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Thursday, July 18, 2024

RSC Bio Solutions Introduces Water Resistant, Biodegradable Lubricant

Maritime Activity Reports, Inc.

May 29, 2024

© Andre Engelhardt / Adobe Stock

© Andre Engelhardt / Adobe Stock

RSC Bio Solutions has created ENVIROLOGIC® High-Tack Grease 2 as part of its high-performance grease product range.

The biodegradable lubricant is designed specifically to seal out contaminants like water and debris in high-speed applications along with reducing industrial and equipment wear and friction.

ENVIROLOGIC® High-Tack Grease is a VGP-compliant grease for use in cutter suction dredge and jack up boat applications. The grease was designed to adhere to metal surfaces using highly effective polymers developed specifically by RSC Bio Solutions. The steel and copper corrosion inhibitors and the performance additives in ENVIROLOGIC® High-Tack Grease 2 provide a barrier to corrosion and wear that will extend the life of the equipment to which is applied. Key product features include:

• Multi-use biodegradable grease

• Excellent dropping point

• Water resistance

• Structural stability

• Possess excellent oxidation stability

• Corrosion resistant.

“This ENVIROLOGIC® High-Tack Grease 2 was developed to fit a very specific need and we’ve had incredible feedback from our customers”, said Mike Guggenheimer, President and CEO of RSC Bio Solutions. “What makes this adhesive different from others is the significant advantage of being extremely water resistant with a low water spray off of 5% loss while also maintaining the superior frictional characteristics clients expect from a top-tier product.”