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The Cleveland Pneumatic Tool Company


THE application of pneumatic power by means of air compression is a most valuable feature of modern industry, being the most advanced and useful method of applying power to small areas of concussion, as needed in riveting, boring, chipping, and polishing on metal surfaces.

As a factor in the development of pneumatic tools to their present high standard of excellence no organization has done more important or valuable work than The Cleveland Pneumatic Tool Company, manufacturers of pneumatic tools, at Cleveland, Ohio.

The business was established and incorporated in April, 1899, by the present officers of the company Claus Greve, president; E. S. Cook, vice- president; H. S. Covey, secretary; and L. W. Greve, treasurer; and these officers have conducted the business through all its stages of growth and development to the present time. At its inception the products of the company were manufactured in a power block on Old Frankfort Street in Cleveland, and occupied a floor space of 3,000 square feet. As the, business grew rapidly from the start a new and modern factory was erected, having a floor space of 22,000 square feet, and was equipped with modern machinery and appliances adequate for the production of the improved lines of air tools demanded by the trade. As Cleveland tools advanced in popularity7 the demand continued to increase, and a still larger capacity became necessary. The new factory, with a floor space of 135,000 square feet, now occupied, was completed and placed in operation January 1, 1918.

The company manufactures pneumatic tools and appliances, consisting of riveting and chipping hammers, air drills, valve grinders, emery grinders, sand rammers, pneumatic holderons, Cleco air hose fittings, Bowes air hose couplings, and Neverslip hose clamps; rock drills, such as stoping drills, hammer drills, self-rotating drills, etc. Specialties are made of Cleco air hose fittings, consisting of a variety of sizes in air hose couplings, Cleco air-seated valves, Y fittings, plain and with valve, malleable nipples, grooved nipples, and pneumatic tools in general. In all of these specialties the company has applied the most advanced principles of mechanics, and has achieved the highest standard of efficiency.

The product of the Cleveland Pneumatic Tool Company is largely used in shipyards, navy yards, marine boiler shops, foundries, and bridge and structural shops all over the world. The equipment of the present plant includes the latest types of precision machinery for the production of pneumatic tools, appliances, and specialties, from the rough stock and forgings to the finished article.

In addition to the office and works in Cleveland the company has branch offices, where stocks are carried, in New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Pitts-burgh, Chicago, San Francisco, Toronto and Mon-treal, Canada.

To the officers of this company, who are also its active managers, and their persistent and en-terprising efforts it is largely due that the uses of pneumatic tools have been greatly multiplied and expanded. From the beginning of the company they have continuously experimented on new types of air tools for boilers, locomotives, ships, tanks, cars, and all others of the many uses to which steel may be applied in any form of construction required, where the processes of riveting, boring, chipping, reaming or grinding are employed.

The motive power for these pneumatic tools is compressed air, which is used at varied pressures of from 80 to 110 pounds to the, square inch. Ex-perience and experiment have suggested improve-ment from time to time, and the present types of Cleveland Air Tools have been developed steadily, until they have now reached a degree of perfection making them a most important factor wherever steel is fabricated.

The excellence of the tools they have thus made available has been a factor of encouragement to those enterprises such as shipyards, mills, and fac-tories, to which the efficiency and economy of pneumatic tools appealed as a method of improving and expediting their work. As a consequence the growth of the business of The Cleveland Pneumatic Tool Company has outrun the highest expectations of the company.

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