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Kraissl Co. Manufactures Simplex And Duplex Strainers And Filters

The Kraissl Company is a manufacturer of heavy duty simplex and duplex strainers and filters for protecting equipment in pipeline service. The company, a long-time manufacturer, creates the products in cast iron, bronze, aluminum, steel, stainless steel and other special alloys. The complete line of duplex three-way (six-port) transfer valves was developed specifically for use with two filters, two heat exchangers, two supply tanks or with other dual systems. Kraissl also specializes in positive displacement oil transfer pumps and rotary air pumps.

The following is a sampling of Kraissl products: • Model 72 Simplex and Duplex Strainers and Filters: Designed for minimum pressure loss and easy basket accessibility. Duplex models include a tapered plug valve with metal-to-metal seat for long life in rough service. Simple onestroke valve operation allows for continuous flow transfer from one side to the other without interruptions. Duplex types range from .75- to eight-in. in pipe size, and simplex up to 12 inches. Units can be furnished to meet military, U.S. Coast Guard and other specifications. All Kraissl strainers are made in accordance with the international standard ASTM F1199.

• Model 72AA Series Transfer Valves: Transfer (or Diverter) Valves are used to cost effectively duplex two external pieces of flow equipment with the least amount of associated piping space. Simple one-stroke valve operation allows for continuous transfer of flow without interruption. Sizes from .75-in. to eight-in. are commonly available in cast iron, cast steel and stainless steel.

• Rotary Air Pumps, Model 25: Cast iron vanetype air pumps are available for both vacuum and low pressure air service. Free displacement capacities range from 2 to 70 CFM, for vacuums to 28 in. of mercury and pressures to 50 psig. A built-in, positive lubrication system with oil supply sump is included.

All Kraissl products are manufactured in the U.S., and authorized sales representatives and distributors are located throughout North America. For free information on all Kraissl products, Circle 98 on Reader Service Card

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