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Sunday, April 14, 2024

EverClean - the next evolution in antifouling

Posted to Maritime Reporter (by on March 2, 2024

Greensea IQ’s answer to biofouling delivers better performance through always clean hulls

Greensea IQ’s EverClean service enables a simple, effective, and proven method of biofouling prevention using robotics instead of continuing the cycle of traditional cleaning and biofouling management methods that are expensive, toxic, and ineffective. The frequent light brushing of ship hulls is proven to prevent biofouling from growing, providing a constantly clean hull.

EverClean is the scalable and cost-effective approach to maintaining optimal ship performance. This strategy significantly reduces carbon emissions and fuel expenses. EverClean offers a stark alternative to traditional, more abrasive manual or diver-assisted cleaning systems, marking a significant advancement in sustainable maritime operations. With EverClean as your antifouling solution, safer and less toxic hull coatings are now an option.

Employing robots for hull cleaning, EverClean achieves unparalleled precision, minimizing the need for repeat operations and ensuring accurate data collection for comprehensive hull condition reports post-service.

Compared to Reactive Cleaning, EverClean Delivers Value
Fuel Savings

  • Customers have seen up to 15% fuel savings following an EverClean service
  • On average, customers reduced fuel consumption by 6.4%

Carbon Reduction

  • EverClean customers reduced emissions by 6.4%
  • Significant financial savings potential for reducing emissions and receiving a passing CII rating


  • Minimized dry dock intervals with intelligence-based planning
  • Avoid heavy fouling and harsher cleaning methods while extending coating life with continuous maintenance

Fleet Readiness

  • Extended range on single fueling (simplified logistics)
  • Minimize downtime by improving maintenance decisions through collected EverClean IQ


  • By habitually removing slime, hard macrofouling is denied a biologically conducive place to settle and thrive
  • EverClean’s approach is backed by academic research

EverClean Performance
Reducing fuel consumption is a direct and effective method for lowering emissions. Achieving fuel efficiency involves optimizing operations, particularly by ensuring the hull maintains optimal hydrodynamic efficiency.

By systematically addressing biofouling and preventing its growth, EverClean establishes a consistent performance baseline. EverClean provides a customer portal, EverClean IQ, an online dashboard displaying cleaning and hull status data.This eliminates the need to sift through multiple data sources or wait for critical events to occur. Instead, it allows for the early identification of minor issues before they escalate into significant problems.

EverClean IQ
Understand the Impact of Maintaining an Always Clean Hull.
Delivered as part of the EverClean service, EverClean IQ is our groundbreaking data-reporting solution designed to assist commercial vessel owners in understanding the general health of their hulls using the data collected during routine EverClean services.

The EverClean IQ platform is continuously evolving, and users will be able to tailor their data sets collected during cleaning operations to their needs, providing a high level of change detection and informing accurate predictive analytics.

EverClean IQ reporting enables customers to make more accurate decisions about preventative maintenance and repairs, providing the data to target areas of concern as part of pre-dry-dock planning and post-dry-dock inspections—saving time and money.

EverClean IQ is being continuously updated as new data collection capabilities become available, providing richer, more detailed reports as the service evolves. Each iteration of our cloud-based data application moves us further ahead in providing the world’s most comprehensive data set on ship hull fouling.

Greensea IQ will be attending Oceanology International and CMA Shipping in March, 2024 and will have representatives available to discuss how EverClean will help ships meet CII ratings.

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