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Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Ship Recycling News

23 Apr 2024

Damen Launches ‘Green’ Ship Dismantling Pilot

(Credit: Damen)

Damen Shipyards Group has launched a pilot project in which a small tug will be dismantled in a circular way and fully in line with the EU regulations.The project will serve as a trial, after which this approach of ‘green’ ship dismantling and recycling will be made available commercially, and also for larger vessels, according to Damen.The 15.4-meter-long tug named Jan, which was built in 1927, will be dismantled at Damen Shiprepair Rotterdam’s Botlek site in line with the regulations…

04 Jan 2024

LR Greenlights Canadian Ship Recycling Facility’s Standards Compliance

 (Left to right) Darren Webster, Vice President, RJMI and Laura Donahue, Professional Services Manager, LR (Credit: Lloyd’s Register)

Lloyd’s Register (LR) has certified Nova Scotia recycling facility, R.J. MacIsaac (RJMI), according to the requirements of the Hong Kong International Convention for the Safe and Environmentally Sound Recycling of Ships.RJMI has become first Canadian facility to be issued a Statement of Compliance (SoC) to the Hong Kong Convention for international ship recycling standards, which is scheduled to enter into force in June 2025.RJMI was required to demonstrate that its environmental protection, workforce safety and emergency preparedness systems surpass the stringent conditions of the convention.

07 Sep 2023

GMS Debuts Ship Recycling Portal

Ship recyclers attend the GMS online portal launch. Photo courtesy GMS

GMS launched a Ship Recycling Portal digital platform that aims to revolutionize the ship recycling industry by making the sales and purchase of end-of-life vessels more convenient, transparent, and efficient.The Ship Recycling Portal is a specialized vessel auction platform designed to streamline the sale of ships directly to shipyards for recycling. With it, GMS claims, ship recyclers have the flexibility to make real-time decisions on the vessels they wish to purchase from the comfort of their offices or homes."Ship recycling is an important pillar of the maritime industry…

14 Aug 2023

Shipbreaking Prices Hit the Summer Doldrums

Shipbreaking of a large oil tanker, Gadani Ship Breaking Yard, Pakistan. Copyright Asim/AdobeStock

According to GMS, it has been another intensely inert week in the Indian sub-continent ship recycling markets, with Bangladesh sinking to the bottom of the price-ranking board and neighboring India & Pakistan taking the lead (in terms of pricing and ability to secure unsold tonnage currently on offer).Not only does the Bangladeshi market have a vanishing appetite for vessels, but the lack of L/C and financing approvals also appears to be making local resales just as difficult…

11 Jul 2023

Petrobras Makes History, Sells First FPSO for Green Recycling in Brazil

FPSO P-32 - Credit: Petrobras

In a first, Brazilian oil company Petrobras last week reportedly sold the P-32 FPSO for sustainable recycling in Brazil, paving the way for the development of the local ship recycling industry.The sale of the floating unit P-32 reportedly took place on July 7, 2023. In a collaboration supervised by Petrobras, the steel company Gerdau S.A. and shipyard Ecovix have been entrusted with the responsible and environmentally sound recycling of the FPSO."This decision marks the first time a commercial vessel at the end of its lifecycle will be dismantled in Brazil.

26 Jun 2023

'A New Era for the Ship Recycling Industry'

© Sved Oliver / Adobe Stock

The International Maritime Organization (IMO), Bangladesh and Liberia have announced the ratification of the Hong Kong Convention by both nations, marking what shipping trade organization BIMCO said is the beginning of a new era for the ship recycling industry.The Hong Kong International Convention for the Safe and Environmentally Sound Recycling of Ships, commonly known as the Hong Kong Convention, is a multilateral convention adopted in 2009, designed to improve the health and…

30 May 2023

Bangladesh to Ratify Ship Recycling Convention in June

© katiekk2 / Adobe Stock

Bangladesh is set to ratify an international convention in early June on recycling ships aimed at increasing safety and environmental standards, a senior official told Reuters."We expect the first week of June for the official declaration," said Mamunur Rashid, a deputy secretary with the Ministry of Industries, who said Bangladesh is the world's top ship breaking and recycling centre.The Hong Kong Convention was adopted in 2009 by 63 countries and so far has been ratified by 20 nations…

17 May 2023

Ship Recycling Set to Boom Through 2032, Says BIMCO

Chart courtesy BIMCO/IHS Markit

“Over the next ten years, from 2023 to 2032, more than 15,000 ships with deadweight capacity of more than 600 million tonnes are expected to be recycled, more than twice the amount recycled in the previous ten years,” says Niels Rasmussen, Chief Shipping Analyst at BIMCO.As recycling volumes increase, it is increasingly important that the Hong Kong International Convention for the Safe and Environmentally Sound Recycling of Ships is ratified and implemented. The Convention was adopted in 2009 with the aim of reducing risks to human health…

15 May 2023

"Slim Pickings" on Available Tonnage for Ship Recycling

Copyright Gudellaphoto/AdobeStock

After some recent declines in the sub-continent markets, the ship recycling market appeared to have reached the bottom early this week as a certain “stability” across the markets led to some greater confidence to acquire some of the slim pickings of tonnage currently available for recycling.However, as the week came to an end, global currencies seemed to suffer against the U.S. Dollar in unison, as all of the major ship recycling destinations faced some declines (especially in Pakistan), leaving sentiments under pressure.

09 May 2023

Ship Recycling Market Slows

Copyright katiekk2/AdobeStock

As the ship recycle market enters a period of contraction going into the traditionally weaker and quieter summer / monsoon months, sentiments have declined across the sub-continent markets (and even Turkey) this week, according to GMS. To compound the bearish ship recycling sentiments, local steel plate prices have further weakened at key destinations and LME steel futures show few signs of any sort of recovery in the immediate future.That said, several vessels have been working firm over the past few weeks and sales have been taking place.

24 Apr 2023

Ship Recycling Challenges Mount in Bangladesh

Copyright Mulderphoto/AdobeStock

The results of this most recent market decline have been on full display this week as those vessels previously sold at higher prices are now struggling to deliver in a U.S. dollar starved Bangladesh (and Pakistan) and end buyers are starting to (expectedly) create unnecessary turbulence at the waterfront, especially on those high-priced incoming units.Steel plate prices continue to dither across all markets (including Turkey) over the past month or so, leaving the various recycling…

13 Mar 2023

Ship Recycling Market Remains Strong

Recycling markets remain firmly poised for another week, following a stunning resurgence by the Bangladeshi market (in particular) that leaves them atop the price rankings board.Levels close to and even over $600/LDT are now being regularly presented on various vessels and this is inducing more Ship Owners to sell their vessels, especially as freight rates in the dry bulk and container sectors are failing to improve sufficiently for Owners to keep holding onto their aging tonnage.Cape rates have come back this past week…

10 Mar 2023

Second Bangladesh Ship Recycling Yard Earns HKC Compliance

Image courtesy SN Corporation Bangladesh

M/S. S.N. Corporation’s Unit-02 ship recycling yard at Shitalpur, Sitakunda is now the second ship yard in Bangladesh to become compliant with IMO's Guidelines for Safe and Environmentally Sound Ship Recycling. The certification process was undertaken by Nippon Kaiji Kyokai, establishing that S.N. Corporation was capable of the intensive procedural and performance standards required under the Hong Kong Convention (HKC). This process was assisted by GMS under its Sustainable Ship & Offshore Recycling Program (SSORP).

27 Feb 2023

Bangladesh Powers Ship Recycling Market

For week 8 of 2023, GMS demo rankings / pricing for the week are as shown. Source: GMS

It is the Bangladeshi market that has been impressing everybody of late (and for yet another week) with a lot of pent-up demand being realized and even news of some choice purchases at decent numbers on units that have managed to receive L/C approvals.Indeed, we have once again seen levels over $600/LDT in Bangladesh for the first time since the same time last year, and competing markets are increasingly struggling to keep up.India has been trying its best too and has managed to secure a number of HKC green sales this year…

20 Feb 2023

Ship Scrapping Business Picks Up with Dry Bulk Swoon


This week, several more sales have registered as sub-continent ship recycling markets come roaring back – and a previously subdued Bangladesh starts to seemingly find some form once again, with some workable L/Cs from privately financed (rather than state controlled) banks.Despite the ongoing discussions about an IMF loan in the amount of about USD 2 - 3 billion, end buyers have been working to find alternate ways to pay for vessels for some time now and without the troublesome central bank approval, which is denying the disbursements of U.S.

13 Feb 2023

Feeder Container Sectors Helps Turn Ship Recycle Market

Copyright TawanSaklay/AdobeStock

An increase in the flow of tonnage has begun to buoy recycling markets and all potential locations are increasingly trying to secure vessels, in order to satisfy an progressively rampant demand that has built up over a record low influx of tonnage during a dreadfully quiet 2022.India continues to remain the primary focus due to their far more stable market conditions and ability to finance new L/Cs regardless of vessel size.Bangladesh and Pakistan continue to struggle with liquidity issues amidst a dire lack of U.S.

06 Feb 2023

Ship Recycling Market Continues to Improve

Copyright katiekk2/AdobeStock

Another solid showing from sub-continent markets has given encouragement to ship owners and cash buyers, to start testing potential prices with firm candidates. Indeed, several deals have been concluded off the back of these improved numbers, including one more Capesize bulker at firm levels basis an ‘as is’ Singapore delivery.Now that the Chinese New Year holidays have concluded, the expected bounce in freight markets has yet to materialize, so an increased number of dry bulk…

30 Jan 2023

Ship Recycling Prices Perk Up

Copyright saintmichel85/AdobeStock

Following a virtually inert 2022 and a slightly busier start to 2023 at the various recycling destinations, much of the Far East was off celebrating Chinese Lunar New Year holidays this week and it has expectedly been a quieter period - in terms of sales and activity.A larger number of container vessels have so far been sold for recycling at the start of the year, and we are beginning to see signs that older dry bulk vessels with surveys due may follow suit  in the near future as well.Additionally, following a glut of tanker vessels concluded for recycling at the beginning of 2022, this is the

23 Jan 2023

Ship Recycling ticks up; Supply Needed

Copyright Mulderphoto/AdobeStock

A degree of increased positivity has entered recycling markets this week, said GMS, as prices push on in both India (off the back of firming steel and settling currencies) and Bangladesh (off of a rising demand and a currency that has recently found its stability around BDT 105).In fact, a number of sales have reportedly even taken place at increasingly firm numbers, giving ship owners a greater sense of confidence to offer their recycling candidates up for sale, especially after an altogether bleak two quarters.Financing problems persist in both Bangladesh and Pakistan…

27 Dec 2022

Ship Recycling Endures a Turbulent 2022

Copyright AdobeStock/hit1912

Like much of the world, one word adequately describes the ship recycling market in 2022: turbulent.According to GMS, prices reached decade long peaks above $700/LDT in the first quarter of the year before crashing back down by about $200/LDT, with certain trades seeing below the $500/LDT barrier and even into the high $400s/LDT on certain occasions.On the West End, the situation was no different in Turkey, where levels too hit a record $500/Ton for a brief period, only to plummet about half in value (about $250/MT) in a rather short period…

12 Dec 2022

Ship Recycle Market Shows Some Positivity

After the last few weeks of insufferable performances from the major recycling markets, a shade of positivity was observed this week, as owners seem more confident in testing the waters and welcoming firm offers, especially those that are above $500/LDT.On the back of this seemingly positive note, one or two market sales of note even materialized this week and it does seem as though prices have bottomed out and sentiments have flatlined after losing a rather rattling $200/LDT, seen from the peaks witnessed earlier this year.Bangladesh continues to struggle with L/C financing limits, but the IMF loan is reportedly in the works of being approved and with most yards currently lying empty…

10 Oct 2022

Ship Recycling Market Slows to a Crawl

Copyright Gudellaphoto/AdobeStock

Sub-continent ship recycling markets appear to have disappeared back into the ether for another week, as trading markets rebound and candidates for recycling start to dissipate. In recent weeks, volatile steel plate prices, a constantly deteriorating currency and starved U.S. Dollar credit lines across India, Pakistan and Bangladesh have all led to a near total halt on buying at anywhere near respectable levels.As such, it is hard to gauge where prices really stand today, with so few buyers either having the capabilities to open an L/C & perform on any sizeable vessel…

03 Oct 2022

Ship Recycling Prices Soften (again)

Copyright Mulderphoto/AdobeStock

Sentiments have softened across sub-continent markets once again this week, as buyers appear increasingly reluctant to commit on fresh tonnage while fundamentals remain so shaky – especially as the markets have witnessed across the last couple of weeks, where currencies and steel plate prices took turns in tumbling.The Pakistani Rupee has breached historical lows and despite the odd flash of appreciation, has given Gadani Buyers extreme discomfort over the course of a torturous year of monumental declines.Bangladesh…