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Wednesday, May 22, 2024

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22 May 2024

Seaspan's Ammonia-ready Feeder Ship Design Earns LR Approval

A next generation feeder ship design developed by Technolog for Seaspan Corporation has been awarded approval in principle (AIP) from Lloyd's Register (LR), the classification society announced.The innovative vessel, measuring 198 meters long, is designed to be efficiently converted from liquefied natural gas (LNG) to ammonia fuel during its lifetime, trading efficiently in today’s market and being ready for tomorrow’s. The unique design is therefore prepared for future advancements in feeder vessel technology as power and propulsion systems continue to rapidly evolve.Andy McKeran…

21 May 2024

Flawed Propeller Blade Caused Containership to Lose of Propulsion -NTSB

The five-bladed controllable pitch propeller on the Maunalei showing a fracture (inset) at the base of the no. 4 blade. (Source: U.S. Coast Guard)

A containership transiting the Pacific Ocean lost hydraulic oil and propulsion after its propeller blade cracked, according to a report from the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB). A blade on the vessel’s controllable pitch propeller system did not meet manufacturer design specifications, the investigation found.The Matson containership Maunalei was travelling to Portland, Ore., from Anchorage, Alaska on August 11, 2022, for drydock repairs when the crew intentionally shut down the main engine due to problems in the controllable pitch propeller system…

20 May 2024

Containership That Took Down Baltimore Bridge Refloated & Towed from Channel

(Photo: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers)

Recovery teams refloated a large containership impeding shipping in the Port of Baltimore early on Monday and began pulling it free of the main channel, two months after the vessel crashed into the Francis Scott Key bridge and caused the span to collapse.Tugboats were leading the Dali to a local marine terminal after a successful effort to make the container ship buoyant at about 6:40 a.m. EDT (1040 GMT), the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers said on social media platform X.The removal…

17 May 2024

CMA CGM Sees Overcapacity Looming

© Mariusz / Adobe Stock

Shipping group CMA CGM benefited in the first quarter from a rebound in demand for consumer goods and higher freight rates linked to Red Sea disruption, but expects an influx of new ships to weigh on the market later in the year, it said on Friday.France-based CMA CGM, the world's third-largest container line, reported first-quarter net profit of $785 million, recovering from a $90 million loss in the final quarter of 2023.That was down from a net profit of $2.01 billion in the first quarter of 2023…

15 May 2024

Hapag-Lloyd Raises Lower End of Outlook but Profit Falls

© Thorsten Schier / Adobe Stock

German container firm Hapag-Lloyd on Wednesday raised the lower end of its 2024 outlook amid rising demand and freight rates, but posted an 84% drop in first-quarter net profit.Commercial shipping has faced global disruptions, including in the Red Sea region, where operators are avoiding the Suez Canal because of attacks on vessels by Yemen-based Houthi militants.The crisis has raised freight rates because alternative trips around Africa's southern tip are longer and expensive."Global container volumes were up quite significantly especially in January and February…

15 May 2024

Containership Lost Power Several Times Before Striking Bridge in Baltimore

(Photo: Dylan Burnell / USACE)

The cargo ship Dali lost electrical power several times before it crashed into the Francis Scott Key Bridge in March, killing six people and paralyzing a major transportation artery for the U.S, Northeast, federal investigators said on Tuesday.The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) said in a preliminary report that about 10 hours before leaving Baltimore the Dali experienced a blackout during in-port maintenance and shortly before the crash.The board said the cargo ship…

13 May 2024

Salvors Set to Blast Collapsed Baltimore to Pieces

Salvors prepare charges for upcoming precision cuts to remove section 4 from the port side of the bow of the containership Dali on May 7, 2024 (Photo: Christopher Rosario / USACE)

U.S. crews in Baltimore plan to set off controlled explosions on Monday to allow them to remove a portion of the collapsed Francis Scott Key Bridge from the bow of the massive container ship that toppled the span in March.The detonations will break the bridge's truss into small sections, enabling salvage crews to use cranes and barges to haul away the twisted metal wreckage, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers said. The work had been planned for Sunday but it was delayed because of weather conditions.Afterwards…

12 May 2024

Body Camera Video Captures First Reactions to Baltimore Bridge Collapse

(Photo: Theodore C. Lee / U.S. Navy)

Body camera video captured the shocked reactions of first responders in the aftermath of the collapse of a Baltimore bridge in March in which six men were killed.The recordings, obtained by local media on Friday, offer a snapshot of the incredulity of officers from the Maryland Natural Resources Police as they approached the site where the Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore collapsed."Dude, this is fucking bad, like there is no bridge," one person can be heard in the video…

09 May 2024

US House Panel to Hold Hearing on Baltimore Bridge Collapse

(Photo: Christopher Rosario / USACE)

The U.S. House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee will hold a May 15 hearing on the federal government's response to the collapse of a Baltimore bridge.The Dali containership crashed into the Francis Scott Key Bridge on March 26, killing six people.The hearing will include Federal Highway Administrator Shailen Bhatt, National Transportation Safety Board Chair Jennifer Homendy and senior officials with the U.S. Coast Guard and Army Corps of Engineers. The NTSB is expected to announce preliminary findings from the investigation next week.Last month…

06 May 2024

Red Sea Disruption Could Cut Asia-Europe Capacity, Maersk Says

© Trygve / Adobe Stock

Disruption to Red Sea container shipping is rising, Maersk said on Monday, forecasting this will cut the industry's capacity between Asia and Europe by up to 20% in the second quarter.Maersk and other shipping companies have diverted vessels around Africa's Cape of Good Hope since December to avoid attacks by Iran-aligned Houthi militants in the Red Sea, with the longer voyage times pushing freight rates higher."The risk zone has expanded, and attacks are reaching further offshore…

03 May 2024

Maryland Estimates Bridge Replacement Cost at Up to $1.9 Billion

(Photo: Key Bridge Response 2024 Unified Command)

Maryland said on Thursday it estimates it will cost $1.7 billion to $1.9 billion to rebuild a collapsed Baltimore bridge and anticipates it will be completed by fall 2028.The Maryland Department of Transportation said the state's "planning level cost estimate is between $1.7 billion and $1.9 billion" which "is in line with similar projects of this scale and complexity."The Dali cargo ship crashed into the Francis Scott Key Bridge on March 26, killing six people. Lawmakers in Congress…

02 May 2024

Maersk Raises Profit Guidance on Strong Demand and Red Sea Disruption

© OliverFoerstner / Adobe Stock

Shipping group Maersk raised its full-year profit guidance after reporting first-quarter earnings on Thursday, citing strong demand and higher freight rates as ships sail for longer to avoid conflict in the Red Sea.The company, viewed as a barometer of world trade, said that shipping disruptions caused by Houthi militants' attacks on vessels in the Red Sea were expected to last at least until the end of the year, adding that growth in demand for container shipping had been stronger than forecast."The container volumes we see today are quite high compared to GDP growth in the world economy…

30 Apr 2024

Houthis Attack Four Ships in Indian Ocean, Red Sea

File photo: The U.S. Navy's Arleigh Burke-class guided-missile destroyer USS Laboon (DDG 58) patrols the Red Sea in December 2023. (Photo: Elexia Morelos / U.S. Navy)

Yemen's Houthis said on Tuesday they targeted the MSC Orion container ship in a drone attack in the Indian Ocean as part of their ongoing campaign against international shipping in solidarity with Palestinians against Israel's military actions in Gaza.MSC Orion was sailing between the ports in Sines, Portugal and Salalah, Oman, according to LSEG data.Reuters found conflicting information about the registered owner of the MSC Orion. According to LSEG and other data providers, the ship is owned by Zodiac Maritime…

30 Apr 2024

Kongsberg to Supply Hybrid Electrical Systems for Matson's New Box Ships

(Image: Matson)

Matson Navigation Company’s new liquefied natural gas (LNG)-powered containerships will feature a comprehensive range of integrated technologies from Kongsberg Maritime to optimize energy use and reduce emissions.The Norwegian company announced Tuesday that it will supply hybrid electrical systems, controlled and operated by its Energy Management System, for a series of three 3,600 TEU vessels that are being built by Philly Shipyard for the U.S.-based shipowner. The Kongsberg Maritime scope of supply includes a Shaft Generator System…

29 Apr 2024

Hapag Lloyd CEO Expects Red Sea Crisis to End This Year

© Thorsten Schier / Adobe Stock

The CEO of German container shipper Hapag-Lloyd said on Monday he expects that the Red Sea crisis can be overcome before the end of the year.Ship operators face prolonged disruption as Yemen-based Houthi militants attack vessels travelling on one of the world's busiest routes, causing costly redirections around Africa."It is my personal expectation that the Red Sea crisis will come to an end before the end of 2024," Chief Executive Rolf Habben Jansen said in an online discussion panel organised by the company.He said he was slightly more optimistic about the duration of the crisis than the ave

19 Apr 2024

Imoto Lines and Marindows to Build Next-Gen Zero-Emission Containership

Concept for Imoto Lines' and Marindows' zero-emission contrainership (Credit:  Imoto Lines)

Imoto Lines and Marindows have outlined plans to build the next generation zero-emission domestic container ship capable of hybrid operation using Japan's first exchangeable container batteries, alongside onboard batteries and generators.The joint project between the companies aims to address three major challenges of the maritime industry - decarbonization, crew shortage, and safe navigation.The three-year project is supported by the Ministry of the Environment, Government of…

17 Apr 2024

Hapag-Lloyd and Seaspan to Retrofit Five Vessels to Methanol Propulsion

© Jan Mastrovic / Adobe Stock

Hapag-Lloyd and Seaspan Corporation announced plans to retrofit and convert five 10,100 TEU containerships powered by conventional MAN S90 engines to dual-fuel engines capable of operating on methanol. Following the engine retrofit, the vessels will continue to be on long-term charter from Seaspan to Hapag-Lloyd.The vessels scheduled for retrofits are the Seaspan Amazon, Seaspan Ganges, Seaspan Thames, Seaspan Yangtze and Seaspan Zambezi. The retrofit is expected to take approximately 80-90 days per vessel starting in the first quarter of 2026.

17 Apr 2024

Crew of Ship Seized by Iran Are Safe, Operator MSC Says

File photo: MSC Aries shown docked in the Port of Los Angeles in December 2021 (© angeldibilio / Adobe Stock)

The 25 crew members of the MSC Aries, which was seized by Iran on April 13, are safe, shipping firm MSC said on Wednesday, adding that discussions with Iranian authorities are in progress to secure their earliest release."We are also working with the Iranian authorities to have the cargo discharged," the Swiss headquartered company said in a statement.Iran's Revolutionary Guards seized the container vessel in the Strait of Hormuz days after Tehran vowed to retaliate for a suspected Israeli strike on its consulate in Damascus on April 1.

15 Apr 2024

Iran Says MSC Aries Vessel Seized for 'Violating Maritime Laws'

Screenshot from video filmed by a seafarer on board the MSC Aries as Iranian forces seized the vessel. (Courtesy ITF)

A Portuguese-flagged container ship, the MSC Aries, was seized by Iran on April 13 for "violating maritime laws", Iran's foreign ministry said on Monday, adding that there was no doubt the vessel was linked to Israel.Iran's Revolutionary Guards seized the cargo vessel in the Strait of Hormuz days after Tehran vowed to retaliate for a suspected Israeli strike on its consulate in Damascus on April 1. Iran had said it could close the crucial shipping route."The vessel was diverted…

15 Apr 2024

FBI Opens Criminal Probe Into Deadly Baltimore Bridge Collapse

(Photo: Ronald Hodges / U.S. Coast Guard)

The FBI said on Monday it opened a criminal probe into the collapse of a Baltimore bridge in March when a ship crashed into a bridge support, while local officials confirmed the recovery of a fourth body from the incident.FBI agents boarded the cargo ship Dali to conduct court-authorized law enforcement activity regarding the crash, an FBI spokesperson said. The spokesperson said there was no other public information available and the bureau will have no further comment.The body…

15 Apr 2024

Maersk Makes No Deployment Changes After Vessel Seized in Strait of Hormuz

© aerial-drone / Adobe Stock

Shipping company Maersk has not made any deployment changes after a Portuguese-flagged container ship was seized by Iran in the Strait of Hormuz on Saturday, the Danish company said on Monday."We find recent events in the Gulf of Hormuz and the hijacking of a commercial container ship deeply concerning," a spokesperson said in an emailed comment.While the company will monitor the situation and available intelligence to assess the risk level in the region, it has so far made no deployment changes, the spokesperson added.Iran's foreign ministry said on Monday it had seized the vessel for violati

12 Apr 2024

Fact Check: The Simpsons Did Not Predict Baltimore Bridge Collapse

(Photo: Brandon Giles / U.S. Coast Guard)

A fabricated image of characters from the animated television series The Simpsons viewing a collapsed bridge and a large ship has been widely shared on social media with the false suggestion that the show predicted the collapse of Baltimore’s Francis Scott Key Bridge in March.The image shows signs of having been made with AI and an executive producer for the series told Reuters that the image is fake as the show never had an episode where a container ship hits a bridge.The Francis Key Scott bridge…

11 Apr 2024

US Investigators Interview Ship Personnel in Maryland Bridge Collapse

(Photo: Brandon Giles / U.S. Coast Guard)

U.S. National Transportation Safety Board chair Jennifer Homendy said at a Senate hearing Wednesday that investigators had conducted interviews with key cargo ship personnel in the investigation of the March 26 Baltimore bridge collapse.The Dali cargo ship crashed into the Francis Scott Key Bridge on March 26, sending it crashing into the harbor and killing six people. Work to clear the wreckage and restore traffic through the Mid-Atlantic state's shipping channel is ongoing.Homendy said investigators remained on site and had interviewed the pilots…