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American Eagle Marine Completes Salvage Jo

A six-week operation to salvage the 900-ton supply vessel Galveston was completed by American Eagle Marine, for Maitland Bros, of Pennsylvania, 1.5 miles south of Venice, La. With the former Penrod jack up drilling rig Zeus, the Galveston was "jacked up" from its resting position at the bottom of the river. A series of four 300-ton capacity link chains were directed and placed under the vessel's hull, each tied off to the deck of the Zeus. Then the tremendous amount of silt which had accumulated in the vessel since its sinking was removed, and the rig's dock and the wreck itself were "jacked" up sufficiently to bring theGalveston to the surface. The vessel is now safely moored in Venice, awaiting her final determination.

The Galveston collided with the 593-foot Panamanian freighter Atticos in March 1993 and immediately sank in 85 feet of water. American Eagle Marine was called upon then to help recover missing crew and cargo and stabilize the wreck

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