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Thursday, May 30, 2024

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21 Mar 2024

RightShip Launches New Initiative to Support Adoption of Zero-Harm Maritime Tech

© Kalyakan / Adobe Stock

RightShip, an ESG-focused digital maritime platform, has launched Zero Harm Innovation Partners program aimed at supporting the development and adoption of technologies dedicated to achieving a zero-harm maritime industry.According to RightShip, zero-harm maritime industry can be achieved by enabling enhanced collaboration and connection between shipowners and managers, and innovative technology providers.The program invites technology providers and innovators to showcase products on RightShip’s platform that contribute towards enabling a zero-harm maritime industry.Besides traction…

12 Mar 2024

Ascenz Marorka Obtains Cybersecurity Type Approval

© jijomathai / Adobe Stock

Ascenz Marorka, a GTT Group company, has been granted a type approval for cybersecurity for its digital solutions by Bureau Veritas.The type approval highlights the ability of the Ascenz Marorka solutions to meet the cybersecurity challenges of the maritime sector with resilience and reliability. Benefiting from robust protection for its computer systems, encrypting the data used and being able to isolate the networks are some examples of approved functionalities. This approval demonstrates the Ascenz Marorka commitment to helping build a sustainable future…

21 Feb 2024

Blue Wasp Marine Awarded AiP for Wind Performance Prediction Software

Source: Blue Wasp Marine

RINA has awarded an Approval in Principle (AiP) for Blue Wasp Marine’s Pelican performance prediction software for wind-assisted ships.With this, Pelican has become the first software of its kind to have received class recognition.Pelican, the product of over 10 years of PhD research, is able to simulate the performance of a ship equipped with wind propulsion technologies using specific wind conditions and sea states. Pelican features a built-in force module for both aero- and hydrodynamics.

19 Feb 2024

Metis and Esvagt Team Up to Enhance SOV Data Analytics

(Credit: Esvagt)

Metis Cyberspace Technology is expanding its portfolio of data acquisition, real-time performance monitoring and intelligent analytics solutions to include the needs of service operation vessels (SOVs), following collaborative project with Danish vessel owner Esvagt.The move follows a collaborative project covering fleet performance optimization with Esvagt.The SOV fulfils multiple roles - as transport ship, accommodation vessel, warehouse and workshop - presenting a challenge when it comes to assessing overall efficiency.Following an Esvagt initiative…

21 Sep 2023

BSG Acquires Maritime Software Company

"We are thrilled to announce the successful acquisition of Ripple," said Chad Mitchell, CEO of Bleecker Street Group. "The addition of Ripple's exceptional team, advanced software products and blue-chip customer base will significantly strengthen our position in the global maritime sector and position us for further growth and success."

Bleecker Street Group (BSG), a global software holding company, announced the acquisition of Ripple, an integrated maritime software company. The acquisition underscores BSG's commitment to the maritime sector, solidifying its position as an emerging force in the broader Supply Chain Software industry.Ripple has earned acclaim for its mission-critical solutions designed to address unique operating challenges faced by maritime, and it has a long client list in the sector delivering to tugboat…

11 Sep 2023

AST Harnesses the Power of Connectivity, Digitalization

Today the consolidation of all that AST offers is being rolled up and rolled out to the maritime industry with a single softwarepackage known as the Integrated Remote Asset Management System, or more simply, IRAMS. Image courtesy AST

Latest advances in digital technologies and faster, cheaper connectivity walk hand-in-hand as vessel owners of all sizes aim to cut fuel consumption, cut emissions and increase efficiencies. AST is aiming to do both, offering connectivity plus a suite of productivity solutions courtesy of its new Integrated Remote Asset Management System (IRAMS) solution, as CEO Andrew Peters explains.The maritime industry is often lamented as slow on the uptake of new technologies, but many of these boats and ships were born and raised in an analog society, designed to last up to 50 years.

21 Jun 2023

Teekay Takes FuelOpt Tech on 25 Vessels

Image courtesy Yara

Teekay Tankers signed agreements to equip 25 additional tankers with Yara Marine Technologies’ FuelOpt propulsion optimization technology. The order follows the installation and evaluation of FuelOpt onboard Zenith Spirit in 2021, followed by a further three vessels in 2022.Teekay placed the new orders in Q1 and Q2 2023 after having confirmed that the use of FuelOpt onboard four of its vessels, operating with steady shaft power, resulted in fuel savings and emissions reductions of 3-5% through 2022. FuelOpt is compatible with all existing and future fuels and is designed to be user-friendly.

12 May 2023

Herbert-ABS Software Solutions Debuts Herbert-ABS Wind

Herbert-ABS Software Solutions released its Herbert-ABS Wind program, touted as a regulatory wind and overturning moment calculation tool that can be provided as a stand-alone application, or as part of the larger HECSTAB design and regulatory assessment software suite.Leveraging extended modeling capabilities from the HECSTAB Ship Project Editor, or HECSTAB Rhino plug-ins, anyone can define a 3D model representative of a vessel’s topside structures. Once a model is complete, Herbert-ABS Wind can perform calculations for wind force and overturning moments used in design and regulatory approval. Herbert-ABS Wind allows naval architects to evaluate relevant regulatory requirements for floating structures…

04 Jul 2022

ClassNK Launches PrimeShip-PSC Intelligence Mobile App

Credit: Screenshot

ClassNK has released the latest version 2.0.0 of “PrimeShip-PSC Intelligence”, a mobile app to assist the improvement of Port State Control (PSC) performance and ship management systems, provided free of charge."Based on the database of PSC reports inputted by ship managers, shipowners, and ClassNK, “PrimeShip-PSC Intelligence” provides various functions helping improve ship management systems, including the indication of trends of the PSC findings pointed out by each country or port and output of checklists according to the trends…

17 May 2022

Software Solutions: Voyager Worldwide Upgrades Voyager Fleet Insight

Image courtesy Voyager Worldwide

Voyager Worldwide introduced an upgrade to its Voyager Fleet Insight web software, an upgrade designed to make it easier to monitor voyage status. It features a host of enhancements to simplify and streamline core ship management tasks, including improved voyage tracking features and new alerts, the ability to manage office technical libraries and a refreshed map interface.The new Alerts function notifies marine superintendents and other team members to significant operational changes…

31 Mar 2022

The Path to Zero: RightShip Launches Maritime Emissions Portal

Kris Fumberger, Head of Sustainability and Environment at RightShip. Photo courtesy RightShip

RightShip launched its new Maritime Emissions Portal (MEP), designed to help ports and terminal operators accelerate ship-based emissions reductions initiatives with more accurate and granular data.MEP is the first part of a planned broader Environmental Social Governance (ESG) solution for the ports and terminals sector from RightShip. As the nexus between land and sea in global supply chains, ports and terminals represent a major component in Scope 3 emission calculations for the global energy and commodities sectors.“Vessels act very differently in a port compared to the open sea…

29 Mar 2022

Software Solutions: 'GO for SET' Aims to Make Choosing Software Simpler for Shipping

The size of the maritime software market has mushroomed in recent years. Credit: Kongsberg Digital

With a quagmire of digitalization and decarbonization options facing shipowners today, cutting through the smoke is increasingly difficult to find and implement the most efficient solutions. Launched today is a new, free-to-use Software Evaluation Toolkit aimed at the shipping industry and designed to enable ship owners and managers to make better informed decisions on digital solutions needed to decarbonize fleets.The toolkit, dubbed SET Maritime, is vendor-neutral, developed by OrbitMI, a US-based software-as-a-service provider.

03 Mar 2022

NAPA, ClassNK Team on New Data Link to Support 3D Ship Design

Image 2 – An example of seamless integration between NAPA and Direct Strength Assessment (DSA) software. Image courtesy NAPA

Upgraded data linkage designed to enable the seamless flow of information between design and class approval software, reducing time spent on information transfer by 30% and fostering closer collaboration.NAPA and ClassNK recently fortified their partnership to support the use of 3D models in the ship design approval process by streamlining data sharing between design and class approval software. “As the capabilities of 3D computer-aided design software improve, we see an acceleration in the use of 3D technologies in the shipbuilding industry," said Dr.

25 Feb 2022

StormGeo Debuts 'Smart Carbon Intensity Indicator' Tool for Ships

StormGeo’s new smart CII dashboard. Image courtesy StormGeo

StormGeo launched a new Carbon Intensity Indicator (CII) Dashboard that provides ship operators with the ultimate digital tool for calculating, reporting, and proactively improving the CII rankings of their fleet.The new CII Dashboard is a key addition to StormGeo’s software and services suite, s-Suite where it has been integrated into the s-Insight platform.CII RulesThe CII is an operational efficiency indicator that measures how efficiently a ship transports goods or passengers in grams of CO2 emitted per cargo-carrying capacity and nautical mile based on its Annual Efficiency Ratio (AER).

15 Nov 2021

ClassNK grants Innovation Endorsement for Products & Solutions to SEAHARMONY’s “SEAWALKER web platform”

ClassNK has granted its Innovation Endorsement for Products & Solutions to “SEAWALKER web platform”, the software solution for remote assistance and complex maintenance operations developed by SEAHARMONY LP.In July 2020, to promote the spread and development of innovative technologies, the Society launched Innovation Endorsement as a swift certification service in cooperation with technological front runners to establish appropriate evaluation criteria. Among the certification categories, "Products & Solutions" covers digital equipment and software technology installed for use on vessels.SEAWALKER web platform is a software solution for remote assistance and complex maintenance operations.

09 Nov 2021

Tech Files: HydroComp Releases PropExpert 2021

Image courtesy Hydrocomp

HydroComp released its latest version of PropExpert with new Windows “visual styles” option and other technical updates.During 2021 HydroComp has undertaken a significant in-house initiative to enhance product “look-and-feel” for contemporary themes available in Windows 10/11. The overall workflow process remains unchanged and will be familiar to users, but new controls and graphs now support Windows “visual style”. This is available as a “Flat UX” theme option.New performance…

16 Sep 2021

Nautilus Labs, TotalEnergies Expand Emissions Reduction Pilot

(Image: TotalEnergies)

Nautilus Labs expanded the pilot phase initiated with TotalEnergies, a pilot aiming to optimize liquefied natural gas (LNG) carrier’s fleet performance and reduce greenhouse gas emissions on its path towards carbon neutrality.TotalEnergies was looking for a technology partner to visualize and analyze fleet data in order to optimize overall operational efficiency and cut emissions. The charterer works with various owners and therefore requires a solution that can easily and seamlessly integrate with all existing ship-to-shore systems.

01 Sep 2021

RINA Acquires Logimatic Solutions

RINA acquired the entire share capital of Logimatic Solutions, a Danish software company with a turnover of about 6 million Euros that will be fully integrated within the RINA Group. Its nearly 50 employees will continue in the current structure from its offices in Denmark, Singapore and Chile. This acquisition is in line with RINA’s strategic plan and will boost the company’s knowledge of digital solutions.The move will add SERTICA to the RINA portfolio of maritime offerings, while INEXTIA, FOTODOK and RENOMATIC will complement RINA’s businesses in the energy and industry sectors. SERTICA is a fleet management solution, which integrates a wide range of functions…

11 Aug 2021

Common Structural Rules Software Updated to Comply with Latest IACS Rules

Common Structural Rules Software LLC, a joint venture company formed by ABS and Lloyd’s Register, has updated its software products in line with the latest International Association of Classification Societies (IACS) rule changes.Common Structural Rules (CSR) Prescriptive Analysis (PA) and CSR Finite Element Analysis (FEA) have been updated to meet the latest version of CSR Bulk Carrier and Oil Tanker Rules on January 1, 2021 issued by IACS that entered into force on July 1, 2021.This update assists users with the development of new designs to meet the latest rules as well as the application of older rule versions to designs that may apply to the contract date of the ship.The software provides users with an easy way to evaluate ship designs against CSR and is employed by around 500 users.

04 Aug 2021

DNV, Nakilat Team to Improve Vessel Software Quality

LNGC Al Kharaitiyat. Photo courtesy Nakilat

Nakilat, DNV, and a group of yards and system suppliers – ABB, Honeywell, Kongsberg and Wärtsilä + Hudong-Zhonghua – have teamed on a joint development project (JDP) to elevate software reliability and maintenance during operations. The JDP, which was initiated in 2020 by Nakilat, has resulted in the launch of a new DNV Recommended Practice (DNV-RP-0582), published in June 2021.“With one of the largest LNG shipping fleets in the world, we are intimately aware of the importance of Information Technology (IT) integrity in ensuring safe…

21 Jun 2021

Maersk VC co-leads Funding Round in Egyptian Freight Logistics Start Up

Photo courtesy © putilov_denis

Egyptian startup Trella, a digital platform connecting truckers with freight loads, has raised $42 million in equity and debt, including from the venture capital arm of shipping giant Maersk, its chief executive said.Founded three years ago in Cairo, Trella operates in Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan. It is one of several technology firms around the world seeking to upend traditional truck brokerages.Through Trella's online platform, shippers and truckers can directly book freight loads for transport.

14 Jun 2021

NAPA Viewer Aims to Enhance 3D Ship Design Process

Image courtesy AVEVA

A new streaming technology will support 3D model based approval (3DMBA) by providing all stakeholders with a live interactive web application to better collaborate on ship design.NAPA announced the launch of NAPA Viewer, its new collaborative web application, designed to provide users throughout the ship design process with visibility of the most current 3D ship model via a browser, and the ability to directly comment on the model. NAPA Viewer will also enable users to request…

29 Apr 2021

Teekay to Expand Use of ABB's Engine Diagnostics Software

Teekay will now be able to access deeper insights into fleetwide engine health and performance with ABB Ability Tekomar XPERT for fleet (Image: ABB)

Shipping company Teekay is expanding its use of ABB Turbocharging’s engine diagnostics software to deliver deeper insights at fleet level.Teekay will roll out Tekomar XPERT for fleet, including the software’s new CO2 emissions indicator, across 54 Suezmax and Aframax tankers. The company, which has used Tekomar XPERT to monitor its vessels engines since 2015, will now be able to access deeper insights into fleetwide engine health and performance as well as at-a-glance CO2 emissions data.While Tekomar XPERT monitors the engines on an individual vessel to deliver diagnostics and advisory…