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THE name YOUROVETA is composed of the initial letters of the Russian name of the original company, the "South Russian Company for Foreign and Domestic Trade in Anthracite," incorporated in Russia in 1910. YOUROVETA grew out of the necessity felt some years prior to the war of eliminating unnecessary intermediaries in connection with international trade of Russia, of putting different countries in direct contact with Russian supplies of raw products, and of importing into Russia manufactured products and machinery from various parts of the world.

YOUROVETA entered the field of international trade in 1910 as a pioneer in the export of Russian anthracite and of other mining products. Large quantities of coal were exported to Italy and to the Balkans. The importance of the service rendered was acknowledged by the Italian Government in the award of the Order of Corona d'ltalia to Mr. L. M. Wourgaft, managing director of the company, and by the granting of a gold medal and diploma of honor to YOUROVETA at the Turin Exposition.

In view of the expansion of the company, the headquarters were removed from Kharkoff to Petrograd in 1915. Its style was thereupon changed to "The Home and Foreign Trade Company, Ltd. YOUROVETA."

The demand for Russian products and the need in Russia for foreign products warranted the company's engaging in a general import and export business on a comprehensive scale.

Among the achievements of the company may be mentioned that YOUROVETA was the first to export and deliver Russian sugar beet seed direct to American consumers, thus assuring the American market a supply of a higher grade of seed. In 1917 YOUROVETA supplied 60 per cent of the total requirements of the American market.

The United States having achieved the position of leadership in the fields of trade and finance, it was only logical that a company engaged in international trade should have its headquarters in the

United States. In 1918, therefore, there was incorporated in the United States the YOUROVETA Home and Foreign Trade Company, Inc.

Whereas the aim of the Russian Company has been to connect by direct ties in international trade resources of supply and consumption, serving principally Russia, the aim of the American Company is to engage in general international trade, to attract American capital and initiative, and drawing upon the experience in international trade of its sister company in Russia, rapidly to develop a world-wide trade organization.

Many countries will come to the United States for mercantile and general credits, for American efficiency methods. YOUROVETA, having opened branches in the principal trade centers of the world, endeavors not only to engage in direct trading, but also to extend its help and co-opera- tion in concomitant lines to its clients, since international trading necessitates the solution of many questions before it can be put on a broad and efficient basis.

The executive offices of the company are in New York. Branches are located in Chicago, San Francisco, Seattle and New Orleans; in London, Paris, Brussels, Antwerp, Lausanne, Kobe, Shanghai, Harbin, Vladivostok, Odessa, Archangel, Ekaterinburg, Rostov-on-the- don, Barcelona, Copenhagen, Christiania, Stockholm, Resht (Persia), Batavia (Java), and Buenos Aires.

The company plans to establish in the immediate future new branches in the following trade centers Constantinople, Amsterdam, Salonica, Athens, Rio de Janeiro, Warsaw, Prague, Hel- sinfors, Java, Calcutta, Johannesburg and Cairo.

In order to provide for the comprehensive and extensive scope of activity, the company has organized three major divisions Trading, Engineering and Agricultural, subdivided into Departments for the purpose of specialization. Supplementing these divisions are auxiliary divisions and subsidiary companies, covering all elements of international trade, such as warehousing, forwarding, research, publicity, etc. 

The Trading Division, engaging in import, export and domestic trade, has special departments to handle foodstuffs, tobacco, textiles, chemicals, etc.

The Engineering Division specializes in refrigerating machinery, excavating machinery, grain elevators, railroad supplies, machine tools, metals, hardware, electrical materials, flour and sawmill machinery, cement making, crushing and concentrating machinery, mining machinery, etc., and represents prominent American manufacturers in the above-mentioned lines. The Engineering Division also is endeavoring to help in the solution of the problem of reconstruction in Russia, and stands ready, whenever the necessities of the hour call, for the re-establishment of factories, mines, power stations, etc., not only to supply the necessary materials, but, through its trained staff, to offer expert advice on construction work that it will be called upon to perform.

The Agricultural Division is trading in agricultural products, such as fibres, wool, seed, fertilizers, etc., and operates directly from the sources of supply. It also represents manufacturers of agricultural machinery and implements.

In order that the interests of American manufacturers may be satisfactorily safeguarded abroad, YOUROVETA has assigned American business representatives to the territories in which it trades. Further, through its trained native representatives, it assures a perfect knowledge of the local conditions, customs, requirements, etc. When the return of normal conditions in Europe materializes, the comprehensive organization of YOUROVETA will undoubtedly occupy a strategic position in the field of world trade.

YOUROVETA stands ready to co-operate for mutual benefit with the American manufacturer, as with the American purchaser.

The exporting manufacturer will find in YOU-ROVETA an organization at home in foreign markets and alive to the needs of these markets and their developmental possibilities. The importing manufacturer will find in YOUROVETA a direct connection with original sources of production of raw materials.

EXECUTIVE OFFICES 21 Park Row, N. Y. Branches and Agencies Chicago Seattle

New Orleans Archangel

London Ekaterinburg

Paris Odessa

Brussels Rostov-on-the-Don

Antwerp Omsk

Stockholm Vladivostok

Barcelona Harbin

Christiania Shanghai

Copenhagen Buenos Aires

Kobe Resht, Persia

San Francisco Batavia, Java


Compagnie Internationale de Commerce Youroveta


Svenska Handelsaktiebolaget Youroveta Russia

The Home & Foreign Trade Co., Ltd., Youroveta

United States American-National Shoe and Leather Corporation World Trade Research and Publishing Cor-poration


Chairman of the Board of Directors A. I. WLSCHNEGRADSKI President L. M. WOURGAFT Vice-Presidents F. F. Foss J. A. MEYEROVITCH



EIVIND ERICHSEN Secretary Assistant Secretary

M. I. FAINBERG BORIS E. LEPKOVSKY Treasurer Assistant Secretary


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