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New Products For Handling Hazardous Cargo

Gossler has made many contributions to the field of fueling hoses, hose fittings, breakaway and dry break couplings. The company, which has maintained an active role in the work of the standards organizations for fueling and loading hoses and hoses for the chemical industry, has introduced several new lines.

Its new lightweight vapor recovery hose is flexible, coilable, and can be used within circuits in the field of process control and measuring, or in monitoring. For the vapor recovery on larger units, such as tankers, tank wagons and tank lighters, Gossler has developed an automatic vapor recovery coupling (DN 100/80) with an integrated flame trap. Especially for transfer stations, Gossler developed a scrapable safety lock hose coupling, which is suitable for the pressure range PN 16 and available in three and four-in. sizes.

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