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Wesmar HD600E Sonars In Sea Trials Around The World Order From Australia Order From Australia

The results are in for 12 months of evaluation of the Wesmar HD600E high powered searchlight sonar. The Wesmar HD600E series was Chile, Sweden and Canada. In all three areas, the Wesmar sonars met with success.

The Wesmar HD670E color scanning sonar was used for long range mackerel detection in Chile, and the Chilean fishing company Pesquero El Golfo reported excellent results using the product. The results were reportedly so successful that a similar HD670E-8 sonar was purchased for a second boat in the company, the Patria. The news of El Golfo's success with these two sonars reached the port of San Antonia, where a second Chilean fishing company, Tripesca, subsequently purchased and installed HD670E-8 Wesmars (these with hydraulic hoists) on three vessels.

The Wesmar HD600E sonar was used by the Canadian Department of Fisheries and Oceans for locating and assessing herring stocks in water off British Columbia in western Canada, from the Washington border to Queen Charlotte.

The Fisheries department purchased 18 new Wesmar HD600E sonars.

A 60kHz Wesmar HD600E was also installed aboard the 65-foot (20- m) Slaeddoe, near the port city of Lyseki, between Gothenburg, Sweden and Oslo, Norway. The scanner is being used for shallow water "pair" purse seining. The HD600E's key advantage reportedly is its ability to distinguish the size of schools of fish.

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