toward the commercial fishing community. The Model 952 Category I is a 406 MHz EPIRB that transmits the vessel's location and identity to the worldwide COSPAS/SARSAT Satellite System initiating an immediate search and rescue response.

The Category I is a hydrostatically released, float-free EPIRB that automatically transmits the 406 MHz distress signal when released. The Model 952 Category I comes with a weather resistant protective housing and the entire unit can be removed from its mounting bracket for safe storage without disarming or dismantling the EPIRB. The Model 952 is also available as a manually activated Category II406 MHz EPIRB. The Model 953 Class B (Micro "B") is a manually-activated 121.5/243 MHz EPIRB and the distress frequency can be detected by search and rescue aircraft and vessels and by the COSPAS/ SARSAT Satellite System. The Micro "B"'s small size makes it suitable for compact stowage in life vests, life rafts and survival kits. Litton Special Devices designs, manufactures and supplies Emergency Radio Indicating Beacons (EPIRBs) for the marine industry. Litton now has more than 10,000 EPIRBs on board commercial and recreational vessels.

Lokata Circle 106 on Reader Service Card Lokata specializes in equipment for Global Maritime Distress Safety Systems (GMDSS). Lokata's Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon (EPIRB) alerts rescue authorities, through a satellite link, of the name and position of a ship when it is in distress. Lokata's Search And Rescue Transponder (SART) indicates on a rescuing ship's radar the bearing and range to a life-raft.

And Lokata's Navigation Radiotelex Receiver (NAVTEX) is designed to receive up to the minute information on navigation, weather and local emergencies.

Mackay Communications Circle 87 on Reader Service Card Mackay Communications introduces the new Saturn B all digital marine terminal for class I and II Inmarsat services. The main control unit is smaller than the typical TV-VCR and is suitable for desk top mounting. The unit has a local handset, five RJ-11 ports, Group 3 fax and DTE connectors for RS232 modem operation to 9,600 bps and V.21, V.35, V.36 interfaces for optional DHSD at 56/64 kbps. The system is approved by IMO for GMDSS.

M a g n a v o x Electronic Systems Company Circle 88 on Reader Service Card Magnavox's most recent product introduction is the MX 3400 MAGNAPhone-M, a marine terminal designed to provide access to the new Inmarsat-M service.

The antenna system, which is contained in a fully weather-proofed radome, measures 26-inches diameter by 31-inches high and weighs approximately 100 lbs. It fits corn- fortably on vessels down to 40 feel (12 m) in length. The system has been designed to make operation oi the terminal as easy as using youi home or office telephone or fax machine. Magnavox received Inmarsal Type Approval of the MX 340C MAGNAPhone-M in November and is currently making production deliveries. This new product will make available the advantages and security of satellite communications to a class of vessels that have not previously been able to make use of it.

Magnavox Electronics Systems Company has been a supplier oi Inmarsat Marine Satellite Communications terminals since the beginning of the Inmarsat system in 1982. Marine Electric Systems Circle 117 on Reader Service Card The Galbraith-Pilot Marine™ product line of Marine Electric Systems, Inc. provides shipboard loudspeaker systems for reliable intership communications. The systems are used to communicate from ship-to-ship and ship-to-shore, particularly during docking manuevers.

Marine Electric Systems has designated its systems as: docking and navigation loudspeaker systems; general announcing and talkback systems; emergency loudspeaker systems (a safety requirement for large passenger ships); loudhailer systems; and fog signal systems. The company's loudspeaker systems are available from 50 watts to more than 4,000 watts.

Marinet Systems Circle 142 on Reader Service Card Marinet Systems of Liverpool, U.K., builds efficient Message Transfer Agents (MTAs) for marine satellite communications.

The MTA provides a proven store and forward electronic messaging service with the ability to transfer information electronically, whether it be text, facsimile, image or program files. In the last year, Marinet Systems has built a message handling system which works across x.400 networks and reportedly allows satellite communications to be more than 85 percent cheaper than normal satellite traffic.

M e g a p u l s e , Inc. Circle 120 on Reader Service Card Megapulse, Inc., a designer and manufacturer of solid-state Loran- C systems, offers marine customers its Accufix 500N+ integrated navigation receiver.

Several navies and research institutes have purchased the Accufix series of receivers since the company began production in 1981, with more than 150 units currently in operation worldwide. The Accufix 500N+ includes an internal DGPS MSK receiver as an option at the time of ordering or at a later date. Megapulse also offers the Accufix D100 and D200, DGPS MSK Beacon Broadcast receivers, which are designed to work with any DGPS RTCM104 capable GPS receiver. M i c r o l o g i c , Inc.

Circle 79 on Reader Service Card Micrologic has added a low cost, full-featured GPS to its line of GPS receivers. The Sportsman handheld receiver has 1,000 waypoint capacity, 500 of which can be entered as Lat/Lon, present position, range/bearing, MGRS, UTM, TDs, data log, and PC download. The other 500 are available with the automatic data log feature, which records position, day, date, time and estimated accuracy once per minute. It can also be used as a fixed mount unit by connecting it to an optional external antenna, and serial data adapter box. The Sportsman has one programmable input port, and one programmable output port, each selectable as NMEA 0180, NMEA 0183, NMEA RMc, laptop PC or standard PC.

Micrologic has also added features to its Admiral GPS. The Admiral has four built-in databases to choose from: East Coast, West Coast, Asia and Europe. The East Coast database contains 13,500 lights and buoys, the West Coast 13,200, Asia 8,300, and the European database 13,000. The unit is differential data ready, so when connected to any SC104 DGPS receiver is reportedly accurate to within five meters. Additionally, the Admiral now supports NMEA 0183 Version 2. The 250 waypoints can be entered by Lat/Lon present position, range and bearing, UTM, MGRS or Loran TDs. The Admiral will also automatically record and plot a vessel's track including all waypoints, lights and buoys within the plot area. Micrologic Inc. has been manufacturing marine electronics for 20 years and sells to more than 450 dealers worldwide.

M o r a d Electronics Corp. Circle 38 on Reader Service Card Morad offers a complete line of VHF SSF CB and special frequency antennas and accessories for marine and land-based applications.

Morad antennas and accessories are sold around the world through more than 600 marine electronics dealers. Morad's new VHF lOdB antenna is available in UPS shippable version. Morad Electronics has been manufacturing marine and landbased antennas for more than 40 years.

M o t o r o l a , Inc. Circle 134 on Reader Service Card Motorola, Inc. offers the TRAXAR™ GPS Navigator, a handheld navigation computer that provides mariners with accurate position, navigation, velocity and time information. It can be used anywhere in the world, at any time of day and in harsh weather. Although designed to be portable, the receiver can be set into a mounting bracket for access to external power. The TRAXAR also provides NMEA 0183 output to other electronic devices and offers a completely menudriven operation, a remote antenna for use below decks and audible alarms. Other special features include graphic steering and cross track error displays and "man overboard" emergency steering function.

Naval Electronics Inc.

Circle 39 on Reader Service Card Naval Electronics, which manufactures marine television antennas and distribution systems, offers complete systems designed, supplied, installed and serviced.

Naval's MK20/22 Marine TV Antenna now feeds a brand new "Head- End" amplifier system. The new 3000 series of cassette amplifiers splits the TV spectrum up into several bands. Each band has its own amplifier with a high dynamic range automatic gain control (AGC). This improves system performance through lower noise and reduction of ghosting. A cascade filtering system incorporated in the 3000 series further reduces noise and the possibility of ghosting.

Norcontrol Circle 135 on Reader Service Card Norcontrol Automation a.s., part of the Horten, Norway-based Norcontrol group, offers the marine industry its fourth generation integrated ARPA and navigation system, the DataBridge 20001.

Designed as a total navigation system, DB-2000I is linked to dual radars, doppler log, gyro, anemometer, echosounder and various other sensors to concentrate operator information and simplify data evaluation.

GPS, Loran-C and Decca are read simultaneously by the DataPosition subsystem to obtain the ship's best position.

The system is prepared for direct communication and control of ship's propulsion, speed, course and fuel consumption, as well as digital maps and functions for voyage control. Easy operation is handled by a "direct addressing" softkey, trackerball, a high resolution color display and separate alphanumeric data display. O f f s h o r e Systems Ltd.

Circle 136 on Reader Service Card Vancouver, Canada-based Offshore Systems, Ltd.'s Electronic Chart-based Precise Integrated Navigation System (ECPINS) is fully compliant with all IMO ECDIS stan- dards through testing on a variety of government and commercial vessels. ECPINS links precise navigation and radar data to electronic vector charts, providing the navigator with "own ship" position once every half-second directly on a clear, multi-color electronic chart.

ECPINS can also display radar images and ARPA targets scanning ahead to warn of chart features less than a selected "safe depth." Chart data can also be viewed simultaneously at close and long range settings through a multi-window presentation. Panasonic Circle 40 on Reader Service Card Panasonic's new KX-G5700 handheld GPS reciever weighs less than a pound and has five-channel plotter featuring a graphic LCD display for a visual map of your current position or any of the 256 programmable waypoints (expandable to 1,024). The KX-G5700 features bearing, range, speed over ground and cross track error, plus built-in electronic compass and Navionics chart card-compatibility.

Racal Decca Marine Ltd. Circle 41 on Reader Service Card Racal-Decca's MIRANS range of integrated bridge systems features the BridgeMaster 340 ARPA radar which combines ease of use with bad weather clarity. The ChartMaster system can display vectorized electronic charts as either a MIRANS or stand alone model, with ARPA targets being shown on the ECDIS compatible chart display. The MapMaster system combines the ChartMaster's performance with cost savings by enabling users to draw their own electronic maps to a high standard.

Radio Holland Circle 137 on Reader Service Card Radio Holland, with its U.S. headquarters located in Houston, Texas, has established a complete program for maritime GMDSS stations, including GMDSS equipment, shorebased maintenance and radio traffic accounting with air time costsaving programs. An SP Radio (Sailor) integrated communications console combines all GMDSS-required radio elements into a compact package, designed to be installed on a vessel's bridge. Radio Holland's GMDSS package also includes a qualified shore-based maintenance program which supports worldwide operation. System installation can be accomplished at ports throughout the world with operator training available aboard ship and at shore locations. The Radio Holland GMDSS system, in conjunction with Kelvin Hughes "Nucleus" radars and integrated bridge components, is designed to improve efficiency and safety. Raytheon Marine Co.

Circle 110 on Reader Service Card Raytheon's SeaTalkR technology is a prime example of how the manufacturer strives to provide customers with customization and versatility, as it allows simplified integration and information sharing.

Raytheon equipment integrated with SeaTalk takes advantage of a system that shares navigation information between all electronics.

Position, heading, speed, waypoint, depth, temperature and routes are typical of the many types of information that can be sent between electronic instruments. This eliminates the need for duplication, since separate sensors aren't required and a single head acts for several instruments. Other Raytheon instruments can easily be integrated into SeaTalk. And even if one instrument shuts down, the others will continue to operate. Raytheon electronics, and SeaTalk connected instruments, can be integrated with your existing NMEA 0183 compatible equipment. Also new from Raytheon this year is the line of XX radars. The company offers numerous products to both the military, commercial and recreational markets, including autopilots, electronic charting, GPS, sensors, GPS/Loran, VHF-FM radiotelephones, loudhailer, SSB radiotelephones, antennas, SARTs and EPIRBS.

RD Instruments Circle 108 on Reader Service Card RD Instruments develops and manufactures Acoustic Doppler Current Profilers (ADCP).

BroadBand ADCPs provide performance in speed logs or moored and mobile measurement of water currents at many depths simultaneously.

Five standard models cover a wide range of applications in water depths from 5.5 feet Reson, Inc.

Circle 140 on Reader Service Card Reson, Inc. offers the SeaBat Series of Sonar Systems: the SeaBat 9001 (single-head multibeam realtime system) and SeaBat 9002 (dualhead multibeam real-time system).

SeaBat 9002, the newest SeaBat model, utilizes two SeaBat 9001 Systems that have been modified to operate together within the same acoustic environment. The two sonar heads can be mounted from either a single location or from separate locations to cover any angle of between 90 degrees and 180 degrees. The SeaBat 9001 is a solid state bathymetry system that measures the profile of the seafloor.

Profiles are recorded and displayed at speeds of up to 30 times per second, while the computed seafloor data is output via a standard RS- 232 interface for real-time presentation, allowing for critical real-time interaction. Tests conducted on the SeaBat 9001 and SeaBat 9002 by the National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) have resulted in accuracies that meet the International Hydrographic Organization's (IHO) standards for inshore bathymetry operations.

Saab M a r i n e Electronics Circle 42 on Reader Service Card Saab Marine Electronics provides cargo level gauging for tankers. Since 1976 more than 800 tankers have been equipped with the radarbased, non-contact level gauging system Saab TankRadar™. Together with the computerized cargo handling system Saab MaC/501, Saab TankRadar gives total control on board any kind of tanker, from small coastal vessels to VLCCs. Saab Marine Electronics also provides equipment for ballast gauging and load calculation.

Sea-Hornet Marine Industries, Inc. Circle 54 on Reader Service Card Sea-Hornet Marine Industries has developed the new VM-5501, a Vessel Monitoring And Control system (V-MAC) which has 768 separate analog and digital input zones to monitor and control equipment like engines, gensets, tank levels, hydraulic pressure, pumps, etc. The VM-5501 aids navigation with integrated radar, plotter, sonar and GPS, and aids ships' safety and security with recognized Multi-Deck fire alarm system, built-in watch alarm, burglary, anti-theft, antitamper and Watchman's Tour system.

The VM-5501 V-MAC can communicate via satellite, cellular phone of VHF/SSB.

SI-TEX Marine Electronics Inc. Circle 43 on Reader Service Card SI-TEX Marine Electronics manufactures a complete line of marine electronics including radars, GPS and loran receivers, depth finders/ fish finders, VHF radio, marine stereo, electronic charting systems and autopilot. Koden manufactures a complete line of marine electronics including radar, GPS, sounders, plotters, ADF and VHF radio. Sperry Marine Inc.

Circle 44 on Reader Service Card Sperry Marine Inc. is a major international developer and manufacturer of marine electronic navigation, control and communications equipment with company sales and service offices in 11 countries. Sperry Marine provides a complete line of gyrocompasses, radars, autopilots, doppler speed logs, bridge integration and communications equipment for commercial and naval vessels. Along with advancements in Watch-1 integrated bridge systems, ring laser gyrocompasses for the military, the company recently introduced its MK-4217R, a new rasterscan river radar for U.S. and worldwide rivers.

Standard Communications Corp. Circle 45 on Reader Service Card Standard Communications has been in the marine electronics industry for more than 25 years providing its Horizon line of fixed and handheld radios, electronics accessories and digital instrumentation.

The new Horizon Nova, a 25 watt fixed mount radio available in black or white, provides a large LCD; up/ down channel selector on the speaker/mic; rotary channel selector; scanning and priority scanning; direct access to all U.S., Canadian and international channels, channels 9 and 16, and 10 weather positions plus Weather Alert.

The Horizon Omni, a 25 watt fixed mount 1992 and 1993 NMEA winner, provides GASFET circuitry, Weather Alert and optional new technology Class C Digital Selective Distress Calling.

Techsonic Industries Circle 46 on Reader Service Card Techsonic Industries offers the Humminbird line of marine electronics. The Humminbird DC-5 hand-hald VHF radio features all U.S. and international channels, all weather channels and 10 memory channels. Both the LCD and the key panel are backlit and incorporate an automatic shut off feature.

The unit has a low battery indicator, automatic battery saving feature and is 5W/1W selectable, which can maximize battery life at close ranges.

Humminbird's NS10 GPS gives the navigator detailed built-in mapping in a waterproof unit.

Humminbird's Wide™ product family consists of seven new Humminbird sonar products, targeting the fishing and consumer boating market. Four of the new wide units incorporate the latest technology in two-dimensional operation, while three of the products display advanced three-dimensional features. Each of the seven new Humminbird products incorporates such new standard features as: a universal Quick Disconnect mount, allowing the interchanging of each product with any other unit in the Wide family; a curved anti-glare lens for easy-on-the-eye viewing; and a clear view lens, allowing viewing with polarized sunglasses.

Traxar™ GPS handheld navigator, which Techsonic manufactures and for which Motorola supplies the GPS technology, provides six channel, hand-held portability that provides boaters and other outdoorsmen with position, navigation, velocity and time information.

Trimble Navigation Circle 47 on Reader Service Card Trimble Navigation reportedly offers the first GPS receiver with a built-in differential receiver. The company also reportedly offers the first GPS receiver with a two-slot card reader, a feature that includes another first: a slot for GPS memory cards. Owing to these developments, mariners no longer have to buy and install a separate beacon receiver to get differential's 33-foot accuracy. And because of these developments mariners can now record and archive their GPS navigation data.

These developments are featured in Trimble's new NT product line, the company's next generation of big-screen GPS receivers for the marine market. Trimble's NT line comprises three products: the NT200D GPS, the NT200 GPS and the NT100 GPS. The NT200D provides built-in differential and an supports both PC-compatible memory cards and nautical chart cards. The card reader enables mariners to watch a moving image of their boat on a nautical chart while recording their GPS receiver's navigation data. Like the NT200D, the NT200 offers the optional twoslot card reader. It accepts differential corrections and provides two National Marine Electronics Association (NMEA-0183) ports for interfacing with other navigation devices. The NT100 is geared to the first-time buyer. Like its sister products, it offers rugged, waterproof construction, user-configurable navigation screens and a six-inch graphical liquid crystal display, among other features.

Waterway Communication Systems Circle 48 on Reader Service Card Waterway Communications Sys- tems offers the WATERCOM to place direct-dial telephone calls.

WATERCOM offers fax and modem data transfer capabilities; calling card and collect calling for crew members; 24-hour customer service; and itemized, monthly billings. Simrad-Robertson, Inc.

Circle 162 on Reader Service Card Simrad-Robertson's full line of marine electronics for the commercial marine industry include: • Advanced DP systems for all applications; • Radar units with target range to 120 miles; • Autopilots, gyrocompasses and related steering systems; • Hydrographic mapping/sonar/ sounding equipment • Taiyo direction finders/radio buoys. The Simrad-Robertson name encompasses more than 75 products with 24 offices worldwide.

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