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Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Muddy Water Dredging Christens Marlin Class Dredge

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April 23, 2024

  • Photo by DSC Dredge
  • L-R: Matthew Devall and Michael Kerns (Co-Founders of Muddy Water Dredging, LP);  Robert Wetta and William Wetta (Co-Owners of DSC Dredge). Photo by DSC Dredge
  • Photo by DSC Dredge Photo by DSC Dredge
  • L-R: Matthew Devall and Michael Kerns (Co-Founders of Muddy Water Dredging, LP);  Robert Wetta and William Wetta (Co-Owners of DSC Dredge). Photo by DSC Dredge L-R: Matthew Devall and Michael Kerns (Co-Founders of Muddy Water Dredging, LP); Robert Wetta and William Wetta (Co-Owners of DSC Dredge). Photo by DSC Dredge

On April 19th, 2024, Muddy Water Dredging, LP, held the christening ceremony of its Marlin Class dredge at the Port of New Orleans. The event was attended by many esteemed business leaders, media personnel, and distinguished dignitaries.  

"We are happy to unveil the Vaneta Marie dredge. After many hours of collaboration between Muddy Water and DSC what we have before us is a dredge that was crafted with precision and ingenuity," said Michael Kerns, President, and CEO of Muddy Water. "As we christen this dredge, we are truly excited to leverage its cutting-edge technology and solutions to enhancing the sustainability and efficiency of U.S. navigable waterways."  
William (Bill) Wetta, Senior Vice President, and Chief Technology Officer of DSC Dredge, remarked, "This dredge represents the future of dredging technology. Our team was able to combine unparalleled performance with forward-thinking designs. Its launch marks a significant leap forward in our ongoing commitment to revolutionize the industry."

The fully customized Marlin Class dredge spoke to DSC Dredge’s well-known reputation for innovation and engineering abilities. It is said to be one of the largest and most technologically advanced dredges built in the United States. The Marlin Class dredge's remarkable specifications include an impressive length of 371 feet, making it one of the longest in its category. 

Boasting the capability to dredge a 400-ft. wide cut with an 80° swing arc, it sets a new standard for operational efficiency, enhancing productivity by 5.9%. Furthermore, its customizable design features a detachable carriage barge, enabling seamless adaptation to various working environments.  

Members of DSC Dredge at the Christening. Photo by DSC DredgeDSC's Director of Domestic Dredge Sales, Charlie Johnson added, “this dredge is like no other, apart from it being the only one in its class equipped with state-of-the-art technology, including DSC's survey-grade DSC VISION package and Dredge Rx remote monitoring system, the dredge ensures unparalleled precision and performance. Featuring a cutting-edge design, the Marlin Class dredge boasts remarkable features that include US-built WABTEC generators meeting strict EPA Tier 4 Final emissions standards without the use of Urea. Additionally, all dredge machinery is mounted on or above the main deck, eliminating the risk of flooding by dredge pump leaks or failures. Active monitoring of hull tank voids ensures early detection of water intrusion, further enhancing safety and reliability”.  

He added, “the dredge is equipped with powered lay-down spuds for quick bridge transits and the ability to remove and replace spuds for maintenance without additional support equipment. The selection and design of the dredge pump are based on USACE Engineering and Design Manual standards, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency.  Additionally, its dual diesel-electric design, delivering 9,621-HP of total installed horsepower, underscoring its commitment to sustainability and environmental stewardship”.  Apart from the Muddy Water Vaneta Marie dredge, there is no other dredge in the U.S. which has been uniquely designed to serve as a power station in the event of catastrophic events such as hurricanes.

"Getting here was no easy feat, we extend our gratitude to all those who have contributed to the realization of this monumental occasion," expressed, Robert Wetta, President, and CEO of DSC Dredge (DSC). "The CSD Vaneta Marie dredge stands as a testament to both Muddy Water and DSC’s collective vision and unwavering dedication to excellence."  

This milestone celebration marks not only the debut of the Marlin Class dredge but also commemorates the vision and dedication of Muddy Water's co-founders, Michael Kerns and Matthew Devall. The Marlin Class “Vaneta Marie” dredge was named after Kerns’ mother, Vaneta Kerns.

 The Muddy Water Dredging Crew at the Christening. Photo Courtesy Muddy Water Dredging