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Tuesday, June 25, 2024

The OCEAN Project Releases Free Navigation Training Videos

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May 28, 2024

Source: The OCEAN Project's YouTube channel

Source: The OCEAN Project's YouTube channel

The Operator-Centred Enhancement of Awareness in Navigation Project, known as OCEAN Project, in collaboration with The Nautical Institute, has released a series of seven free training videos that address evolving gaps in navigational awareness and maritime safety.

The OCEAN Project is an initiative funded by the European Union, focused on augmenting navigator’s capabilities to improve safety, reduce incidents and mitigate whale strikes.

The project consortium comprises 13 members from seven European countries: Norway, Greece, Spain, Denmark, Portugal, Ireland, and the UK.

There are seven key focus areas:

• Automatic Identification System (AIS) Reliance in Maritime Navigation: Addressing the complexities of AIS usage and emphasizing the need for better understanding.

• Protecting Whales from Ship Strikes: Promoting sustainable navigational practices to prevent ship-whale collisions.

• Visual Perception; Empowering Situational Awareness in Navigation: Improving seafarers’ ability to interpret and understand their visual environment for better situational awareness.

• Understanding Situational Awareness: Focusing on the understanding of situational awareness to ensure decision making.

• Effective Communication: Highlighting the importance of clear and effective communication in diverse and dynamic maritime settings.

• Assertiveness and Leadership: Introducing techniques and strategies for effective leadership and assertiveness in maritime operations.

• Raising Awareness on Human-Centered Design and Ergonomics: Advocating for better design and ergonomics to enhance safety and efficiency on board.

The training videos are designed to be both engaging and informative, blending storytelling with real-life scenarios, high-quality visuals, and practical examples. They are available on the OCEAN Project’s website and on OCEAN Project’s YouTube channel.