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Sunday, July 14, 2024

Sustainable Ship Recycling Program Celebrates 500 Free Safety Awareness Sessions

Maritime Activity Reports, Inc.

April 18, 2024

© Sved Oliver / Adobe Stock

© Sved Oliver / Adobe Stock

The Sustainable Ship and Offshore Recycling Program (SSORP) has announced the successful completion of its 500th free safety awareness session at ship recycling yards across the Indian subcontinent.

The milestone underscores SSORP's firm commitment to elevating safety standards and promoting sustainable practices within the ship recycling industry.

Over 20 unique topics have been addressed in these sessions, spanning crucial areas such as emergency response, environmental hazards, personal protective equipment, and legal compliance with international conventions like the Hong Kong Convention.

In addition to the training sessions, SSORP regularly conducts mock drills for ship recycling workers, simulating emergency situations to enhance their readiness and reinforce safe practices in real-world scenarios.

The program has made its mark on 146 different ship recycling yards and 7,865 workers. Even amidst the global challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, SSORP maintained its dedication to safety by adapting and continuing to provide training virtually.

The free-of-cost training sessions ensure that there are no barriers to access for the workers, promoting inclusivity and widespread adoption of best practices. By focusing on critical safety and environmental topics, SSORP helps mitigate potential hazards associated with ship recycling, significantly reducing the risk of accidents and environmental damage. These initiatives not only protect human health and the environment but also align the ship recycling industry in the Indian subcontinent with global safety and environmental standards.

Despite the current dip in the number of vessels being sent for recycling, SSORP continues to deliver its training to the available workforce.