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Saturday, October 20, 2018

Ocean Alliance Launches Day Two Product

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December 19, 2017

(Photo: OOCL)

(Photo: OOCL)

The Ocean Alliance has launched its new Day Two Product with an estimated 3.6 million TEU carrying capacity provided by approximately 340 containerships deployed on 41 services. The new offering will commence in April 2018.

Alliance partners CMA CGM, COSCO, Evergreen and OOCL will offer 20 Transpacific services, six Asia-Europe services, four Asia-Mediterranean services, four Transatlantic services, five Asia-Middle East services and two Asia-Red Sea services.
“Ocean Alliance has been a fantastic success from a customer perspective since its launch last spring and we are very enthusiastic to announce our Day Two Product,” said Olivier Nivoix, Senior Vice President Ocean Alliance Lines. “This new product perfectly illustrates our customer centric strategy, by improving the service level provided with new solutions in key areas such as US East Coast, Red Sea, Middle East Gulf and Europe.”
20 Transpacific services (with 13 Asia-West Coast North America services):
Nine Pacific Southwest services:
The PSW services of OCEAN Alliance will maintain nine weekly services and upgrading vessels size, including four North and Central China PSW services, four South China PSW services and one Southeast Asia PSW service.
  • CEN: Tianjin-Qingdao-Shanghai-Prince Rupert-Long Beach-Oakland-Tianjin
  • AAC: Dalian-Lianyungang-Shanghai-Ningbo-Long Beach-Seattle-Dalian
  • AAC2: Qingdao-Shanghai-Ningbo-Los Angeles-Oakland-Tokyo-Qingdao
  • AAC4: Ningbo-Shanghai-Pusan-Long Beach-Pusan-Ningbo
  • SEA: Kaohsiung-Cai Mep-Hong Kong-Yantian-Kaohsiung-Long Beach-Kaohsiung
  • SEA2: (AWE5)-Port Kelang-Singapore-Jakarta-Laem Chabang-Cai Mep-Los Angeles-Oakland-Hong Kong-Cai Mep-Singapore-Port Kelang-Colombo-(AWE5)
  • AAS2: Fuqing-Nansha-Hong Kong-Yantian-Xiamen-Los Angeles-Oakland-Fuqing
  • AAS3: Taipei-Xiamen-Shekou-Yantian-Los Angeles-Oakland-Taipei
  • AAS4: Yantian-Hong Kong-Kaohsiung-Taipei-Los Angeles-Oakland-Tacoma-Kaohsiung-Yantian
Four Pacific Northwest services:
Four PNW services provide express service to Prince Rupert, Vancouver, Seattle and Tacoma respectively, and cover traditional North, Central and South China markets, as well as direct routes from Southeast Asia to PNW.
  • MPNW: Yantian-Xiamen-Ningbo-Shanghai-Pusan-Seattle-Vancouver-Yantian
  • CPNW: (MEX)-Singapore-Cai Mep-Hong Kong-Yantian-Ningbo-Shanghai-Prince Rupert-Vancouver-Yokohama-Shanghai-Ningbo-Nansha-Singapore-(MEX)
  • EPNW: Yantian-Kaohsiung-Shanghai-Ningbo-Tacoma-Vancouver-Tokyo-Osaka-Qingdao-Yantian
  • OPNW: Shekou-Hong Kong-Yantian-Kaohsiung-Vancouver-Seattle-Pusan-Kaohsiung-Shekou
Seven Asia-East Coast North America and U.S. Gulf services:
The AWE services include five USEC services and two GULF services and cover total 11 ports of USEC and GULF. Five USEC services include one North and Central China New York express, one South China New York express, one Southeast Asia New York express, one North and Central China Savannah express, one South China Savannah express, two GULF services both provide Central and South China Houston express.
  • AWE1: Qingdao-Ningbo-Shanghai-Pusan-Colon-Savannah-Charleston-Boston-New York-Colon-Qingdao
  • AWE2: Qingdao-Ningbo-Shanghai-Pusan-New York-Norfolk-Savannah-Qingdao
  • AWE3: Xiamen-Hong Kong-Yantian-Kaohsiung-Colon-Savannah-Baltimore-Norfolk-New York-Xiamen
  • AWE4: Xiamen-Hong Kong-Yantian--Shanghai-Colon-New York-Savannah Charleston-Xiamen
  • AWE5: (SEA2)-Hong Kong-Cai Mep-Singapore-Port Kelang-Colombo-Halifax-New York-Norfolk-Savannah-Charleston-Port Kelang-Singapore-Jakarta-Laem Chabang-Cai Mep-(SEA2)
  • GME: Shanghai-Ningbo-Xiamen-Yantian-Houston-Mobile-Shanghai
  • GME2: Singapore-Hong Kong-Shekou-Shanghai-Ningbo-Pusan-Houston-Mobile-New Orleans-Miami-Jacksonville-Hong Kong
Six Asia-Europe services:
The North Europe services connect 20 Asian ports and 13 North European ports directly and upgrade the COSCO SHIPPING core service AEU3, offering fast transit time and direct route to main North Europe ports with coverage on feeder network via main hubs such as Rotterdam, Gdansk and Hamburg.
  • AEU1: Shanghai-Ningbo-Xiamen-Yantian-Singapore-SUEZ Canal-Felixstowe-Rotterdam-Gdansk-Wilhelmshaven-Felixstowe-SUEZ Canal-Singapore-Yantian-Shanghai
  • AEU2: Tianjin-Pusan-Ningbo-Shanghai-Yantian-Singapore--SUEZ Canal-Algeciras-Southampton-Dunkirk-Hamburg-Rotterdam-Southampton-Le Havre-SUEZ Canal-Khor Fakkan-Port Kelang-Xiamen-Tianjin
  • AEU3: Tianjin-Dalian-Qingdao-Shanghai-Ningbo-Singapore-SUEZ Canal-Piraeus-Rotterdam-Hamburg-Antwerp-SUEZ Canal-Shanghai-Tianjin
  • AEU5: Kaohsiung-Ningbo-Shanghai-Taipei-Yantian-Colombo-SUEZ Canal-Rotterdam-Felixstowe-Hamburg-Rotterdam-SUEZ Canal-Colombo-Kaohsiung
  • AEU6: Qingdao-Ningbo-Shanghai-Yantian-Cai Mep-Singapore-SUEZ Canal-Le Havre-Rotterdam-Hamburg-Antwerp-Le Havre-Malta-SUEZ Canal-Jeddah-Nansha-Qingdao
  • AEU7: Ningbo-Shanghai-Hong Kong-Nansha-Shekou-Tanjung Pelepas-Port Kelang-SUEZ Canal-Piraeus-Antwerp-Hamburg-Rotterdam-Felixstowe-Zeebrugge-Piraeus-SUEZ Canal-Tanjung Pelepas-Singapore-Hong Kong-Ningbo
Five Asia-Mediterranean services:
The Mediterranean services of OCEAN Alliance keep continuous optimization. Taking Piraeus as the transshipment hub of South Europe and the entrance of China-Central Europe Land-Sea Express, multi-frequency and fast routes to Black Sea, Adriatic Sea, East Africa and inland points in Central and Eastern Europe are provided.
  • AEM1: Qingdao-Shanghai-Ningbo-Kaohsiung-Hong Kong-Yantian-Singapore-SUEZ Canal-Piraeus-La Spezia-Genoa-Fos-Valencia-Piraeus-SUEZ Canal-Jeddah-Colombo-Singapore-Hong Kong-Qingdao
  • AEM2: Qingdao-Pusan-Shanghai-Ningbo-Nansha-Yantian-Singapore-SUEZ Canal-Malta-Barcelona Valencia-Fos-Genoa-Malta-Beirut-SUEZ Canal-Jeddah-Jebel Ali-Port Kelang-Xiamen-Qingdao
  • AEM3: Pusan-Shanghai-Ningbo-Kaohsiung-Xiamen-Shekou-Singapore-SUEZ Canal-Port Said-Beirut-Piraeus-Istanbul Evyap (Izmit)-Istanbul Ambarli (Avcilar)-Constanza-Odessa-Istanbul Ambarli (Avcilar)-Mersin-Port Said-SUEZ Canal-Jeddah-Port Kelang-Pusan
  • AEM5: Qingdao-Shanghai-Ningbo-Taipei-Yantian-Shekou-Singapore-Tanjung Pelepas-SUEZ Canal-Ashdod-Haifa-Alexandria-Piraeus-SUEZ Canal-Jeddah-Tanjung Pelepas-Shekou-Kaohsiung-Qingdao
  • AEM6: Shanghai-Ningbo-Pusan-Shekou-Singapore-SUEZ Canal-Port Said-Malta-Koper-Trieste-Rijeka-Venice-Koper-Malta-Damietta-SUEZ Canal-Jeddah-Port Kelang-Shekou-Shanghai
Four Transatlantic services:
OCEAN Alliance will launch TAE2 and increase the frequency and coverage from North Europe to U.S. East Coast.
  • MENA: Malta-Salerno-Livorno-Genoa-Fos-Barcelona-Valencia-New York-Norfolk-Savannah-Miami-Algeciras-Malta
  • TAE: Southampton-Antwerp-Rotterdam-Bremerhaven-Le Havre-New York-Baltimore-Norfolk-Charleston-Southampton
  • EAG: Le Havre-Antwerp-Rotterdam-Bremerhaven-Miami-Veracruz-Altamira-Houston-New Orleans-Le Havre
  • TAE2: Southampton (trial call two cycles)-Le Havre-Antwerp-Rotterdam-Bremerhaven-Charleston-Savannah-Miami-New York-Southampton
Five Asia-Middle East services:
The Middle East services provide extensive network service by optimizing the pendulum service.
  • MEX: (PNW2)-Shanghai-Ningbo-Nansha-Singapore-Jebel Ali-Abu Dhabi-Dammam-Singapore-Cai Mep-Hong Kong-Yantian-Ningbo-Shanghai-(PNW2)
  • MEX2: Lianyungang-Qingdao-Ningbo-Hong Kong-Shekou-Singapore-Jebel Ali-Bahrain-Dammam-Abu Dhabi-Port Kelang-Nansha-Lianyungang
  • MEX3: Qingdao-Shanghai-Ningbo-Shekou-Singapore-Jebel Ali-Hamad-Dammam-Jubail-Singapore-Qingdao
  • MEX4: Tianjin-Dalian-Pusan-Shanghai-Ningbo-Shekou-Singapore-Khor Al Fakkan-Jebel Ali-Sohar-Port Kelang-Singapore-Shekou-Tianjin
  • MEX5: Shanghai-Ningbo-Taipei-Shekou-Tanjung Pelepas-Port Kelang-Jebel Ali-Bandar Abbas-Port Kelang-Hong Kong-Shanghai
Two Asia-Red Sea services:
The Red Sea services provide the direct calling from North China/Eastern China/Southern China/Southeast Asia to major ports in Red Sea.
  • RES1: Tianjin-Qingdao-Pusan-Ningbo-Nansha-Shekou-Tanjung Pelepas-Singapore-Jeddah-Sokhna-Aqaba-Jeddah-Port Kelang-Singapore-Ningbo-Tianjin
  • RES2: Shanghai-Ningbo-Taipei-Xiamen-Shekou-Singapore-Colombo(trial call 1 cycle)-Djibouti-Jeddah-Sokhna-Aqaba-Djibouti-Singapore-Shanghai
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