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Monday, January 22, 2018

Deck Machinery & Cargo Handling Equipment

Appleton Marine, Inc. Circle 8 8 on Reader Service Card Appleton supplies marine deck machinery: cranes, single point davits, mooring winches, anchor windlasses and capstans. In addition to the vertical shaft anchor windlasses (3.6-inch chain) and mooring and warping capstans for the entire AOE-6 vessel program, Appleton Marine is supplying the complete package of underway replenishment equipment for the AOE-IO program. Dual constant tension, single point RHIB handling davits with manual launch capability, cross deck winches, anchor windlasses and capstans are being provided for the U.S. Coast Guard WLB buoy tender. A buoy handling crane for the WLM coastal buoy tender is also on order. A complete deck machinery package stores cranes, constant tension mooring winches, and combination mooring winch/anchor windlasses is being designed and manufactured for the Military Sealift Command Sealift Conversion program at Newport News Shipbuilding; stores cranes are also being provided for the Sealift Conversion program at NASSCO.

Clarke Chapman Circle 8 9 on Reader Service Card Clarke Chapman Marine's product range includes special purpose winches such as sonar array and balloon winches; replenishment-atsea systems; and deck cranes for buoy handling and helicopter recovery, where special wave compensation features are required for operation in high sea states. Clarke Chapman's equipment has been installed on British and foreign naval vessels including fleet tankers, supply vessels, frigates, destroyers and aircraft carriers, as well as many commercial ships, including lighthouse tender vessels and Antarctic research vessels. Cross Equipment Circle 9 0 on Reader Service Card Cross Equipment, Ltd. of Houma, La., serves the equipment needs of the oil and gas industry. Cross has one of the largest inventories of new surplus, and used remanufactured marine deck machinery in the world โ€” complete mooring systems, winches, windlasses, capstans and other types of deck machinery, as well as cranes, bulk tank systems and other marine equipment.

A sister company to SMATCO Industries, Cross utilizes SMATCO's engineering expertise along with its 51,000-sq.-ft. facility for repair and remanufacturing work. Cross' recent projects include delivering a four-point mooring system for Offshore Divers, a 35-ton telescoping crane and mooring system to Mexssub, Inc. and a SMATCO Model 62-DAD-170 side-by-side towing winch for an East Coast customer. Cross is renting two 500,000- lb. Lucker units with take-up reels, power units and six-ft.-diameter double sheave assembly to Hyundai Heavy Industries for the SBHT Project, which will consist of pulling a pipeline and river crossing ashore. Del Gavio Marine Hydraulics Circle 9 1 on Reader Service Card During 1993, a number of deck machinery hydraulic pump failures were experienced by Sea-Land Service Atlantic class vessels. Del Gavio Marine Hydraulics traced the cause of the problem to contaminated oil. Since these systems have large capacities for oil, significant savings to the shipowner were reportedly realized by accomplishing a series of system oil regeneration through the use of high-volume filters, installed and used during normal turnaround. Pump damage was remedied by removal and overhaul during the same turnaround. Total pump failure requiring renewal was stopped and the systems reportedly restored to reliable working condition without delays or changes to the sailing schedules.

The firm prides itself on professional, timely repairs and is especially experienced with older Western Gear and Hyde systems as well as more modern systems such as Brattvaag, Fukushima, Skagit and Denison. Other company services include assistance in the design of new systems or modification of existing systems. Del Gavio Marine Hydraulics offers service on a worldwide, around-the-clock basis and responds to emergency or routine repair calls from its facilities at Carlstadt, N.J. and Alameda, Calif. Elevating Boats Inc. (EBI) Circle 9 2 on Reader Service Card Elevating Boats, Inc. (EBI) has recently incorporated innovations into its cranes. One is an efficient anti-two blocking system actuated by cables, reportedly eliminating the need for hoses running the length of the boom. EBI has also developed a wear pad system for telescoping cranes using readily replaceable nyloil wear pads, for a very smooth operation using an EBI rack and pinion telescopic mechanism. EBI has recently built a new computerized warehouse and packing system to better service its customers. EBI's exclusive representative in the U.S. is Techcrane International.

Hawboldt Industries Circle 93 on Reader Service Card Hawboldt Industries, Inc., located in Chester, Nova Scotia, Canada, has been serving the marine markets since 1906. Hawboldt offers an extensive range of anchor windlasses, capstans and towing, fishing, mooring and oceanographic winches. Much of Hawboldt's equipment is custom designed to meet specific application requirements. The company is currently delivering the first of 12 shipsets (windlass, capstan and power unit) for the Canadian Navy's Maritime Coastal Defense Vessel Program. Hawboldt recently expanded its U.S. representative network to include Menge Marine and Fowler Resources of New Orleans, and Manufacturers Agency of Houston.

Intercon Circle 9 4 on Reader Service Card Intercon offers a full range of heavy deck machinery for the military and commercial markets. Current Navy backlog includes crane Photo courtesy of: Manitowoc Engineering fabrication for eight new Strategic Sealift Ships (T-AKRs). Included are 130-ft. (39.6 m) boom assemblies and slewing platform structures of the MacGregor-Hagglunds design. Ongoing Navy programs include main propulsion gear casings for DDG-51 class destroyers, and USN Deep Ocean Salvage Winch Systems. In commercial marine markets, Morania Oil Tanker of New York has ordered Intercon's Tug/ Barge Coupler System for two new 7,200-hp ATBs. This unique linkage technology reportedly provides unmatched safety and economic advantages to the tug/barge industry. Three additional coupler shipsets were added to the Maritrans fleet in 1993. Current winch deliveries include stern and bow winches for St. Philip Towing's 6,000-hp tug. Jeamar Winches Circle 95 on Reader Service Card Jeamar Winches has extended its line of capstan winches to eight models ranging in size from 2,000 lb. line pull up to 20,000 lb. line pull. All sizes are standard and normally in stock.

The latest addition is a 20,000-lb. winch, which is ideal for either deck or dock mounting. The capstan is locked in position when it is not powered, ensuring maximum holding capabilities.

A corrosion resistance option is available for when the capstan is to be constantly exposed to sea air/ water conditions.

All sizes are direct drive and compact, hence requiring minimum space and reducing maintenance costs.

Krupp Fordertechnik GmbH Circle 117 on Reader Service Card The Krupp Fordertechnik group of companies includes PWH Anlagen + Systeme GmbH, which in late 1993 received an order for what the company claims will be the biggest continuous ship unloader ever built, with a handling rate of 2,300 tons/ hour and the ability to unload oceangoing vessels of up to 100,000 dwt, for ENDESA Empresa Nacional de Electridad SA, Madrid. Krupp Fordertechnik was responsible for engineering and supplying state-ofthe- art dredging equipment for the Bali II, a 5,000-sq.-m. hopper suction dredger, as well as fitting out the l,800-sq.-m. hopper suction dredger M/S Seekies, which is intended to extract raw gravel from the Baltic and ensure coastal protection by reclamation work.

Lake Shore Circle 9 6 on Reader Service Card Lake Shore says it developed and patented the constant tension technology that made U.S. Navy Underway Replenishment a world leader, and is now applying that technology to military and commercial machineries. Boat handling, launching and recovery in rough seas has become safer and more reliable with Lake Shore davits, claims the company. Lake Shore has developed and advanced the art of tension control winches. This new technology is in use in minehunting, minesweeping, submarine communications and underwater mining, where delicate reliable remote control of sub-surface machinery is important. Lake Shore continues to develop its line of military and commercial winches, davits, windlasses, elevators and cranes for both the domestic and international markets. For more than 100 years Lake Shore says its marine products have been known for quality and reliability. Lake Shore remains in the deck machinery business through advancement in controls, materials and special-purpose designs. Liebherr-Werk Nenzing GmbH Circle 9 7 on Reader Service Card Liebherr-Werk Nenzing GmbH (LWN) is one of 47 enterprises within the Liebherr Group of companies.

LWN was officially founded in 1976, but the Liebherr enterprise's roots in building cranes go back to 1949. LWN was established for the purpose of designing, manufacturing, providing sales and after sales service of cranes working in the maritime environment. The current production program includes mobile harbor cranes, ship cranes, offshore cranes and cable excavators. Today LWN employs about 750 people, and 199 l's turnover was about $150 million. All cranes are completely designed, manufactured and assembled in LWN's workshops. Extensive inspection and control facilities reportedly ensure that all process conditions are accurately observed.

The MacGregor Group Circle 9 8 on Reader Service Card One of the world's leading organizations in the supply and service of shipboard cargo handling equipment is the MacGregor Group. The group comprises seven product divisions, namely: cranes, hatch covers, RoRo, lashings, elevators, reefer engineering and liquid cargo handling, and a worldwide service organization. MacGregor has recently received numerous orders for equipment and services for all of its divisions from shipyards and shipowners worldwide. Mannesmann Demag Gottwald Circle 99 on Reader Service Card The present manufacturing program of Mannesmann Demag Gottwald includes 13 different heavy duty mobile harbor cranes with capacities of six to 120 t SWL and radii of 26 ft. (8 m.) to 164 ft. (50 m) for handling general cargo, heavy loads, containers and bulk material in ports. Maximum mobil- ity and versatility enable operation at any accessible point in a port. The company's latest development is its Automated Transport System for horizontal transport of any cargo. The first practical realization of this new idea is the fully automated container transport in a container terminal between the quay cranes and the stockyard by driverless AGVs (Automated Guided Vehicles). According to the company, integrated computer intelligence, autonomous navigation, high accuracy positioning and 24-hour operation help to guarantee performance.

Manitowoc Engineering Circle 100 on Reader Service Card Manitowoc Engineering Co., Manitowoc, Wis., designs, manufactures, markets and supports a full line of lattice-boom cranes wellsuited for handling containerized, bulk, andbreakbulk cargo. Liftcrane capacities range from 54.4 metric tons (MT) to 1,300 MT; clamshell capacities range from 6.8 MT to 45.4 MT. Mountings include crawler, truck, pedestal and RINGER®. Specialized container handling attachments have been developed for the 4100W Series-2,4600 Series-3,4600 Series-5 and M-250 Series-2.

Marine Equipment Inc.

Circle 101 on Reader Service Card Marine Equipment, Inc. and its Louisiana representative, Menge Marine Equipment, recently delivered what is reportedly the first SOLAS 1983 U.S. Coast Guard-approved Freefall Lifeboat to be installed in a U.S.-flag ship, under construction in Amelia, La. The Fassmer Freefall is fully equipped for fire protection and immediate evacuation of up to 34 passengers.

The Freefall Lifeboat will be installed on the stern of the vessel on a Davit International Model D-FH-70 hydraulic/gravity Freefall Davit complete with hydraulic winch and self-contained power pack.

Marit/Davaine Chain Circle 102 on Reader Service Card Marit, located in Saint-Amand- Lee-Eaux, France, is reported^ the primary producer of chains (especially manufactured for marine use) in France.

Marit is represented in North America by Davaine Chain U.S.A. of Saugus, Mass.

Stud link anchor chain and components are manufactured in grades U2, U3 and ORQ in diameters of 14 mm (.55-in.) and 102 mm (4-in.). Classification society certification is available and quality is of primary importance.

Open link chains are also available for buoy mooring lines and for special applications such as: marine railway hauling chain and other sprocket wheel applications. Marit manufactures chafe chain and components for single point mooring systems (SPM) and has provided various grades of chains according to the latest 1993 OCIMF Recommendations, for major oil company installations located in the Far East, Arabian Gulf, Venezuela and Nigeria.

Markey Machinery Circle 103 on Reader Service Card For almost 90 years, Markey Machinery Co., Inc. has built marine deck machinery including capstans, windlasses, mooring winches, towing, research and tractor tug hawser winches. Last year, Markey supplied the Foss tugs Lindsey Foss and Garth Foss with type CYP-80 stern capstan, WYWD-20 bow winch/windlass, DUSS-56 hawser winch, and complete controls/drive units for each machine.

The DUSS-56 was built for highline speeds and includes two large automatic drum brakes with 500,000-lb. braking capacity at full drum. Continuing a tradition of quality, a TDSD-32 double drum diesel tow winch was built for the Bouchard Transportation Company tug Robert J. Bouchard. For Otto Candies, Inc., a TYS-32 hydraulic single drum tow winch and two hydraulic clinching hooks were provided for the new Sidney Candies. Markey Machinery also offers refurbishment services to help extend the life of existing equipment.

McElroy Machine & Mfg. Co.

Circle 104 on Reader Service Card McElroy Machine & Mfg. Company, Inc. of Gulfport, Miss., specializes in the manufacturing of custom winches and other deck machinery for marine applications.

McElroy's engineering and design capabilities allow the company to offer a diverse range of equipment to meet its customers' specific requirements. Two newly-introduced products include paddlewheel drive systems designed and furnished for riverboats for the cruise and gaming markets and oil containment boom storage reels. McElroy is currently working on paddlewheel drive systems for three new gaming vessels being built, five anchor winches for a U.S. towing company and several mooring capstans, windlasses and deck machinery items for various customers.

Morgan Marine Circle 105 on Reader Service Card Morgan Marine, a leader in marine knucklebooms, now offers Hiab- Effer and Morgan Marine cranes, the smallest crane having 11 ft. (3.3 m) of reach and 500 lb. of capacity and the largest marine knuckleboom having a capacity of 39,380 lb. at a radius of 25 ft. (7.6 m). Morgan has a broad product range. Morgan recently built and delivered eight marine knucklebooms for use on a U.S. Navy LCAC, and is reportedly a popular choice among oceanographers and navies around the world providing excellent products, value and service.

New England Trawler Equipment Company Circle 106 on Reader Service Card New England Trawler Equipment Company (NETEC), a manufacturer of deck machinery since 1926, specializes in custom engineered deck machinery for the marine, government and oceanographic communities.

Current projects include hydraulic constant tension mooring winches; hydraulic anchor windlasses for 2.5-inch (63.5 mm) chain; diesel-powered, double-drum waterfall hauling winches for Corps of Engineers crane barges; and a variety of mooring winches, windlasses, capstans and electro-hydraulic power units for tugs and doublehulled tank barges. NETEC recently introduced a line of electric mini-capstans with 50,000-lb. bollard pulls โ€” NETEC says, the highest in the industry โ€” and is introducing an economical, rugged line of supply boat windlasses for chain sizes of one to 1.5 inches (38 mm) and anchors up to 6,000 lb.

NETEC and Seattle Crane & Equipment Company have signed an agreement: NETEC is now the exclusive dealer for Seattle cranes on the East Coast and Seattle Crane is the exclusive dealer for NETEC deck machinery in the Northwest and Alaska.

Palfinger Hebetechnik Circle 107 on Reader Service Card Palfinger is a manufacturer of hydraulic, articulated boom cranes. Based in Salzburg, Austria, Palfinger serves markets in more than 50 countries from its highlyautomated production and assembly plants. Palfinger claims its success is based on its commitment to meeting the needs of its customers around the world through technological innovation. Palfinger's PK cranes are built with 2.4 up to 70 ton-meter lifting moment; its PKM cranes have between 20 and 120 ton-meter lifting moment; and Palfinger's PSM cranes, designed in accordance with DIN 15018, have lifting moments of between 33 and 170 ton-meters. Palfinger's North American subsidiary is located in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada. Skookum RopeMaster Circle 108 on Reader Service Card Skookum/RopeMaster, recognizing the increasing popularity and use of the newer high-strength and synthetic ropes and the need for tackle blocks and fairleads compatible with these ropes, offers the marine industry blocks and fairleads with Working Load Ratings up to 50,000 lb. Other products currently include special engineered blocks and fairleads featuring large-diameter, high-strength poly/nylon sheaves designed to accept electromechanical cable used by the geophysical and ocean surveying industries. SMATCO Industries Circle 109 on Reader Service Card Southern Marine and Tool Company (SMATCO). offers a line of winches ranging from models with 10,000-lb. line pull to one million-lb. SMATCO offers mooring systems, towing, anchor handling, and general construction winches. The Houma, La.-based company has expanded its winch product line to include windlasses, capstans, tuggers, fairleaders and deck sheaves.

SMATCO can design and build specialty winches to suit a customer's specific application. SMATCO also designs and manufactures pipehandling equipment.

Some of SMATCO's most recent contracts are for the manufacture of an ROY deployment winch with levelwind for Oceaneering International; a constant production run of SMATCO deck fairleaders and deck sheaves; and a SMATCO model 40- DAS-75 towing winch for a towing company on the West Coast. SMATCO was also recently awarded a contract to supply a Korean company with a complete pipe-laying system. SMATCO offers 24-hour service and spare parts, seven days a week for domestic and overseas customers. SMATCO has a crew of service technicians and parts specialists ready to maintain and service marine-related equipment.

Smith Berger Marine Circle 110 on Reader Service Card Smith Berger Marine, Inc. can custom design products for special applications. Recent projects include a 48-inch (121.9 cm) diameter roller delivered to the Navy used to deploy hydrophonic arrays.

The roller featured rubber coating on the 58 barrel and UHMW coating on the tapered flanges. Another project involved the supply of flag blocks and guide sheaves for installation on two USCG buoy tenders.

With overall weight being critical, Smith Berger furnished the hardware with Nylatron sheaves which provided a lightweight solution. Eight model MC-2616-SR double sheave fairleads will soon be furnished for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers' Red River Crane Barge. The fairleads feature 16-inch (406mm) sheaves grooved for 1.125-inch (28.6mm)wire, and special vertical side rollers.

Superior-Lidgerwood-Mundy Circle 111 on Reader Service Card Superior-Lidgerwood-Mundy has more than 120 years of experience manufacturing all types of hoists, winches and capstans. During the last year it implemented a 3-D, parametric driven, solid modeling CAD system which gives the company state-of-the-art design capabilities. As a result, S-L-M claims it is prepared to meet the deck machinery and cargo handling challenges of the 90s while maintaining a commitment to providing the highest quality products at the lowest achievable cost. S-L-M attributes its strong sales in the first quarter of '94 to its current focus on developing and expanding its engineering expertise to meet the quality, delivery and pricing needs of its commercial customers.

Techcrane International Circle 112 on Reader Service Card Techcrane International is the exclusive representative for EBI (Elevating Boats Inc.) marine cranes in the U.S and abroad. Techcrane International is also the exclusive importing agent for Hella marine articulating (knuckle boom) cranes in the U.S. EBI and Hella marine cranes together provide a source for a wide range of marine cranes from 7,000 ft.-lb. to 10,000,000 ft.-lb. capacity for fixed length boom cranes, telescoping boom cranes, and knuckle boom (articulating) cranes.

Techcrane says the trouble free rack and pinion telescopic mechanism, with more than ten years of service in the marine environment, has proven to be the best innovation in telescopic crane manufacturing in recent years.

A rack and pinion telescoping mechanism is available on all EBI model TC cranes.

EBI Cranes has recently been awarded contracts to manufacture EBI TC10-24-40 cranes by Marine Builders (Utica, Ind.) and Rodriguez Boat Builders (Bayou La Batre, La.), on behalf of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. The cranes are to be delivered to their respective shipyards within seven weeks. EBI Cranes has recently designed and fabricated the first Quick Transport Crane for use aboard ships and docks and barges. This crane is comprised of an EBI TC10 or TC20 crane, with skid, outriggers, hydraulic power unit and counterweights. The complete unit can be loaded, and through corner castings can lock on the truck bed within minutes. Once on location, the crane, without a need to tie down, can reportedly be operational in minutes.

Washington Chain & Supply Circle 113 on Reader Service Card Washington Chain & Supply of Seattle has experienced increased demand for its line of release hooks in the export market. Recent shipments of multiple-unit orders have gone to Ecuador, Taiwan, and Trinidad. The hooks come in conventional and rotary models rated from 25 to 200 tons, and are available with integral capstans, remote releases, and load monitor/recorders.

A variety of single- and multiple-hook models are used for vessel mooring and towing by port authorities, shipping lines, petroleum companies, and others.

Western Machine Works Circle 115 on Reader Service Card Western Machine Works has served the marine industry for nearly 100 years and has been manufacturing hydraulic tow pins with optional stern rollers and hold-downs for over 30 years. In addition to standard eight- and 12-inch (203 and 304.8mm) diameter pins, Western Machine Works has designed a compact two-pin unit with optional hold-down to meet the demands of smaller tugs.

These units are built to Western's usual high standards and with the same materials that are in its larger units. Western Machine Works also provides assistance to customers in developing or adapting special designs to suit individual requirements. PPM Cranes, Inc.

Circle 124 on Reader Service Card PPM Cranes, Inc. of Conway, S.C. a unit of Legris Lifting Groupe, based in Rennes, France โ€” recently introduced the 77,000-lb. second row capacity P&H Superstacker FCH77, its largest and newest reach stacker. The unit offers a 22T (20t) lifting capacity for third row containers; 38.5T (34.5t) for second tow containers; and 49.5T (45t) for first row. The Superstacker FCH77 can reportedly maneuver easily in 55-ft. aisles, even carrying 40-ft. containers, and has an end-on capacity of 23 tons (2 It) for 40-ft. containers and 46 tons (42t) for 20-ft. containers. It is powered by a Cummins LT120 C250 water-cooled diesel engine. The Superstacker line also includes the P&H Superstacker FCH55, a 55,000-lb. second row capacity reach stacker, and an empty container handler, the P&H Superstacker ECH, designed for fast, efficient organization or reconfiguration of port or rail yards. Westmont Industries Circle 142 on Reader Service Card Westmont Industries, Inc., a manufacturer of heavy material handling equipment, is nearing completion of a Navy contract for eight 100-ton barge cranes. The cranes, which rest on barges measuring 175 feet (53.3 m) by 80 feet (24.4 m), can lift loads of 100 long tons at an 80-foot (24.4 m) radius and have a boom length in excess of 200 feet (60.9 m).

Westmont, of Santa Fe Springs, Calif., has been designing, manufacturing and installing heavy material handling equipment since 1951. Westmont has completed projects up to $50 million in size for both government and private concerns. Westmont's other products include bridge crane and monorail systems, portal cranes, high capacity turntables, jet engines maintenance systems, moving walkways and specialized material handling systems. The current backlog includes 60-ton portal and 20-ton wing wall cranes for the Navy. In addition, Westmont is currently under contract to produce a 38-ton portal crane and other equipment for the Corps of Engineers.

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