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FOR many years the firm of Cox and Stevens of 15 William Street, New York City, has been well known as leading in the profession of naval architects and marine engineers. From the first they have been very largely engaged in yacht designing and as brokers, and they are now operating the largest business controlled by any firm in the country in this line. They have built up an excellent organization and an efficient personnel, covering all the departments of designing, drafting and superintendence, and they have been identified with the supplying of yachts to many of the best known yachtsmen of the country.

About four years ago, because of the conditions created by the great war, now terminated, there was an unprecedented demand for commercial vessels. The firm of Cox and Stevens, with its complete organization for that class of work, set itself to work to meet this demand, and during that period designed many ocean cargo vessels and superintended the building of them with such effi-ciency that there has been a continuing and en-

NSULTING AND DRAFTING ROOMS larging demand for their services in this branch of their business. To meet the demand for this class of tonnage it has been necessary for the firm to engage large quarters in Brooklyn, New York, for use as drafting rooms, and pictures of this office are used for illustrations of this article.

Messrs. Cox and Stevens still maintain extensive offices at 15 William Street, but like many other firms under present conditions in New York it has found it impossible to obtain accommodation so as to concentrate their activities under one roof, and for this reason the drafting offices are maintained in Brooklyn.


The brokerage department of the business is also of large and steadily increasing volume, and there is no doubt that Cox and Stevens at the present time are entitled to rank among the leading architects for commercial vessels, both as designers and brokers, while they still maintain precedence in the extent of the business which they carry on as yacht designers and yacht brokers. The firm is composed of Mr. Irving Cox and Mr. D. H. Cox.

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