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Tuesday, June 25, 2024

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24 Jun 2024

EU to Place Sanctions on 19 Energy-Related Ships Including LNG Vessels

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The European Union will add 27 vessels, including oil and liquefied natural gas tankers, to its list of entities under sanctions as part of its latest measures against Russia, two sources familiar with the matter said on Monday.EU countries adopted the 14th package of sanctions against Russia earlier on Monday. These included a ban on trans-shipments of Russian LNG off EU ports that will take effect after 9-month transition period. The full details will be published later in the EU's Official Journal.The latest list…

21 Jun 2024

EU Sanctions Target Russian Gas for the First Time

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European Union countries agreed on a 14th package of sanctions against Russia over its war in Ukraine, diplomats said on Thursday, including their first restrictions on Russian gas.The package bans re-exports of Russian liquefied natural gas (LNG) in EU waters but stops short of banning imports as the bloc did in 2022 for Russian seaborne oil. Some EU countries still import pipeline gas from Russia via Ukraine.However, gas market experts say the measure will have little impact…

17 Jun 2024

Industry Leaders Highlight Impact of Increasing Protectionism

Emanuele Grimaldi courtesy of the International Chamber of Shipping

The International Chamber of Shipping (ICS) and the Chamber of Marine Commerce, Canada (CMC), convened over 120 industry leaders from 90 organisations and nearly 30 different countries to the Shaping the Future of Shipping Summit on Thursday 13 June. The summit focused on the challenges and risks to global trade.During the closed-door summit industry leaders discussed the emerging concern of increased protectionism across the world.Emanuele Grimaldi, International Chamber of Shipping…

11 Jun 2024

EU Proposes to Sanction Shipping Giant Sovcomflot

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The European Union is proposing to sanction Russia's oil-shipping giant Sovcomflot in a move to limit the Kremlin's ability to finance its war against Ukraine, Bloomberg News reported on Tuesday, citing a document seen by it.The move would follow similar punitive measure imposed on the leading Russian tanker group early in 2024 by the U.S., with Washington pushing to tighten the screws on Moscow for its war in Ukraine that Russia started in 2022.In a rare admission from a major Russian business of the damage western restrictions against Moscow are having…

07 Jun 2024

Sovcomflot Says Revenues Took a Hit from Western Sanctions

(File photo: Sovcomflot)

Russia's leading tanker group Sovcomflot said western sanctions and changing market conditions may cut its revenues this year, a rare admission from a major Russian business of the damage western restrictions against Moscow are having.The U.S. imposed sanctions on Sovcomflot, which was previously one of the world's leading tanker operators, in February, in an attempt to reduce Russia's revenues from oil sales that it can use to support its military actions in Ukraine."The main reasons are that the company is under relentless sanctions pressure…

04 Jun 2024

Sanctioned Tankers Pose Rising Environmental Risk

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Unregulated tankers sidestepping Western sanctions are posing a bigger risk to the Mediterranean region and Greece is undertaking more protective measures to safeguard its coast, the country's shipping minister told Reuters on Tuesday.Up to 850 oil tankers are estimated to form the so-called shadow fleet transporting oil from countries such as Iran and Venezuela as well as Russia, which has multiple restrictions on its oil exports.The ships carrying these oil cargoes pose a massive environmental challenge…

14 May 2024

Russia Steps in After India Drops Safety Cover for Sanctioned Vessels

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India's ship certification agency has withdrawn safety cover issued to Russian oil tankers that have been placed under U.S. sanctions, according to its website, with the vessels instead turning to a domestic provider.Major insurers and ship engine makers have already  withdrawn cover for Russia's tanker fleet, which Moscow is relying on to maintain the country's oil trade after Washington and its allies including the European Union imposed a raft of sanctions for its invasion…

08 May 2024

Greece Aims to Deter Russian Oil Ship-to-Ship Transfers

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The Greek navy on Wednesday extended an advisory effectively banning ship traffic off the coast of the southeastern Peloponnese that two sources said was aimed at deterring ship-to-ship transfers of Russian oil off Greece.Greece, in a rare move, over the past weeks has issued two NAVTEX notices for military exercises in the Laconian Gulf area, urging merchant and other vessels to avoid the area. One of them was issued on May 1."It was initially expiring on May 9 but was extended today…

06 May 2024

New EU Sanctions Could Hit Russian Shipping

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The European Union would ban trans-shipment of Russian LNG, the use of EU ports by vessels transporting goods contributing to Russia's war effort and make EU operators more accountable for any sanctions violations, according to a text under discussion.The text seen by Reuters on Monday covers proposals that would constitute a 14th package of sanctions against Russia over its 2022 invasion of Ukraine now being debated by EU members before it enters force.According to the proposals presented to EU envoys on Friday…

01 May 2024

US Issues Hundreds of Sanctions Targeting Russia, Takes Aim at Chinese Companies

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The United States on Wednesday issued hundreds of fresh sanctions targeting Russia over the war in Ukraine in action that took aim at Moscow's circumvention of Western measures, including through China.The U.S. Treasury Department imposed sanctions on nearly 200 targets and the State Department designated more than 80 in one of the most wide-ranging actions against Chinese companies so far in Washington's sanctions aimed at Russia.The U.S. imposed sanctions on 20 companies based in China and Hong Kong…

16 Apr 2024

US Sanctions Impacting Sovcomflot's Ability to Trade, CEO of Russian Tanker Group Says

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U.S. sanctions are limiting tanker activity for Russia's top shipping group, Sovcomflot, the company's head said on Tuesday, as Washington tightens the screws on Moscow.The U.S. imposed sanctions on Sovcomflot on Feb. 23 as Washington seeks to reduce Russia's revenues from oil sales that it can use to support its military actions in Ukraine.Sanctions have impacted the company's operations, "limiting our geography and commercial prospects", Sovcomflot CEO Igor Tonkovidov told reporters.He added that as sanctions are a relatively new instrument to the shipping market…

04 Apr 2024

US Issues Fresh Iran-related Sanctions Targeting Vessel Owner

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The United States on Thursday imposed new Iran-related counterterrorism sanctions against Oceanlink Maritime DMCC and its vessels, citing its role in shipping commodities on behalf of the Iranian military.The United States is using financial sanctions to isolate Iran and disrupt its ability to fund its proxy groups and support Russia's war in Ukraine, the Treasury Department said. The United Arab Emirates-based Oceanlink operates a fleet of more than a dozen vessels deeply involved in shipping Iranian commodities, Treasury said.The U.S.

03 Apr 2024

German Prosecutors Probe Ship for Possible Russian Sanctions Breach

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A cargo ship leaving Russia that made an unscheduled stop at the German port of Rostock is under investigation there for carrying cargo in possible breach of sanctions, German authorities said on Wednesday.The Atlantic Navigator II, managed by Canada-based CSAL and sailing under the Marshall Islands flag, has been detained by German customs. On board are 251 containers of birch wood, which is subject to EU sanctions against Russia, prosecutors said."Investigations are under way against the captain of the freighter on initial suspicion of a violation of the Foreign Trade and Payments Act…

20 Mar 2024

Reliance Refusing Sovcomflot Oil Shipments

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India's Reliance Industries, operator of the world's biggest refining complex, will not buy Russian oil loaded on tankers operated by shipping company Sovcomflot (SCF) after recent U.S. sanctions, according to two sources familiar with the matter.The development adds to oil export problems for Russia as its oil firms may face difficulties finding ships to sell surplus oil after recent Ukrainian drone attacks on the state's refineries. Russian companies are already struggling to collect payments for oil exports due to banking restrictions.The U.S.

13 Mar 2024

Second Russian Tanker, Hit by Sanctions, Docks in China

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Russian tanker Krymsk, hit by sanctions, docked on Wednesday at the Chinese port of Dongying in eastern Shandong province, home of independent refiners, to discharge 700,000 barrels of Russian Sokol crude, LSEG and Kpler shipping data showed.This is the second Russian oil tanker, hit by sanctions, to dock at Chinese ports this month. Last week, tanker Liteyny Prospect discharged its 700,000-barrel Sokol crude cargo at the Chinese port of Huanghua near Cangzhou city in Hebei province.The Dongying port authority declined comment when contacted by Reuters.

13 Mar 2024

US Meets with Panama on Iran Sanction-Evading Ships

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The United States has asked Panama to ban Iranian vessels sanctioned by Washington from using its flag, U.S. State Department special envoy Abram Paley said on Wednesday.Paley said the request aims to prevent ships from being used for illegal actions such as supporting groups designated as Iranian terrorist organizations with oil sales.In January 2023, Panama's maritime authority said it had withdrawn its flag from 136 ships linked to Iran's state oil company in the last four years.

01 Mar 2024

New US Sanctions More Likely to Curb Indian Imports of Russian Coal

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New U.S. sanctions on Moscow are more likely than previous ones to cut Indian imports of thermal coal from Russia because they specifically cite top exporters SUEK and Mechel, three major traders of Russian coal said.Russia, historically a minor exporter of the fuel to India, began boosting shipments to the south Asian country after Western sanctions against Moscow over its invasion of Ukraine.The latest U.S. sanctions also include Russia's payment system, financial institutions and energy production."With the new sanctions…

28 Feb 2024

US Hits Iran with New Sanctions Targeting Commanders, Shipping

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The United States targeted Iranian and Houthi commanders and a vessel that shipped more than $100 million in Iranian commodities to businesses in China in sanctions announced on Tuesday.Mohammad Reza Falahzadeh, deputy commander of Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps-Qods Force (IRGC-QF), and Ibrahim al-Nashiri, a member of Yemen's Houthi militia, were designated under the sanctions, the Treasury Department said.The Iranian military has provided weapons and intelligence support to the Houthis that support the group's attacks on international shipping in the Red Sea…

04 Feb 2024

No New Import Bans in Next EU Russia Sanctions Package

The European Commission will not add any new import bans in its next package of sanctions on Russia, EU diplomats said, as a 13th package proposal takes its final shape.The Commission and European Union member states want to quickly pass a new set of measures to mark the second anniversary of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine on Feb. 24.Despite calls from some EU countries to ban more Russian exports like aluminium, the Commission will propose a package it hopes will cause minimal…

12 Dec 2023

US Issues Sweeping Sanctions Targeting Russia Over Ukraine War

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The United States on Tuesday imposed sanctions on hundreds of people and entities, including in China, Turkey and the United Arab Emirates, as it targets Russia's sanctions evasion, future energy capabilities, banks and its metals and mining sector.The U.S. Treasury and State departments targeted more than 250 individuals and entities in Washington's latest action attempting to crack down on Russia and its evasion of sanctions imposed by the U.S. and its allies over the war in…

23 Feb 2024

US Imposes Sanctions on Russia's Leading Tanker Group Sovcomflot

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The U.S. Treasury said on Fridayit has imposed sanctions on Russia's leading tanker group Sovcomflot FLOT.MM, as Washington seeks to reduce Russia's revenues from oil sales that it can use to support its invasion of Ukraine.The Treasury Department's Office of Foreign Asset Control also designated 14 crude oil tankers vessels as property in which Sovcomflot has an interest. It issued a general license allowing the offloading of crude oil, or other cargoes, from the vessels for 45 days."Sovcomflot as a whole…

25 Jan 2024

UK and US Sanction Senior Houthis Over Ship Attacks

Bulk carrier Genco Picardi was hit by a Houthi drone attack on January 17. (Photo: Indian Navy)

Britain and the United States on Thursday said they had imposed coordinated sanctions on four key Houthi figures for their roles in supporting or directing attacks on commercial shipping in the Red Sea.Attacks by the Iranian-backed Houthis have disrupted global shipping and stoked fears of global inflation. They have also deepened concern that fallout from the Israel-Hamas war could destabilize the Middle East.Those sanctioned were Houthi Defence Minister Mohamed Nasser al-Atifi…

17 Nov 2023

India Ship Regulator to Take Government Advice on Sanctioned Russian Oil Tanker

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India's shipping ministry will follow foreign ministry advice when deciding whether to allow a ship carrying Russian oil that has been placed under U.S. sanctions to berth at an Indian port, the country's shipping regulator said.The United States on Thursday imposed sanctions on three maritime companies and three vessels owned by them for shipping Russian oil sold above a price cap imposed by the Group of Seven nations, as Washington seeks to close loopholes in the mechanism designed…