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Service With a Satellite: A Guide To Top Service Providers

An important technology at sea today is that of satellite communications. Providing a means of staying in contact with the shore in the event of emergency is one of the most crucial, but far from the only, use for this technology. Lower costs and higher levels of service are direct results of technological improvements. In day-to-day use, it allows void data and fax capability for vessels even in remote locations — transforming a ship at sea or an oil platform into a fully-functional floating office. MR/IN has dedicated the section to those who provide these vital services — vital to safety, and vital to business.

KEY: AORE Atlantic Ocean Reg ion — East AORW Atlantic Ocean Region — West POR Pacific Ocean Region IOR Indian Ocean Region LES Land Earth Station American Mobile Satellite Corporation (AMSC) On April 7, 1995, the American Mobile Satellite Corporation (AMSC) launched what is reportedly the largest commercial mobile communications satellite ever built. In the fourth quarter of 1995, AMSC will introduce its Skycell satellite telephoning service, providing the maritime industry with a portfolio of affordable satellite communications products. The Skycell service telephone will be equipped with voice, data and fax capabilities. AMSC is licensed by the Federal Communications Commission to provide its Skycell services throughout the U.S., including Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands and 200 miles off U.S. shores. Therefore, users can maintain a constant communications link to any telephone in the world while traveling in the coverage area. Direct- dial service connected through the public switched telephone network will allow for secure point-topoint and point-to-multi-point communications. Packet and circuitswitched data will also be supported to provide users with a comprehensive and affordable data communications solution.

For more information on AMSC Circle 56 on Reader Service Card COMSAT With seamless Inmarsat A and B coverage of the world, COMSAT Maritime Services is a single source for fax, data, voice and telex service. COMSAT also provides global Inmarsat M service for voice and fax needs, and Inmarsat C service for data communications. For customers at sea, COMSAT says it offers unparalleled service and reliability. COMSAT offers free operator service 24 hours a day and seven days a week, free language assistance in over 140 languages, telex group calls, credit card billing, value-added services like shipboard public telephone services, 56/64 kbps data service, FaxMail, and news and information services. To use any of COMSAT's services, choose LES "01" for Inmarsat A and "001" for Inmarsat B and M service.

For more information on COMSAT Circle 55 on Reader Service Card Telecom Italia Telecom Italia operates in the national and international markets. The company has 24 million users and more than 100,000 employees. The company is controlled by STET, which is IRI's telecommunications holding company.

A division of Telecom Italia is the licensee of the Italian Ministry of Port and Telecommunications for handling maritime communications, including installation, operation and maintenance of radiotelephonic and radiotelegraphic radio stations on board.

The company also operates the services connected with the traffic of telephone, telegraph and satellite radio communications. The company acts as the "traffic accounting authority," officially recognized by international organizations and ir stitutions.

Telecom Italia, Common Cus tomer Division, Radio Maritim Services and Assistance to Naviga tion, controls and operates Coast Radio Stations and the fully auto mated Inmarsat earth station or Fucino.

In addition, Telecom Italia ensures, on behalf of the Ministry of Merchant Marine, all radio communication services for the Safety of Life at Sea, and navigation (watchkeeping on the international distress frequency, distress alarm, | etc.).

The activity of Telecom Italia also includes the marketing of radio communications and radionavigation equipment from sophisticated satellite communications systems (Inmarsat) to up-to-date equipment for pleasure craft.

For more information on Telecom Italia Circle 57 on Reader Service Card BT Inmarsat BT Inmarsat provides global satellite communications solutions for the commercial shipping and land mobile sectors, offering dial-up voice, fax, image and data services to more than 200 countries worldwide.

BT Inmarsat connects to the Inmarsat satellite network via its U.K. LES at Goonhilly, and affiliate stations in Norway and Singapore, giving global reach across AORE, AORW, POR and IOR.

The maritime portfolio currently comprises: Inmarsat A and Inmarsat A High-Speed Data (HSD) for voice, data and telex; the B-Sat service, long-term digital successor to BT Inmarsat-A; C-Sat store-andforward satellite data messaging; the M-Sat portable voice and fax service; and SatMail, maritime email featuring Internet connection.

Commercial shipping organizations can also take advantage of the BT Inmarsat combined discount scheme that gives reductions of between five and 20 percent across all services for from-mobile calls. For more information on BT Inmarsat Circle 58 on Reader Service Card OSN O'Gara Satellite Networks (OSN recently formed an alliance with Morsviazsputnik, MVS-USA and Magellan Systems Corporation. A new company, OGM Communications, Ltd., has been formed and will ally with other major companies in the near future. OGM as a group of affiliate companies will strive to bring together the appropriate expertise and resources to provide a single source capable of meeting all the diverse telecommunications needs of customers.

OSN is an international supplier and customer support center for portable Inmarsat A, B and M terminals. Its Mercury 2000 is reportedly the world's first land mobile Inmarsat M vehicular telephone system. This compact unit consists of an Inmarsat type-approved transceiver, interfaced with a unique, lowprofile, auto-tracking, phased array antenna.

OGM will offer a wide range of mobile satellite communications equipment, as well as a complete licensing, commissioning and billing service, with very attractive rates. It will provide access to the Inmarsat satellite network through LESs worldwide, including Canada, Hong Kong, Australia and the U.S. For more information on OSN Circle 6 0 on Reader Service Card Singapore Telecom Singapore Telecom (ST) was a founder of Inmarsat, and has been a signatory since Inmarsat's establishment in 1979. Today, Inmarsat A, B, C and M services are provided by ST via its Sentosa LES. ST's satellite network, together with its direct submarine cable links to most major cities in the world enable it to provide superior quality calls, says the company. ST's network is also 100 percent digital. This means custom- ers can enjoy high-quality and value-added services.

There are also no land-line charges for calls to Singapore, the U.K., Norway, Denmark, Finland, Sweden and Iceland due to unique arrangements with British Telecom and Telenor. A comprehensive range of Inmarsat 2-digit code services is available via telephone and telex. Singapore Telecom says it is committed to state-of-the-art communications at the most competitive rates, wherever the customer may be.

For more information on Singapore Telecom Circle 61 on Reader Service Card […]

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