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Sunday, April 14, 2024

Crispier and Tastier Food Prepared Sustainably and Cost-efficiently Onboard

Posted to Maritime Reporter (by on February 18, 2024

We have stepped into a culinary era, where efficiency and sustainability are the new standard and must be included in all modern professional kitchens. Eco-friendly innovations are reshaping how we cook both on land and at sea. One of the innovations that help galleys reach these targets is OiL Chef’s deep-frying solution that manages to reduce environmental impact while also enhancing taste and operational efficiency. The award-winning innovation has started to make big waves in professional kitchens and galleys all around the world.

How to fry more for less
 By requiring less heat, shorter cooking time and fewer oil changes, OiL Chef's deep fryer system manages to significantly reduce the amount of oil and energy needed for serving premium quality fried food. The end-result is crispier and healthier with better taste and longer shelf life. OiL Chef has the science to back this up.

 Technology-wise, OilChef is a catalytic converter system that can be placed in open pot fryers or pressure fryers to slow down the oxidation and deterioration rate of the oil. It is not a filter, it is not a chemical, it has no breakable parts, it is virtually maintenance-free and requires no wires, no power, and is a simple 5-second self-installation system. The system is FDA approved and consists of food-grade stainless steel.

 ALMACO's Exclusive Distribution Agreement with OiL Chef

 Professional kitchens all over the world have successfully implemented OiL Chef’s deep fry system in their operations and the galleys onboard are eager to jump on the train. ALMACO has signed an exclusive distribution agreement with Oil Chef to bring the innovation from land to sea to help owners serve sustainably and economically prepared food that taste fantastic and last longer. ALMACO is able to provide owners with a significant return on investment.

 Deploying Sustainable Solutions on the Fred Olsen Fleet

A noteworthy application of OiL Chef's innovative sustainability solution can be observed in ALMACO's recent deployment on the Fred Olsen fleet. This implementation showcases the practical benefits of the technology in a high-volume operational setting.

 “Thanks to this innovative solution, Fred Olsen has managed to reduce frying temperatures in their fryers by 4 degrees Celsius,” says Sean Farry, CEO of OiL Chef. 

 Michael Lindblom, After-Sales Manager for Europe at ALMACO Group, adds, “Fred Olsen is renowned for its exclusive brand, and we take pride in supporting their sustainability efforts while delivering an exceptional return on investment. We look forward to extending this solution to other cruise line fleets in the near future.


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