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Tuesday, February 20, 2024

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20 Feb 2024

Greek Ship Attacked in Red Sea by Houthis Arrives in Aden

© Faraways / Adobe Stock

The Greek-flagged bulk cargo vessel Sea Champion arrived in the southern Yemeni port of Aden on Tuesday after being attacked in the Red Sea in what appeared to have been a mistaken missile strike by Houthi militia, shipping and military sources said.Shipping risks are escalating due to repeated drone and missile strikes in the Red Sea and Bab al-Mandab Strait by the Iran-aligned Houthis since November. U.S. and British forces have responded with several strikes on Houthi facilities but have so far failed to halt the attacks.The Sea Champion…

20 Feb 2024

EU Launches Naval Mission to Protect Red Sea Shipping

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The European Union launched on Monday a naval mission to the Red Sea "to restore and safeguard freedom of navigation" there.The "defensive maritime security operation", dubbed Eunavfor Aspides, comes after Iranian-aligned Houthi militants started attacking international shipping in the Red Sea in support of Palestinian militant group Hamas in its war with Israel."The European Union is responding swiftly to the necessity to restore maritime security and freedom of navigation in a highly strategic maritime corridor"…

20 Feb 2024

Taiwan Says China Triggered Panic by Boarding Tourist Boat

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The boarding of a Taiwanese tourist boat by China's coast guard near sensitive frontline islands triggered "panic" among Taiwan's people, a government minister said on Tuesday, but Taiwan's military added it was not planning to get involved.Taiwan, which China claims as its own territory despite the island's rejection, has been wary of efforts by Beijing to ramp up pressure on Taipei following the election last month of Lai Ching-te as president, a man Beijing views as a dangerous‚Ķ

19 Feb 2024

Vessel Sustains 'Superficial Damage' After Drone Attack North of Djibouti

(Image: United Kingdom Maritime Trade Operations)

A vessel sustained "superficial damage" after being hit by a drone in the Red Sea, 60 nautical miles north of Djibouti, the United Kingdom Maritime Trade Operations (UKMTO) agency said on Monday.British maritime security firm Ambrey also said early on Tuesday that a Marshall Islands-flagged bulk carrier was physically damaged by an unmanned aerial vehicle in an incident approximately 60 nautical miles north of Djibouti.It was unclear if the two incidents reported by UKMTO and…

19 Feb 2024

Vessel Suspiciously Approached by Drones West of Saudi Arabia's Jizan

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Two drones followed a merchant vessel in the Red Sea, west of Saudi Arabia's Jizan, in a suspicious approach, but the ship continued its journey safely, the United Kingdom Maritime Trade Operations (UKMTO) agency said on Monday.The two Uncrewed Aerial Systems (UAS) followed the vessel for about 30 minutes, UKMTO said in an advisory note."The UAS were assessed to be at a height of 100 m above the vessel and are now reported to have cleared the area. Vessel and crew are safe," the…

19 Feb 2024

German Government Approves Military Participation in EU Red Sea Mission

(Photo: Yvonne Albert, courtesy Bundeswehr / Leon Rodewald)

The German government has approved the deployment of armed forces in a European Union naval mission in the Red Sea to protect merchant ships from attacks by Yemen's Iran-backed Houthi militia, a government spokesperson said on Friday.Many commercial shippers have diverted vessels following attacks by the Houthis, who control much of Yemen and say they are acting in solidarity with the Palestinians as Israel and Hamas wage war in Gaza."The ongoing escalation of violence and the threat to life and limb of the crews of ships…

19 Feb 2024

Seafarers Can Refuse to Sail Through Red Sea as Houthis Step Up Attacks

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Seafarers have the right to refuse to sail on ships passing through the Red Sea in a new industry agreement as the situation escalates and further vessels are attacked by Yemen's Iran-aligned Houthis, a labor union and industry groups said on Friday.The Houthis have targeted commercial ships with drones and missiles in the Red Sea since mid-November in what they describe as acts of solidarity with Palestinians against Israel in the Gaza war.Seafarers remain in the firing line…

19 Feb 2024

Houthis Say Ship Attacked in Gulf of Aden May Sink

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Yemen's Houthi militants said on Monday they had attacked another cargo vessel in the Gulf of Aden which was at risk of sinking, raising the stakes in their campaign to disrupt global shipping in solidarity with Palestinians in the Gaza war.The Iran-aligned Houthis have made repeated drone and missile strikes since November in the Red Sea and Bab al-Mandab Strait, drawing U.S. and British bombing against them.Houthi military spokesperson Yahya Sarea said in a statement that the Rubymar's crew was safe but that the ship was badly damaged and at risk of sinking.

18 Feb 2024

Shipping Industry Calls for Release of Galaxy Leader Crew

(Photo: Screenshot from video shared by Yemeni Armed Forces)

The international maritime industry, led by the International Chamber of Shipping, has joined together to express their concern for the seafarers from the Galaxy Leader who have been held hostage and call on the Houthis to release them.Monday February 19, 2024 marks the three-month anniversary since the Houthis seized the Galaxy Leader and its 25 seafarers in the Red Sea.The roll-on/roll-off vehicle carrier was seized on November 19.“The 25 seafarers who make up the crew of the Galaxy Leader are innocent victims of the ongoing aggression against world shipping…

18 Feb 2024

Houthis Claim Missile Attack on Oil Tanker

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Yemen's Iran-aligned Houthis claimed responsibility on Saturday for an attack on the oil tanker M/T Pollux, which U.S. officials said the previous day had been hit by a missile."The naval forces of the Yemeni Armed Forces carried out a targeting operation against a British oil ship (Pollux) in the Red Sea with a large number of appropriate naval missiles," Houthi military spokesperson Yahya Sarea said in a statement, adding the strikes "were accurate and direct".U.S. Central Command…

18 Feb 2024

China to Send Coast Guard Ships as Tensions Rise Over Taiwanese islands

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China's coast guard said on Sunday it will strengthen its law enforcement activities and carry out regular patrols around a small group of Taiwanese-controlled islands off the Chinese coast as tensions rise over the deaths of two Chinese nationals.Taiwan on Thursday defended the actions of its coast guard after two people on a Chinese speedboat, which got too close to a frontline Taiwanese island, died when their boat overturned while trying to flee a coast guard ship.

18 Feb 2024

UK-Registered Ship Reported Under Attack in Bab al-Mandab Strait

A UK-registered cargo ship reported being under attack in the Bab al-Mandab Strait off Yemen on Sunday, said British maritime security firm Ambrey, while UK Maritime Trade Operations agency reported crew abandoning a ship off Yemen after an explosion.Ambrey said on Sunday that a Belize-flagged, UK-registered and Lebanese-operated open hatch general cargo ship had reported being under attack in Bab al-Mandab Strait.The ship was heading north during its journey from Khor Fakkan in the United Arab Emirates to Varna…

16 Feb 2024

N-O-S Consolidates Ops in UK

(Credit: N-O-S)

Northern Offshore Services (N-O-S), part of Northern Offshore Group (N-O-G), has integrated Mareel within the company as N-O-S Ltd, simultaneously adding its 16 crew transfer vessels (CTV) to the fleet.The move marks an important step toward optimizing synergies within the organization and pave the way for a unified market approach.The initiative is set to reinforce N-O-S’ business, providing a cohesive platform for delivering unparalleled services to their clients by capitalizing on N-O-S experience in the fast-growing renewable energy segment.“At N-O-G…

16 Feb 2024

US Conducts Cyberattack on Suspected Iranian Spy Ship - Report

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The United States conducted a cyberattack recently against an Iranian military ship in the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden that had been collecting intelligence on cargo vessels, NBC News reported on Thursday, citing three U.S. officials.The cyberattack took place a week ago as part of a government response to a drone attack by Iranian-backed militias in Iraq that killed three U.S. service members in Jordan late last month and wounded dozens of others, the report said.NBC reported…

15 Feb 2024

Call for IMO to Resolve Inconsistencies in Ship Recycling Conventions

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BIMCO, Bangladesh, India, Norway, Pakistan and the ICS have submitted a paper ahead of the 81st Marine Environment Protection Committee (MEPC) meeting on March 18-22 that highlights the need to resolve possible conflicts between the Hong Kong Convention and the Basel Convention.The Hong Kong Convention will enter into force on June 26, 2025, and the co-signatories of the paper ask for clarification and assurance that shipowners and parties operating in compliance with the Hong…

15 Feb 2024

Iran Will Reciprocate If Its Ships Are Seized, Official Says

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Iran will reciprocate if its ships are seized, the legal adviser to Iran's President told state media on Thursday, in response to a statement by the United States Department of Justice.This month, the Department of Justice issued a statement announcing the seizure of more than 500,000 barrels of Iranian fuel to clamp down on the "Revolutionary Guards' financing network"."If an Iranian ship is seized, we will reciprocate and the legal way is not closed in this regard," legal adviser Mohammad Dehghan said, adding that he was not able to confirm whether U.S.

14 Feb 2024

Star Bulk to Avoid Red Sea After Attacks on Its Ships

© debjit / Adobe Stock

Greece-headquartered Star Bulk will halt sailings through the Red Sea after Yemen's Iran-aligned Houthis attacked two of its ships in recent days, the group's CEO said.The Houthis have targeted commercial vessels with drones and missiles in the Red Sea since mid-November in what they describe as acts of solidarity with Palestinians against Israel in the Gaza war."Going forward, we will not be passing the Suez Canal any more because we are obviously a target of the Houthis - being a public company registered in the U.S.," Star Bulk CEO Petros Pappas told a Feb.

13 Feb 2024

Exxon, Enbridge Sued by Competitor

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Exxon and Canada-based crude pipeline operator Enbridge were sued in Illinois federal court on Tuesday over claims they barred a competitor from building a terminal to ship oil by barge from the Chicago area to refineries in the Midwest and Gulf of Mexico.The antitrust lawsuit from energy infrastructure developer Ducere seeks more than $11 million in damages for work the Illinois company said it already paid for on the project and for lost future profits.Exxon, Enbridge and their‚Ķ

12 Feb 2024

Oil Industry, Green Groups Challenge Biden Offshore Drilling Plan

© Lukasz Z / Adobe Stock

Oil and gas companies and environmental groups on Monday filed dueling legal challenges to the Biden administration's five-year plan to offer drilling leases in the Gulf of Mexico.The petitions to a U.S. appeals court come four months after the Interior Department unveiled a congressionally-mandated plan for offshore leasing that included just three sales, the lowest since the government began publishing the schedules in 1980.The American Petroleum Institute, an oil and gas trade group…

12 Feb 2024

US Spending $7 Million a Year to Maintain Yacht Seized from Russian Oligarch

Amadea (File photo: Sukkoria / CC BY-SA 4.0 DEED)

The U.S. government said it is spending more than $7 million a year to maintain a superyacht it seized from a sanctioned Russian oligarch, and urged a judge to let it auction the vessel before a dispute over its ownership is resolved.Authorities in Fiji seized the 348-foot (106-meter), $300 million Amadea in May 2022, pursuant to a U.S. warrant alleging it was owned by Suleiman Kerimov, a multibillionaire sanctioned by the U.S. Treasury Department in 2014 and 2018 in response to Russia's activities in Syria and Ukraine.Efforts to auction the yacht are being challenged by Eduard Khudainatov…

12 Feb 2024

MARAD’s Title XI Changes: Good News for Offshore Wind?

© Maxim Khalansky / Adobe Stock

The U.S. Department of Transportation's Maritime Administration (MARAD) in December issued a final rule updating its financial requirements for the Federal Ship Financing Program, commonly referred to as Title XI. While the move applies to the U.S. maritime industry as a whole, it is seen as especially helpful for players looking to serve the U.S. offshore wind sector.Designed to promote the growth and modernization of the U.S. merchant marine and U.S. shipyards, Title XI provides for a full faith and credit guarantee by the U.S. government. The program essentially aims to encourage U.S.

12 Feb 2024

Former Employee Kills Three at European Navigation

© BreizhAtao / Adobe Stock

A disgruntled former employee shot dead the head of a Greek shipping company and two others before killing himself at the firm's office in Athens on Monday, a police spokeswoman said.Police, fire engines and ambulances were stationed outside the offices of European Navigation in a southern suburb of the capital. Earlier, anti-terrorism forces entered the building, Reuters reporters at the scene said.Among the dead was European Navigation's owner, said police spokeswoman Konstantina Dimoglidou…

12 Feb 2024

Euronav Concludes Billion-Dollar Acquisition of CMB.TECH

(Credit: Euronav)

Belgian tanker operator Euronav has concluded the acquisition of 100% shares in cleantech maritime group CMB.TECH for $1.15 billion in cash.The transaction is part of Euronav‚Äôs renewed strategy of diversification, decarbonization and accelerated optimization of the its current crude oil tanker fleet, driven by CMB.TECH‚Äôs ‚Äėfuture-proof‚Äô fleet of 106 low carbon vessels, of which 46 are under construction.It was first announced in December 2023, and also entails Euronav‚Äôs proposal change its corporate name to CMB.TECH following completion of the transaction and the offer.

11 Feb 2024

Russia Says it Foiled Ukrainian Drone Attack on Civilian Cargo Ships

© SerPhoto / Adobe Stock

Russia said on Saturday it had repelled an attempted Ukrainian drone attack on Russian "civilian transport ships" on Friday evening in the southwestern part of the Black Sea, a key artery for grain and oil exports from both countries.Civilian vessels on the Black Sea have not generally been targeted since Moscow ordered its troops into Ukraine in February 2022, but last July both sides said they would start treating ships headed to the other's ports as potential carriers of military cargo.In a statement posted on the Telegram messaging app…

11 Feb 2024

US Strikes Unmanned Surface Vessels Near Yemen

© Peter Hermes Furian / Adobe Stock

U.S. Central Command (CENTCOM) said on Sunday its forces on Feb. 10 had carried out strikes on two unmanned surface vessels (USVs) and three anti-ship cruise missiles north of Yemen's port city of Hodeidah that were threatening ships in the area."CENTCOM identified these USVs and missiles in Houthi-controlled areas of Yemen and determined they presented an imminent threat to U.S. Navy ships and merchant vessels in the region," it added.(Reuters - Reporting by Nayera Abdallah, Editing by Edmund Blair)

09 Feb 2024

Israel Intercepts 'Suspicious Target' off Haifa

© maratr / Adobe Stock

Israel's military said it had intercepted a "suspicious aerial target" on Friday off the northern port city of Haifa amid high tension along its frontier with Lebanon.The seaports of Haifa and Ashdod are crucial gateways for Israel's trade.An Israeli military spokesperson said the target had not caused any damage or injuries."I cannot confirm exactly how close it was to the port, but the fact that, according to protocol, no sirens were sounded means that it was far enough," the spokesperson said, declining to say whether the target or its source had been identified.In December, the Israeli mil

08 Feb 2024

Maersk to Spin Off Svitzer

© harlequin9 / Adobe Stock

Denmark's A.P. Moller-Maersk said on Thursday it will spin off its towage and marine services activities and plans to list the new company on the Nasdaq Copenhagen stock exchange.Maersk has sought to streamline its business in recent years, spinning off oil rigs and other units that did not fit with its core shipping and logistics operations.The anticipated first day of trading for the shares of the new company, to be called Svitzer Group, is on April 30, Maersk said as it reported…

07 Feb 2024

Australian Welfare Organizations Call for Suspension of Live Animal Exports

Source: Animals Australia

The Australian Alliance for Animals has written an open letter to animal exporters imploring them to voluntarily suspend all live animal exports to or through the Red Sea while the risk of attack remains and to suspend any extended journeys to the Middle East via the Cape of Good Hope.The move follows the recently aborted voyage of the Bahijah. The livestock carrier sailed from Australia for Israel on January 5 but was recalled over a week into the voyage after diverting towards…

07 Feb 2024

US, UK Ship Investors Hit by Soaring Red Sea Insurance

© sandsun / Adobe Stock

War underwriters have raised the premiums they charge to U.S., British and Israeli firms by as high as 50% for ships transiting the Red Sea and some providers are avoiding such business due to targeting of the vessels by Yemen's Houthis, sources said.Attacks by the Iran-aligned Houthis since November have slowed trade between Asia and Europe and alarmed major powers. The Houthis say they are acting in solidarity with Palestinians as Israel's war against Hamas militants in Gaza…

07 Feb 2024

UK Supreme Court Piracy Ruling Gives Guidance on War Risk Provisions in Charterparties

The tanker was released from pirate control in August 2011. (File photo: EUNAVFOR)

In a well-timed decision given the current situation in the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden, the UK Supreme Court recently handed down judgment in Herculito Maritime Ltd v Gunvor International BV [2024] UKSC 2, a decision that arose from seizure of a ship by Somali pirates.Key factsThe vessel MT Polar was chartered to carry a cargo of fuel oil from St Petersburg to Singapore. The most direct route would be via the Suez Canal and Gulf of Aden.The Gulf of Aden was within the ‚Äúhigh risk area‚ÄĚ for piracy when the charter was agreed.

07 Feb 2024

Boluda Acquires Resolve Marine's Gibraltar Operations

(Photo: Boluda Towage)

Boluda Towage ‚Äď one of the divisions of Boluda Corporación Marítima that focuses its activity on port, coastal, and offshore towage, as well as maritime salvage ‚Äď has acquired the towage company Resolve Salvage and Fire (Gibraltar) Ltd.Resolve Salvage and Fire, owned by Resolve Marine Group, provides towing and marine salvage services as well as in engineering and maintenance projects for marine installations and construction. Two divisions are part of the sale: the company's harbor towing operations and fleet were sold to Boluda Towage Europe‚Ķ

06 Feb 2024

Mitsui OSK Rerouting All Vessels via Cape of Good Hope

Source: MOL

Japan's Mitsui OSK Lines (MOL) has rerouted all of its ships via the Cape of Good Hope due to attacks on commercial vessels in the Red Sea region, CEO Takeshi Hashimoto told Reuters on Tuesday.Before the Red Sea disruptions, 2-3 ships used to pass through the Suez Canal daily...currently no ships of the company are passing through the canal, Hashimoto said.Global shipping companies are sailing around Africa's Cape of Good Hope to avoid Houthi attacks in the Red Sea, in turn reducing passage through the Suez Canal‚Ķ

06 Feb 2024

Houthis Fire Missiles at Two Ships in Red Sea

© woodpencil / Adobe Stock

Yemen's Iran-aligned Houthis said on Tuesday they had fired missiles at two vessels in the Red Sea, causing damage to the ships.The Houthis have been targeting commercial vessels with drones and missiles in the Red Sea since mid-November, in what they describe as acts of solidarity with Palestinians against Israel in the Gaza war.The group's military spokesman said it had fired naval missiles at the Star Nasia and Morning Tide, identifying the Marshall Islands and Barbados-flagged ships…

06 Feb 2024

Marine Towing of Tampa Acquires Seabulk Towing Assets from Bisso

(Photo: Marine Towing of Tampa)

Marine Towing of Tampa announced it is expanding its ship assist services to Florida's east coast following a deal with E.N. Bisso & Son to acquire towing assets formerly owned by SEACOR Holdings' Seabulk arm.In September 2023, SEACOR divested its U.S. harbor towing operations, selling to Bisso 12 tugs across ports in Florida and Alabama.Under a recently executed asset purchase agreement with Bisso, Marine Towing of Tampa acquired the Port Canaveral operations and assets from the SEACOR-Bisso deal and will operate them in Canaveral under a newly formed affiliate…

05 Feb 2024

Houthis Still Have Appetite to Disrupt Red Sea Shipping, UK Defense Minister Says

© Vladimir Bartel / Adobe Stock

Strikes against Houthi targets in Yemen have not fully diminished the group's appetite to disrupt Red Sea shipping, defence minister Grant Shapps said on Monday."These attacks have had a significant effect on degrading Houthi capabilities. But the Houthis' intent to continue disrupting the Red Sea has not been fully diminished," Shapps told parliament.(Reuters - Reporting by Muvija M, writing by William James; Editing by Kate Holton)

04 Feb 2024

Birdon Acquires Metal Shark's Bayou La Batre Shipyard

(Photo courtesy Birdon Group)

Australia's Birdon Group announced its U.S. subsidiary has reached a deal to acquire Metal Shark Boats' shipyard in Bayou La Batre, Ala.Birdon America said it will utilize the 32-acre facility for vessel repair work as well as newbuild activity, including construction of the U.S. Coast Guard's $1.187 billion 27-vessel Waterways Commerce Cutter (WCC) Program awarded to Birdon in 2022.Birdon Group CEO, Jamie Bruce, said, “The investment in this facility will not only ensure we deliver on our promise to the U.S.

04 Feb 2024

New Mechanism Planned for Ukraine Black Sea Grain Exports

© valdisskudre / Adobe Stock

Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan will discuss a new mechanism to allow Ukrainian grain exports through the Black Sea with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin during his upcoming visit to Turkey, Foreign Minister Hakan Fidan said on Sunday.Putin is expected to visit Turkey on Feb. 12 to meet Erdogan, a Turkish official previously said, in what will be the Russian leader's first trip to a NATO ally since Moscow's invasion of Ukraine in February 2022.There are efforts to find "new methods" to transport Ukrainian grain to the world markets…

03 Feb 2024

US Forces Shot Down Houthi Drones on Friday

© Peter Hermes Furian / Adobe Stock

The U.S. Central Command said on Saturday U.S. forces engaged and shot down several unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) over the Red Sea on Friday, and also destroyed four drones that Houthi forces were preparing to launch from Yemen."U.S. forces identified the UAVs in Houthi-controlled areas of Yemen and determined that they presented an imminent threat to merchant vessels and the U.S. Navy ships in the region," a Centcom statement said.(Reuters - Reporting by Enas Alashray; editing by Mark Heinrich)

02 Feb 2024

IMO Secretary-General Sets Fresh Agenda for Maritime

Source: IMO

IMO Secretary-General Arsenio Dominguez has shared the Organization‚Äôs plans and focus areas for the next four years.Speaking at a press conference at IMO Headquarters in London, Dominguez outlined four strategic priorities:‚ÄĘ IMO‚Äôs work to regulate international shipping;‚ÄĘ its support to Member States ‚Äď particularly Small Island Developing States and Least Developed Countries;‚ÄĘ enhancing public awareness and image; and‚ÄĘ relations with people and stakeholders. He said: ‚ÄúAs a global industry that is responsible for transporting over 80% of trade around the world, shipping is indispensable.

02 Feb 2024

Australian Livestock: Second Vessel Heads to Red Sea

Bahijah and Jawan in Fremantle (Source: Michael Mondello)

A ship carrying 16,000 sheep and cows that turned back from the Red Sea due to the risk of attack off Yemen was stranded at an Australian port in a heatwave on Friday as the exporter sought to offload at least some of the animals into quarantine.Meanwhile, another vessel carrying an even larger cargo - tens of thousands of animals - from Australia sailed for a Red Sea port in Jordan, with a contingency plan to unload them in the Gulf if it fails to obtain permission to enter the…

02 Feb 2024

Italy to Supply Admiral for EU Red Sea Naval Mission

Defence Minister Guido Crosetto (Source Italian Ministry of Defence)

Italy will provide the admiral in command of a European Union Red Sea naval mission to protect ships from attacks by Yemen's Houthi militia, Defence Minister Guido Crosetto said on Friday.Many commercial shippers have diverted vessels following attacks by the Houthis, who control much of Yemen and say they are acting in solidarity with the Palestinians in the face of Israel's attack on Gaza."The European Union today asked Italy to supply the Force Commander for the Aspides Operation in the Red Sea…

02 Feb 2024

CMA CGM Halts Red Sea Transit on Security Risks

© Mariusz / Adobe Stock

Shipping group CMA CGM on Friday suspended until further notice all crossings by its vessels of the Bab al-Mandab Strait in and out of the Red Sea due to security risks, a source familiar with the matter said.The decision was taken after the latest attacks on vessels by Houthi militants in Yemen, including the targeting this week of a convoy containing CMA CGM-operated ships, the source said.The move means CMA CGM joins other major shipping firms in suspending transit through the southern Red Sea, disrupting the main route for trade between Asia and Europe.CMA CGM, one of the world's largest c

02 Feb 2024

Okapi Buys Yara Marine Technologies

Okapi Supply Trading Advisory SA CEO, Mohamed J. Ndao (Photo: Okapi Supply Trading Advisory)

Yara Marine Technologies (YMT) has been acquired by Geneva-based Okapi Supply Trading Advisory SA (formerly Sarl) to expand its maritime solutions portfolio.Yara Marine offers a portfolio of cutting-edge green technologies, spanning from SOx Scrubbers and Vessel Optimization solutions (Route Pilot AI, FuelOpt, and Fleet Analytics) to turnkey Shore Power solutions. The acquisition comes as the industry faces increasing emissions regulations and financial impetus to meet the 2030, 2040 and 2050 emissions goals set by the International Maritime Organization (IMO).Yara Marine Technologies’ Dr.

02 Feb 2024

Seacor Sells Its Caribbean Liner Business

(File photo: SEACOR Island Lines)

SEACOR Holdings Inc. announced it has concluded the sale of its Caribbean liner and logistics business SEACOR Container Lines LLC (‚ÄúSEACOR Island Lines‚ÄĚ) to King Ocean Services Ltd. The transaction includes all operations and assets.King Ocean specializes in marine transportation and logistics solutions to close to 50 destinations across the Caribbean and South and Central America out of their Port Everglades facilities in Ft Lauderdale, Fla.‚ÄúFor 40 years, King Ocean, a multi-generational‚Ķ

01 Feb 2024

2024 a Milestone Year for Maritime Single Window

Source: IMO

2024 marks a milestone in the acceleration of digitalization in shipping that has been brought about by the mandatory requirements for a Maritime Single Window.The requirement under the Convention on Facilitation of International Maritime Traffic (FAL) requires governments to use a single digital platform or ‚ÄúMaritime Single Window‚ÄĚ to share and exchange information with ships when they call at ports, from January 1, 2024. This streamlines procedures to clear the arrival, stay and departure of ships and greatly enhances the efficiency of shipping worldwide‚Ķ

01 Feb 2024

Houthis Say They Targeted British Merchant Vessel in Red Sea

© AytugAskin / Adobe Stock

Yemen's Houthis on Thursday said their naval forces targeted an unidentified British merchant vessel in the Red Sea in the group's campaign to disrupt shipping to protest Israel's bombardment of Gaza.Earlier on Thursday, the United Kingdom Maritime Trade Operations (UKMTO) organization said that an explosion was reported at a distance off a vessel's starboard side west of Yemen's Hodeidah.The vessel and crew were reported safe, UKMTO said. It was unclear whether it was the ship…

01 Feb 2024

European Ethanol Producers Challenge EU Maritime Legislation

© Grecaud Paul / Adobe Stock

European renewable ethanol producers have launched a legal challenge to the EU’s FuelEU Maritime Regulation on the grounds that it fails to properly recognise the proven benefits of sustainable crop-based biofuels and has therefore violated several key EU legislative procedures.Companies representing nearly all of the EU’s production of renewable ethanol are seeking to annul a section of the legislation that considers crop-based biofuels to have the same emission factors as the least favourable fossil fuel pathway.

01 Feb 2024

Russian Oil Flows Through Red Sea Face Lower Risks

© Carabay / Adobe Stock

Tankers carrying Russian oil have continued sailing through the Red Sea largely uninterrupted by Houthi attacks on shipping and face lower risks than competitors, according to shipping executives, analysts and flows data.Russia has become more dependent on trade through the Suez Canal and the Red Sea since it invaded Ukraine, which led to Europe imposing sanctions on Russian imports and forced Moscow to export most of its crude to China and India. Before the war, Russia exported…

01 Feb 2024

Philippines Plans to Buy Submarines to Defend Sovereignty in South China Sea

© Darren Green / Adobe Stock

Philippines President Ferdinand Marcos Jr has approved the third phase of the military's modernization, which includes the purchase of the country's first submarine, in order to defend its maritime sovereignty in the disputed South China Sea.Navy spokesperson for the West Philippine Sea, Roy Trinidad, said on Thursday the third phase of modernization reflected a shift in strategy away from internal to external defense."We may not be a large navy...but we would have a navy that will take care of our territorial rights and sovereignty…

01 Feb 2024

Royal Caribbean Upbeat on 2024 Profit

© Roberto Sorin / Adobe Stock

Royal Caribbean Group projected 2024 profit above Wall Street expectations after robust demand for cruise vacations and steeper ticket prices helped it beat fourth-quarter earnings estimates on Thursday.With travelers opting for cruises instead of more expensive land-based vacation options, operators are experiencing record levels of bookings compared to pre-pandemic levels, giving them enough room to mark up ticket prices."2023 was an exceptional year, propelled by unmatched demand for our brands from new and loyal guests…

31 Jan 2024

Houthis Say They Targeted US Merchant Vessel

© Genya / Adobe Stock

Yemen's Houthis on Wednesday said their naval forces carried out an operation targeting an "American merchant ship" in the Gulf of Aden hours after firing missiles at U.S. Navy destroyer Gravely.They targeted the "American merchant ship KOI ... with several appropriate naval missiles," Houthi military spokesperson Yahya Sarea said in a statement.The Liberian-flagged container ship Koi is operated by UK-based Oceonix Services. The company's fleet includes the oil tanker Marlin Luanda…

31 Jan 2024

Ship Carrying 16,000 Sheep and Cattle Stranded off Australia

FILE PHOTO: Livestock carrier Bahijah berthed at North Quay, in the inner harbour of the Port of Fremantle, Western Australia, in 2018. (Credit: Bahnfrend / CC BY-SA)

A ship carrying around 14,000 sheep and 2,000 cattle is marooned off the coast of Australia in sweltering heat after it was forced to abandon a trip through the Red Sea, causing outcry from people concerned about the animals' welfare.The vessel left Australia on Jan. 5 for Israel, where it was to unload, but diverted from its course in mid-January due to the threat of attack by Yemen's Houthi militia before being ordered home by the Australian government.The animals are now in limbo and could be discharged in Australia…

31 Jan 2024

India Deploys Unprecedented Naval Might Near Red Sea

(Photo: Indian Navy)

India has deployed at least a dozen warships east of the Red Sea to provide security against pirates and has investigated more than 250 vessels as Western powers focus on attacks by Yemen's Iran-backed Houthis, Indian officials said.India has not joined the U.S.-led task force for the Red Sea and does not have any warships there. But it currently has two frontline warships in the Gulf of Aden and at least 10 warships in the northern and western Arabian Sea, along with surveillance aircraft…

30 Jan 2024

Carnival Warns of Hit to 2024 Earnings After Rerouting of Red Sea Itineraries

© icholakov / Adobe Stock

Carnival said on Tuesday that its annual earnings would take a hit as the cruise operator reroutes its ships that were due to pass through the Red Sea, a key transit route linking Asia and Europe.A growing list of companies have rerouted vessels as the Houthis, a Yemeni militant group, steps up attacks on Israeli ships or ships heading towards Israel, in solidarity with the Palestinians.The rerouting by Carnival is expected to have an impact of 7 cents to 8 cents on its adjusted earnings per share for full-year 2024, with the majority of the impact coming in the second quarter.

29 Jan 2024

Saltchuk Takes Anther Run at OSG Takeover

FILE PHOTO: The Greenbrier Companies, Inc.

Seattle-headquartered Saltchuk Holdings has renewed its bid to take over Overseas Shipholding Group (OSG), a New York-listed marine transportation company based in Tampa, Fla.Privately-held Saltchuk‚ÄĒOSG‚Äôs largest shareholder‚ÄĒhad previously offered to acquire OSG in June 2021 but suspended those discussions several months later, citing pandemic-related market uncertainties.OSG, which operates U.S.-flag tankers and articulated tug barges (ATB), on Monday confirmed its board of directors‚Ķ

29 Jan 2024

Sri Lankan Trawler Rescued from Somali Pirates

© Antony / Adobe Stock

Six crew members of a Sri Lankan fishing trawler hijacked by suspected Somali pirates have been rescued, Sri Lankan officials said on Monday.The hijacking on Sunday was the latest in a series of attacks that have fueled fears of a resurgence of Somali piracy in the Gulf of Aden and Red Sea waters after years without a successful raid.Pirates who caused chaos in the key waterways from 2008 to 2018 appear to be taking advantage of disorder caused by attacks on shipping by Yemen's Iran-aligned Houthi group.Authorities were informed of the incident by a second boat traveling with the trawler on Su

29 Jan 2024

Danish Frigate Departs for the Red Sea

(Photo: Danish Defense)

Denmark on Monday sent a frigate to the Red Sea, where it will participate in a U.S.-led coalition to safeguard commercial traffic against attacks by Yemen's Houthi militants.The Iran-aligned Houthi have launched waves of exploding drones and missiles at commercial and navy vessels since Nov. 19, in response to Israel's military operations in Gaza.In response, shipping firms have since December diverted hundreds of vessels around southern Africa's Cape of Good Hope, a journey that takes 10-14 days longer and is more costly than the passage via the Red Sea and Suez Canal.Denmark…

29 Jan 2024

Trafigura Assesses Red Sea Risks after Tanker Attack by Houthis

(Credit: Indian Navy)

Commodities trader Trafigura said on Saturday it was assessing the security risks of further Red Sea voyages after firefighters put out a blaze on a tanker attacked by Yemen's Houthi group a day earlier.The U.S. military said a U.S. Navy ship and other vessels provided assistance after the Marlin Luanda was hit by a Houthi anti-ship missile."No further vessels operating on behalf of Trafigura are currently transiting the Gulf of Aden and we continue to assess carefully the risks involved in any voyage…

26 Jan 2024

Congressmen Urge FMC to Finalize OSRA Provisions

© photostriker / Adobe Stock

Two U.S. Congressmen are urging the Federal Maritime Commission (FMC) to finalize the rule on demurrage and detention billing requirements required in their Ocean Shipping Reform Act that became law in 2022.The Ocean Shipping Reform Act was signed into law on June 16, 2022 and provides authority to the FMC to investigate ocean carriers’ business practices and apply enforcement measures following the unreasonable refusal of American exports throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.In January 2023, U.S.

26 Jan 2024

Freight Through Suez Canal Down 45% Amid Houthi Attacks

© moofushi / Adobe Stock

Freight going through the Suez Canal has dropped by 45% in the two months since attacks by Yemen's Houthis led shipping groups to divert freight, disrupting already strained maritime trading routes, according to UN agency UNCTAD.UNCTAD, the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development, which supports developing countries in global trade, warned of risks of higher inflation, uncertainty of food security and increased greenhouse gas emissions.Shipping companies have diverted ships from the Red Sea since the Iran-aligned Houthi movement…

26 Jan 2024

UKMTO: Explosions Heard and Missiles Sighted Off Yemen

© Kalyakan / Adobe Stock

The United Kingdom Maritime Trade Operations (UKMTO) said on Friday a vessel positioned approximately 60 nautical miles (nm) from Yemen's city of Al Hudaydah reported an explosion heard and missiles sighted a few miles from its position.UKMTO added a further explosion at sea was sighted approximately 0.5 nm from the reporting vessel.The crew and the vessel are safe, UKMTO said.(Reuters - Reporting by Jana Choukeir and Tala Ramadan;Editing by Andrew Cawthorne)

25 Jan 2024

Seafarer Abandonment Is on the Rise

© VeNN / Adobe Stock

Seafarer abandonment is on the rise, according to latest figures from the International Transport Workers Federation (ITF).In 2023, a total of 132 vessel abandonments were reported, which is 13 more than in 2022 ‚Äď an increase of 10.92%. IFT said it made 129 of those reports.Under the Maritime Lamour Convention 2006 (MLC), a seafarer is deemed to have been abandoned if the shipowner fails to cover the cost of repatriation; or has left them without the necessary maintenance and support‚Ķ

25 Jan 2024

UK and US Sanction Senior Houthis Over Ship Attacks

Bulk carrier Genco Picardi was hit by a Houthi drone attack on January 17. (Photo: Indian Navy)

Britain and the United States on Thursday said they had imposed coordinated sanctions on four key Houthi figures for their roles in supporting or directing attacks on commercial shipping in the Red Sea.Attacks by the Iranian-backed Houthis have disrupted global shipping and stoked fears of global inflation. They have also deepened concern that fallout from the Israel-Hamas war could destabilize the Middle East.Those sanctioned were Houthi Defence Minister Mohamed Nasser al-Atifi…

25 Jan 2024

Cyan Renewables Enters UK Offshore Wind Market with Sentinel Buy

(Credit: Cyan Renewables)

Cyan Renewables, a portfolio company of Seraya Partners, has acquired a majority stake in Sentinel Marine to strengthen its position in the UK offshore wind market and boost its local content.Singapore-based Cyan Renewables, Asia’s first dedicated offshore wind vessel operator, has reached an agreement to acquire a 75% stake in Sentinel Marine, a maritime environmental response vessel operator in the UK that currently owns the youngest fleet of Emergency Response and Rescue Vessels (ERRVs) in the UK.Sentinel Marine boasts a fleet of 13 modern…

24 Jan 2024

ABB Acquires Weather Routing Business

Image courtesy ABB

ABB entered into an agreement to acquire the shipping business of DTN Europe BV and DTN Philippines Inc. (hereinafter DTN Shipping), expanding the company’s offering in maritime software. The acquisition of the DTN Shipping portfolio covers vessel routing software, including analytics, reporting, and modelling applications. Financial details of the transaction were not disclosed. The transaction is subject to customary closing conditions as well as completion of applicable works councils’ consultation procedures.

22 Jan 2024

New Zealand to Send Defence Team to Support Red Sea Security

© hack_cg / Adobe Stock

New Zealand will deploy a six-member defence team to the Middle East as part of an international coalition to uphold maritime security in the Red Sea, Prime Minister Christopher Luxon said on Tuesday.The United States and Britain have been carrying out air strikes against the Iranian-allied Houthi group in Yemen, who have been targeting civilian ships in the Red Sea for weeks in what they say is a protest against Israel's military campaign in the Gaza Strip."Houthi attacks against commercial and naval shipping are illegal‚Ķ

22 Jan 2024

US Denies Houthis Claim of Attack on US Military Cargo Ship Ocean Jazz

FILE PHOTO: Military Sealift Command’s general purpose, heavy-lift vessel MV Ocean Jazz prepares to receive U.S. Army equipment at the pier in Subic Bay, Olongapo, Philippines, in May 2018. (Photo: Grady T. Fontana / U.S. Navy)

The U.S. military on Monday denied claims made by the Yemeni Houthi movement that it had attacked American cargo ship Ocean Jazz in the Gulf of Aden."The Iranian-backed Houthi terrorists' report of an alleged successful attack on M/V Ocean Jazz is patently false," the U.S. Naval Forces Central Command said in a statement. "NAVCENT has maintained constant communications with M/V Ocean Jazz throughout its safe transit."The Houthi movement earlier in the day said its forces had launched a missile attack on Ocean Jazz in the Gulf of Aden.

22 Jan 2024

GOST Promotes Breaux

Scott Breaux (Photo: GOST)

Marine security, tracking, monitoring and video surveillance systems company GOST (Global Ocean Security Technologies) announced the promotion of Scott Breaux to Global Sales and Marketing Director ‚Äď Business Strategies Analyst.In his new role, Breaux will oversee GOST‚Äôs initiatives and strategies for both recreational and commercial maritime markets. His responsibilities will include identifying potential markets for expansion, ensuring supply chain viability and establishing new global partnerships.‚ÄúI‚Äôve known Scott for over a decade‚Ķ

21 Jan 2024

Australia Recalls Livestock Carrier Destined for Middle East

Source: Animals Australia

The Australian Government has recalled the livestock carrier Bahijah after it diverted from the Red Sea over a week into its voyage to the Middle East.The Bahijah loaded cattle and sheep in Fremantle, Western Australia, and departed for the Middle East on January 5, 2024. The vessel has an Israeli company name painted in large letters along the side of the hull.At the time of departure, the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry (DAFF) said it was satisfied that the arrangements for the transport of the livestock were appropriate to ensure their health and welfare.

21 Jan 2024

US Strikes Another Houthi Anti-Ship Missile

Cmdr. Justin Smith, commanding officer of the Arleigh Burke-class guided-missile destroyer USS Mason (DDG 87), addresses the crew over the ship's 1 Main Circuit (1MC) from the bridge while the ship operates in support of Operation Prosperity Guardian (OPG) in the Red Sea, Jan. 5, 2023. (Source: US Navy)

U.S. Central Command forces on Saturday struck a Houthi anti-ship missile that was aimed into the Gulf of Aden and prepared to launch, the U.S. military said, with the latest round of strikes coming hours after the United States struck three other Houthi anti-ship missiles."U.S. forces determined the missile presented a threat to merchant vessels and U.S. Navy ships in the region, and subsequently struck and destroyed the missile in self-defense," the U.S. Central Command said in a statement on X.The incident…

21 Jan 2024

UK to Upgrade Warship Defence Missile System used in Red Sea

Source: MBDA

Britain's Ministry of Defence said on Sunday it would spend 405 million pounds ($514 million) to upgrade a missile system now being used by the Royal Navy to shoot down hostile drones over the Red Sea.The Sea Viper Air Defence system will be upgraded with missiles featuring a new warhead and software enabling it to counter ballistic missile threats, the MoD said in a statement.The contracts were awarded to the British division of MBDA, a missiles joint venture owned by Airbus‚Ķ

21 Jan 2024

Drone Attack: Russia Suspends Operations at Ust-Luga

© grigvovan / Adobe Stock

Russian energy company Novatek said on Sunday it had been forced to suspend some operations at a huge Baltic Sea fuel export terminal due to a fire started by what Ukrainian media said was a drone attack.The giant Ust-Luga complex, located on the Gulf of Finland about 170 km (110 miles) west of St. Petersburg, is used to ship oil and gas products to international markets. It processes stable gas condensate - a type of light oil - into light and heavy naphtha, kerosene and diesel to be shipped by sea.It was not clear how long the disruption would last…

19 Jan 2024

US Strikes Three Houthi Anti-Ship Missiles

The guided-missile destroyer USS Gravely (DDG 107) launches Tomahawk Land Attack Missiles in response to increased Iranian-backed Houthi malign behavior in the Red Sea Jan. 12, 2024. (Source: US Navy)

U.S. Central Command forces on Friday conducted strikes against three Houthi anti-ship missiles that were aimed into the Southern Red Sea and were prepared to launch, the U.S. military said on X, formerly called Twitter."U.S. forces identified the missiles in Houthi-controlled areas of Yemen and determined that they presented an imminent threat to merchant vessels and the U.S. Navy ships in the region. U.S. forces subsequently struck and destroyed the missiles in self-defense," the U.S.

19 Jan 2024

Japanese Shipyards to Help Keep US Warships Ready to Fight in Asia

© Adrian / Adobe Stock

The United States and Japan are looking to make a deal for Japanese shipyards to regularly overhaul and maintain U.S. Navy warships so they can stay in Asian waters ready for any potential conflict, U.S. Ambassador to Japan Rahm Emanuel said on Friday."China watches what ships are coming in and out. It is not like this is a secret, they know what's happening. So therefore, they take an evaluation of your deterrence," Emanuel told reporters at the Yokosuka naval base near Tokyo.Unchallenged in Asian waters for decades, the U.S.

18 Jan 2024

US Says Houthis Launch Missiles at Tanker

© aerial-drone / Adobe Stock

Iran-allied Houthi militia launched two anti-ship ballistic missiles at a U.S.-owned tanker ship on Thursday night that hit the water near the vessel, causing no injuries or damage, U.S. Central Command said.The incident, the latest amid growing tensions in the Red Sea that has disrupted global trade and raised fears of supply bottlenecks, took place at around 9 p.m. Yemen local time (1800 GMT), according to the post on X, formerly Twitter.The Houthis, who control most of Yemen‚Ķ

18 Jan 2024

China’s Ministry of Commerce Offers Foreign Trade Support

© Igor Groshev / Adobe Stock

China's Ministry of Commerce said it was closely tracking developments in the Red Sea in response to the escalating situation there and the country would provide support and assistance to foreign trade enterprises."It is hoped that all parties concerned will restore and ensure the security of shipping lanes in the Red Sea waters," a spokesperson for the ministry said in a statement late Thursday.The ministry said it hopes all parties jointly safeguard the smooth flow of global production and supply chains and the normal order of international trade.(Reuters - Reporting by Bernard Orr and Shang

18 Jan 2024

USCG Approves ABS Wavesight eLogs for US-flagged Vessels

© IDOL'foto / Adobe Stock

ABS Wavesight on Thursday announced its eLogs software has received formal approval from the U.S. Coast Guard (USCG) for use by U.S.-flagged ships. The ABS-affiliated software-as-a-service company is now one of three maritime software providers to receive such approval on the basis of the USCG‚Äôs guidance under USCG NVIC 01-23."The maritime industry is entering an era of rapid digitalization,‚ÄĚ said Gurinder Singh, Director of Solutions Engineering at ABS Wavesight. ‚ÄúWe are proud to be at the forefront of that transformation, and the fact that our eLogs software meets all of the U.S.

18 Jan 2024

Indian Navy Rescues Crew from US-Owned Ship After Attack Off Yemen

(Photo: Indian Navy)

The Indian Navy said on Thursday it had rescued the crew of a U.S.-owned vessel in the Gulf of Aden after an attack by Yemen's Houthi movement as tensions in the region's sea lanes disrupted global trade.Following the attack on the U.S. Genco Picardy late on Wednesday, the U.S. military said its forces had conducted strikes on 14 Houthi missiles that "presented an imminent threat to merchant vessels and U.S. Navy ships in the region".Attacks by the Iran-allied Houthi militia on…

17 Jan 2024

US Conducts Strikes on 14 Houthi Missiles

© elen31 / Adobe Stock

The U.S. military said on Wednesday that its forces conducted strikes on 14 Houthi missiles that were loaded to be fired from Yemen.U.S. Central Command said on social media platform X that the Houthi missiles presented an imminent threat to merchant vessels and U.S. Navy ships in the region.(Reuters - Reporting by Eric Beech and Dan Whitcomb; Editing by Caitlin Webber)

17 Jan 2024

US Lists Houthis as Terrorists, Business Fears Lengthy Red Sea Disruption

© aerial-drone / Adobe Stock

The United States on Wednesday returned the Yemen-based Houthi rebels to a list of terrorist groups, while business chiefs warned that disruption to shipping in the Red Sea caused by their attacks could affect supply chains for months.Attacks by the Iran-allied Houthi militia on ships in the region since November have slowed trade between Asia and Europe and alarmed major powers - an escalation of Israel's more than three-month-old war with Palestinian Hamas militants in Gaza.The Houthis say they are acting in solidarity with Palestinians and have threatened to expand attacks to include U.S.

17 Jan 2024

Italy Pushes for Quick Decision on EU Maritime Red Sea Force

© aerial-drone / Adobe Stock

Italy would like a political decision made to create an EU maritime security mission for the Red Sea by next week so that it can become operational as soon as possible, its foreign minister said on Wednesday.European Union member states gave initial backing on Tuesday to the mission to protect ships from attacks by Yemen's Iran-aligned Houthi militia in the Red Sea on concern that disruption in one of the world's top trading arteries could hit the global economy.A U.S.-led mission is already operating in the region.The objective of EU states was to establish their mission by Feb.

17 Jan 2024

‚ÄúThis is not a decision against THE Alliance,‚ÄĚ says Hapag-Lloyd Chief

Rolf Habben Jansen, CEO, Hapag-Lloyd. Copyright Thies Raetzke/Hapag-Lloyd

Hapag-Lloyd and Maersk signed an agreement for a new long-term operational collaboration called Gemini Cooperation, aiming to start in February 2025.Simultaneous with the announcement, Hapag-Lloyd informed its partners in THE Alliance that it would end its participation in January 2025. In a press call with journalists, Rolf Habben Jansen, CEO, Hapag-Lloyd stressed this is ‚Äúnot a decision against THE Alliance, this is a decision for Gemini Corporation.‚ÄĚ‚ÄúThis is about bringing schedule reliability to the next level‚Ķ

17 Jan 2024

Shell Halts All Red Sea Shipments

© Anatoly Kolodey / Adobe Stock

British oil major Shell suspended all shipments through the Red Sea indefinitely after U.S. and U.K.

16 Jan 2024

Another Ship Hit in the Red Sea

© ID1974 / Adobe Stock

Disruptions to Red Sea shipping caused by Houthi attacks will push up prices of consumer goods, an executive from port and freight operator DP World said on Tuesday as a missile struck another vessel in the region.The Iran-allied Houthi militia has threatened to expand its attacks to include U.S. ships in response to American and British strikes on its sites in Yemen.Attacks by the Houthis on ships in the region since November have impacted companies and alarmed major powers - an escalation of Israel's more than three-month-old war with Palestinian Hamas militants in Gaza.

16 Jan 2024

Sovcomflot Considering Alternative Shipping Routes in Case of Red Sea Escalation

© Andriy Sharpilo / Adobe Stock

Russia's leading tanker group Sovcomflot is considering alternative shipping routes in case of further escalation of the crisis in the Red Sea, the TASS news agency reported on Tuesday.The United States and Britain launched a series of strikes on Yemen last week aimed at the Iran-backed Houthi militia, whose attacks on international shipping have disrupted one of the world's most important trade routes since December.According to British maritime security firm Ambrey, last week…

16 Jan 2024

NYK Line Stops Vessel Transits in Red Sea

© angeldibilio / Adobe Stock

Japan's Nippon Yusen, the country's biggest shipper by sales, on Tuesday suspended navigation through the Red Sea for all the vessels it operates, a spokesperson told Reuters.The company, also known as NYK Line, has also instructed its vessels navigating near the Red Sea to wait in safe waters and is considering route changes, the spokesperson said.It is the latest operator to cease traversing the key shipping corridor following an advisory from the Combined Maritime Forces to stay clear of the region after the launch of U.S.

16 Jan 2024

Qatari LNG Tankers Resume Course Via Red Sea

© moofushi / Adobe Stock

Four tankers used for shipments of Qatari liquefied natural gas (LNG) have resumed course after pausing for several days amid maritime attacks by Yemen's Iran-aligned Houthis in the Red Sea, LSEG shiptracking data showed on Tuesday.The Houthi attacks, in what they call a bid to support Palestinians in the war with Israel, have disrupted trade on the main East-West route that makes up about 12% of global shipping traffic.On Monday, the Houthi movement vowed to widen its targets in the Red Sea region to U.S. ships, following U.S.

15 Jan 2024

Houthis Say They Will Target US Ships

© Andrea Izzotti / Adobe Stock

Yemen's Houthi movement will expand its targets in the Red Sea region to include U.S. ships, an official from the Iran-allied group said on Monday, as it vowed to keep up attacks after U.S. and British strikes on its sites in Yemen.Attacks by the Houthis on ships in area since November have impacted companies and alarmed major powers in an escalation of Israel's more than three-month war with Hamas militants in Gaza. The group says it is acting in solidarity with Palestinians.British…

15 Jan 2024

Houthis Vow to Keep Up Red Sea Attacks

A U.K. warship launches a missile to intercept a Houthi Drone in the Red Sea (Photo: U.K. Royal Navy)

The chief negotiator for Yemen's Houthis said on Monday the group's stance has not changed since U.S.-led air strikes on its positions, and warned that attacks on ships headed to Israel will continue.U.S. and British warplanes, ships and submarines last week launched dozens of air strikes across Yemen in retaliation for Houthi attacks on Red Sea shipping, which the Iran-aligned movement cast as a response to Israel's offensive in Gaza."Attacks to stop Israeli ships or those heading to the ports of the occupied Palestine will continue…

15 Jan 2024

Houthi Attacks Expose China's Commercial Stakes in Red Sea

© SASITHORN / Adobe Stock

China has called for an end to attacks on civilian vessels in the Red Sea that have dramatically widened the Hamas-Israel conflict and placed Beijing's commercial interests along the Suez Canal at risk.The Iran-backed Houthi militia from Yemen that seeks "Death to Israel" is challenging the ability of the world's biggest trading nation to defend billions in strategic investments in Egypt.Since President Abdel-Fattah el-Sisi came to power in 2014, China has stepped up its investment and commercial activities along Egypt's Suez Canal…

15 Jan 2024

QatarEnergy Stops Red Sea LNG Shipping Due to Attacks

© vladsv / Adobe Stock

QatarEnergy, the world's second largest exporter of liquefied natural gas, has stopped sending tankers via the Red Sea although production continues, a senior source with direct knowledge of the matter told Reuters on Monday.Yemen's Iran-backed Houthi group has since November been attacking vessels in the Red Sea, part of a route that accounts for about 12% of the world's shipping traffic, in what they say is an effort to support Palestinians in the war with Israel.At least four tankers used to carry Qatari LNG were held up over the weekend after U.S.

14 Jan 2024

US Says it Shot Down Missile Heading Towards USS Laboon

Lt. j.g. John Galvin monitors aircraft activity near the Arleigh Burke-class guided-missile destroyer USS Laboon (DDG 58) while the ship operates in support of Operation Prosperity Guardian (OPG) in the Bab al-Mandeb, Dec. 30, 2024. (Source: US Navy)

U.S. fighter aircraft shot down an anti-ship cruise missile fired from Houthi militant areas of Yemen toward a U.S. destroyer operating in the Southern Red Sea, the U.S. military said on Sunday.The midair interception is the latest incident in the Red Sea where the Houthis have been attacking international shipping in what they say is a campaign to support Palestinians under seige from Israeli forces in Gaza.It follows a series of American and British airstrikes on Houthi targets…

14 Jan 2024

Tesla, Volvo Car Pause Output as Red Sea Shipping Crisis Deepens

© Björn Wylezich / Adobe Stock

Automakers Tesla and Geely-owned Volvo Car said they were suspending some production in Europe due to a shortage of components, the first clear sign that attacks on shipping in the Red Sea are hitting manufacturers in the region.The United States and Britain launched a series of strikes on Yemen on Thursday, aimed at the Iran-backed Houthi militia whose attacks on international shipping have disrupted one of the world's most important shipping routes.Container shipping rates jumped…

14 Jan 2024

TankerTrackers Locates Seized Tanker off Iran's Qeshm Island

© Vladimir / Adobe Stock

The Marshall Islands-flagged tanker seized by Iran in the Gulf of Oman on Thursday has been located east of Iran's Qeshm Island, monitoring service said in a post on social media platform X.Iran seized the St Nikolas, loaded with Iraqi crude destined for Turkey, in retaliation for the confiscation last year of the same vessel and its Iranian oil cargo by the United States, Iranian state media reported."The Greek-owned, UK-insured and Marshall Islands-flagged Suezmax tanker ST NIKOLAS...laden with 1 million barrels of Iraqi crude oil‚Ķ

14 Jan 2024

Germany to Take Part in EU Red Sea Naval Mission

Source: NATO

Germany is expected to participate in a European Union naval mission to protect shipping in the Red Sea that EU foreign ministers will approve this month, the head of the German parliamentary defence committee said.Speaking at her party's reception for the new year on Sunday, Maria-Agnes Strack-Zimmermann said the aim of the mission would be for EU frigates to protect commercial vessels passing through the strait.The approaches to the Suez Canal, one of the world's most important shipping lanes…

12 Jan 2024

Saipem Barred from Public Contracts in Brazil for 2 Years

(File photo: Saipem)

The Brazilian administrative authority has suspended Italy's Saipem and its subsidiary Saipem do Brasil from contracting with the country's public administration for two years, the engineering and construction group said on Friday.The decision stems from the final ruling in the administrative proceedings initiated against the companies in relation to alleged irregularities in the award of a gas pipeline contract in 2011.The sanction has no impact on ongoing projects in Brazil, Saipem said, adding it would appeal the decision.In November, the Italian company said it had won two offshore contrac

12 Jan 2024

Stena Bulk Halts Tanker Transits in Red Sea

(Photo: Stena Bulk)

Tanker company Stena Bulk halted transits in the Red Sea early on Friday Central European Time, its CEO Erik Hannel told Reuters.It is the latest tanker operator to cease traversing the key shipping corridor following an advisory from the Combined Maritime Forces to stay clear of the region after the launch of U.S. and British air strikes on Houthi forces in Yemen.(Reuter - Reporting by Natalie Grover; editing by Mark Heinrich)

12 Jan 2024

Houthis Mistakenly Target Tanker Carrying Russian Oil

© MrAVP / Adobe Stock

Houthi militants mistakenly targeted a tanker carrying Russian oil in a missile attack on Friday off Yemen, British maritime security firm Ambrey said.The United Kingdom Maritime Trade Operations (UKMTO) organisation said it had received a report of a missile being fired 90 nautical miles southeast of Yemen's port city of Aden."The master reported a missile landing in the water 400-500 metres away, and being followed by three small craft," the UKMTO advisory note said, adding…

12 Jan 2024

Container Rates Soar on Concerns of Prolonged Red Sea Disruption

© aerial-drone / Adobe Stock

Container shipping rates for key global routes have soared this week, with U.S. and UK air strikes on Yemen stirring concerns of a prolonged disruption to global trade in Red Sea, one of the world's busiest routes, industry officials said on Friday.U.S. and British warplanes, ships and submarines launched dozens of strikes across Yemen overnight in retaliation against Iran-backed Houthi forces for attacks on Red Sea shipping, widening regional conflict stemming from Israel's war…

12 Jan 2024

Maersk Hopeful Naval Presence Will Allow Red Sea Transits to Return

© STOCKSTUDIO / Adobe Stock

Maersk hopes international interventions and a larger naval presence in the Red Sea will eventually lead to maritime commerce to resume through the strait, it said on Friday, following U.S-British strikes overnight against Houthi military targets in Yemen."We hope that these interventions and a larger naval presence will eventually lead to a lowered threat environment allowing maritime commerce to transit through the Red Sea and once again return to using the Suez Canal as a gateway," Maersk said in an emailed statement.Shipping companies have redirected vessels away from the Red Sea around Af

11 Jan 2024

Iran Confirms Seizure of Oil Tanker Involved in US-Iran Dispute

© evannovostro / Adobe Stock

Iran seized a tanker with Iraqi crude destined for Turkey on Thursday in retaliation for the confiscation last year of the same vessel and its oil by the U.S., Iranian state media reported, a move likely to stoke regional tensions.The seizure of the Marshall Islands-flagged St Nikolas coincides with weeks of attacks by Yemen's Iran-backed Houthi militias targeting Red Sea shipping routes."After the theft of Iranian oil by the United States last year, St Nikolas tanker was seized by Iran's Navy this morning with a judicial order ...

11 Jan 2024

Cyprus Chamber Sees Significant Impact from Houthis on Shipping

© katatonia / Adobe Stock

Sustained attacks by Yemen's Houthis on vessels using Red Sea shipping lanes could have a "substantial" impact on economies and a knock-on effect on prices, a key Cypriot shipping industry group said on Thursday.Attacks by Houthis have disrupted a vital trade route, particularly of oil, as vessels access the Suez Canal via the Red Sea. Some shipping lines have been forced to divert vessels from the Red Sea to longer routes, threatening supply bottlenecks."Where countries heavily depend on raw materials…

11 Jan 2024

Shipping Attacks Push US and Allies to Mideast Crunch Point

© Vladimir Bartel / Adobe Stock

When the United States and 11 allies published a joint statement last week calling for an end to Houthi attacks from Yemen on Red Sea shipping, they hoped the implicit threat of force might at least reduce the intensity of fire on foreign vessels.Instead, Wednesday saw the largest single attack yet on foreign vessels, according to Western defence officials, launched seven days after the joint statement. It appeared a clear attempt to call the West's bluff, just as other tensions across the Middle East appear to be on the rise.In Iraq and Syria, U.S.

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