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Thursday, June 20, 2024

EverClean - the always clean anti-fouling solution

Posted to Maritime Reporter (by on May 19, 2024

Greensea IQ’s anti-fouling solution delivers up to 20% improvement to performance

Greensea IQ's EverClean service represents a paradigm shift in biofouling prevention, leveraging robotics to replace costly, toxic, and inefficient traditional cleaning and biofouling management methods. Through regular, gentle brushing, EverClean ensures continuous biofouling prevention, maintaining a pristine hull surface.

EverClean stands as a scalable and economically viable approach to optimizing ship performance. This approach yields substantial reductions in carbon emissions and fuel expenditures. Offering a compelling departure from conventional, more abrasive manual or diver-assisted cleaning systems, EverClean provides a notable leap forward in sustainable maritime practices. With EverClean, the adoption of safer and less toxic hull coatings becomes a feasible reality, marking a significant milestone in marine industry sustainability.

Coating Protected
In Greensea IQ’s Advanced Coating Test Facility, EverClean can ensure that coating thickness levels are unchanged while running several passes of our proprietary nylon brushes. This ensures that coatings are not degraded during regular cleaning events and continue to perform at optimal levels. Greensea IQ understands the investment made in coating a ship and sets out to provide ship owners and operators a solution that works on all coatings. EverClean is the only currently fielded solution that has partnered with several coating manufacturers to demonstrate the effectiveness of the EverClean solution on some of the most common coatings on the market today. This ensures that as the proactive in-water maintenance solution EverClean gains adoption commercially, coating companies can maintain compatibility with the EverClean approach to biofouling management.  

Sample of two different test panels during the testing process. 

In addition to developing and deploying robots to address biofouling and reduce carbon emissions, EverClean is modernizing vessel cleaning in other ways. Diver-based cleanings are typically followed with a written report on the condition of the hull with some limited images of any issues identified. However, these reports are limited in scope and can draw scrutiny from vessel owners and managers who may not trust the data presented. Because of the cleaning conditions, it’s often difficult for divers to know where they are precisely on a vessel, and they may not be able to see or capture all hull conditions. Due to EverClean’s advanced autonomy and navigation, the EverClean robot is not only able to locate its position but, due to a variety of sensors and cameras installed on the robot, see what divers cannot – the entire surface of the hull to ensure that vessel owners and operators have a complete understanding of their hull’s condition and performance.

With the launch of EverClean IQ, EverClean’s reporting and data platform, users can now login to a web interface to view the latest data collected from their hull, including maps of where the robot was able to clean and images on its path. Due to the completeness of the cleaning provided, EverClean IQ can showcase an image from the same location from cleaning to cleaning, allowing vessel owners insight into not just where fouling is accumulating, but how quickly.

A typical EverClean IQ post clean report is shown above with coating report inset. 

Data Consultation and Performance Improvements

Of course, none of these advancements in robotic cleaning and report digitization matter to the industry or our efforts to decarbonize if the EverClean solution doesn’t deliver on performance improvements, cost savings, and carbon emissions. The industry is working hard to precisely measure and quantify performance in the hope of isolating performance degradation due to biofouling. As a result, EverClean is again the first to offer one-on-one data consultation with our customers to ensure that this novel approach to performance improvement is indeed delivering to users the performance improvements that they require to reach their environmental goals. In a recent analysis utilizing the ISO 19030 standard of one of our largest customer’s vessels, EverClean achieved a 20% fuel savings in the 8 months the vessel was regularly serviced. We believe that we can produce these same results for all vessels, ensuring vessel owners can start to realize these savings now.

To meet the ambitious decarbonization targets of the industry, prioritizing biofouling control is essential, given its potential for significant cost savings. Innovations such as advanced robotic hull cleaning, enhanced coating research, digital reporting, and precise performance metrics are simplifying the transition for vessel owners and operators toward a sustainable, modern maritime future.

Greensea IQ will be attending Posidonia and SMM in 2024 and will have representatives available to discuss how EverClean will help ships meet CII ratings.