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Monday, June 24, 2024

Imoto Lines and Marindows to Build Next-Gen Zero-Emission Containership

Maritime Activity Reports, Inc.

April 19, 2024

Concept for Imoto Lines' and Marindows' zero-emission contrainership (Credit:  Imoto Lines)

Concept for Imoto Lines' and Marindows' zero-emission contrainership (Credit: Imoto Lines)

Imoto Lines and Marindows have outlined plans to build the next generation zero-emission domestic container ship capable of hybrid operation using Japan's first exchangeable container batteries, alongside onboard batteries and generators.

The joint project between the companies aims to address three major challenges of the maritime industry - decarbonization, crew shortage, and safe navigation.

The three-year project is supported by the Ministry of the Environment, Government of Japan through its 'FY2024 Carbon Neutral Technology Research and Development Program'.

Scheduled to commence operations in fiscal year 2026, the ship will be put to demonstration tests on the Kobe - Hiroshima service.

It will be designed as 499 gross tonnage container ship, with a carrying capacity of about 200 TEU, se to be the largest in Japan.

The ship will be 81 meters long, with the breadth and depth of 13.5 meters and 6.6 meters respectively.

According to the companies, the ship will significantly reduce operating costs through thorough standardization, modularization, and mass production, aiming to achieve total operating costs, including construction, that are approximately 30% higher than existing ships, but comparable when overall costs are considered.

The ship is planned to achieve complete zero-emission from fuel mining and manufacturing to usage, by being propelled by renewable energy charged in container batteries.

It also adopts a design that can be flexibly upgraded with the introduction of new technologies and systems, minimizing the risk of technology obsolescence.