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THE Scandinavian nations, though neutral in the World War, suffered largely from the depredation of the submarines, as well as by the restrictions placed upon commerce by the belligerents. Nevertheless, being strong maritime nations, they kept up their international trade relations and even increased their business with the United States.

Many new enterprises were started during the war, and prominent among these is Rusam Co., Ltd., which was incorporated as a Danish corporation at Copenhagen in January, 1917, with a capital of Kr. 650,000, later increased to 1,- 000,000. As the name indicates, it was based on Russian-American trade, and for this purpose offices were established in Moscow, Russia, and at 25 Beaver Street, New York City, where the business of Chr. Jensen was purchased.

Rusam Co., Ltd., Copenhagen, has as its head Mr. J. Dejongh, a highly reputed Danish merchant, whose well-established export and import business was taken over by the new corporation. Owing to conditions in Russia, that now belong to history, the Moscow branch did not prosper, but new affiliations were formed in Christiania, Norway, where Norsk Rusam Company was incorporated separately with a capital of Kr. 250,000, the majority of the stock being controlled by Rusam Co., Ltd., Copenhagen, and in Deventer, Holland, which branch later has been removed to Amsterdam. Since the armistice was signed new affices have been opened in Buenos Aires and Hel- singfors, Finland, and negotiations are well under way for the organization of a Spanish Rusam.

The New York office, with which we are chiefly concerned, and whose present manager is Emil Henne, formerly Deputy Auditor for the State of Montana, was of course mainly established for :he purchasing of American goods for the European and South American offices, but under the ible direction of Mr. P. Wendelboe, the export manager, a big business of export to Iceland has :een built up, especially during the last two years, when it has been impossible for Denmark and Eng- .md to supply the wants of the famous Saga ./.and, and it looks very much as if the United urates is going to keep this business also in the future. A regular line of steamers is plying the sea monthly between New York and Reykjavik, Iceland, and the far-sighted Icelandic merchants are already preparing for an aerial route to take care of the mails and passengers.

While during the war Rusam Co., Ltd., has done a general merchandise business, exporting practically all American products from A to Z, they are now specializing in chemicals, leather, building materials and electric motors and drills, and they have the sole agency for Scandinavia for The Robbins & Myers Company, Springfield, Ohio, and they also represent The Temco Electric Motor Company, Leipsic, Ohio.

Rusam Co., Ltd. Llelsingfors 6 Broholmso;atan

While the foreign exchange conditions are of course at present to a certain extent handicapping the export of American goods, it is on the other hand encouraging for the import of European merchandise to the United States, and Rusam Co., Ltd., are also here taking advantage of this position and have opened an import department, where they offer Oriental rugs, cocoa mats, maches (Dutch and Swedish), artificial silk, lithographic colors and high-class furniture to the trade.

Main Office Rusam Co., Ltd., Copenhagen 33 Bretgade

Norsk Rusam A/S 11 Younggatan Christiania

Rusam Co., Ltd. Rusam Co., Ltd.

Amsterdam Buenos Aires

20-21 Triss Heisloskade 25 De Mayo 140

Rusam Co., Ltd. 25 Beaver Street New York City

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