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James E. Ward & Company


IN the rapid growth and development of the shipping interests that center in the port of New York, there have come into existence many enterprises new to the shipping world. But there are here also firms of old-established reputation and high efficiency which have the prestige of years of successful business.

In the freight brokerage and chartering business especial prominence attaches to houses that have proved their capacity by faithful and efficient service during many decades, among which that of James E. Ward & Company is one of the oldest in the business in New York.

James E. Ward & Company was established in 1856 by James E. Ward and Henry P. Booth to conduct a general freight brokerage and chartering business, controlling through part ownership some thirty or forty sailing vessels of 500 to 1,500 tons capacity.

The firm established regular lines of sailing vessels between New York and Havana and other Cuban ports, transporting outward cargoes of general merchandise, such as are now handled by steamers, and returning to the United States with cargoes of sugar and molasses.

With the increased trade and demand for better shipping facilities the company replaced their sailers with iron and steel steamers, and with the building by John Roach & Sons, of Chester, Pa., of the S.S. "Niagara" and S.S. "Saratoga" the New York and Cuba Mail S.S. Co. was established, more generally known as the "Ward Line."

James E. Ward, the senior member of the firm, died in July, 1894. The firm was incorporated in 1900, Henry P. Booth being president until his death in 1909. Since then the officers have been William O'B. Walker, president; Frederic N. Collins, vice-president, treasurer and managing director, and John W. Barrett, secretary.

Following the absorption of the "Ward Line" by the Atlantic, Gulf and West Indies Steamship Company, the firm resumed attention directly to

the freight brokerage and chartering business, and for several years has represented many important exporting firms in the United States. Its organi-zation is fully equipped for the successful prose-cution of this business, and the uniform satisfac-tion of its clientele results from a service that is one hundred per cent efficient.

Mr. Collins, vice-president, entered the employ of James E. Ward & Company at the time when that firm was disposing of its fleet of sailing vessels and replacing them with steamers. He acted as freight traffic manager of the New York & Cuba Mail S.S. Co. in the earlier years of its career, and while always interested in the chartering and brokerage branch of the business, did not become fully iden-tified with this department until later. The active executive direction of the business remains under his care.

Mr. Collins is a member of the New York Maritime Exchange, New York Produce Exchange, Columbia Yacht Club, Megantic Fish and Game Corporation, India House, Campfire Club of America, and Baltusrol Golf Club.

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