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Sunday, June 23, 2024

ClassNK Launches PrimeShip-PSC Intelligence Mobile App

Maritime Activity Reports, Inc.

July 4, 2022

Credit: Screenshot

Credit: Screenshot

ClassNK has released the latest version 2.0.0 of “PrimeShip-PSC Intelligence”, a mobile app to assist the improvement of Port State Control (PSC) performance and ship management systems, provided free of charge.

"Based on the database of PSC reports inputted by ship managers, shipowners, and ClassNK, “PrimeShip-PSC Intelligence” provides various functions helping improve ship management systems, including the indication of trends of the PSC findings pointed out by each country or port and output of checklists according to the trends, with a PC version for ship management companies and a mobile app for seafarers," ClassNK said.

According to the company, the latest version of the mobile app enables users to use pinpoint PSC checklists based on actual deficiencies, and any checklists and report forms stipulated in the safety management manual, which have been created on the PC version. In addition, typical deficiencies for each month in the countries and ports set by the user and timely PSC-related information are delivered.

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