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Sunday, June 23, 2024
Maritime Matters

Maritime Matters: The MarineLink podcast

Maritime Matters takes a deep dive with leadership in the global maritime industry, going beyond the headlines for insights on the most topical issues of the day. From oceangoing ships to coastal and inland waterways; to ship and boat design and construction; each episode is dedicated to exploring the rigors of working on and around the world’s waterways.

Exploring Green Power & Propulsion in the SOV Sector

As the offshore wind industry grows, so too does the number of purpose-built SOVs and CSOVs needed to support this clean energy sector. Maritime Matters sits down with Siemens Energy’s Trygve Øi Akselsen and Intelatus Global Partners’ Philip Lewis to discuss how evolving technologies are helping to drive performance and efficiency gains across the global fleet.

Driveline Considerations When ‘Going Hybrid’

As emission reduction mandates sweep through maritime and hybrid solutions become the norm rather than the exception, special consideration must be paid to the drive train. Bob Lennon, with more than 40 years of maritime drivetrain experience, shares insight from Regal Rexnord on special areas to consider to ensure a long, efficient life of the propulsion machinery, cradle to grave.

Shipbuilding 4.0: Using Digital Twins to Enhance Efficiency

Ship and boat builders globally – from the largest to the smallest shipyards – can leverage new digital tools, including digital twins, to improve productivity and reduce costs. In this episode of Maritime  Matters: The MarineLink Podcast, we welcome a trio of executives from ABS, Fincantieri and Cadmatic to discuss in granular detail the best steps to start leveraging new technology in ship design and construction.

Sea Machines Charts the Course on Autonomy

Sea Machines is a pioneer in maritime autonomy, operating continuously since it was founded by Michael Johnson in 2015. In this episode of Maritime Matters, we visit with Johnson to discuss his take on the pace and course of true maritime autonomy, plus the rationale behind the development and technical insights on SELKIE, a new unmanned surface vessel developed by Sea Machine’s