AMOS Business Suite Version 9.0

Maritime Activity Reports, Inc.

May 3, 2009

The most significant new functionalities of the AMOS business suite version 9.0 include:
interface enhancements, AMOS dashboard, material and human resource forecast, measure points, composite counters and complex activities management

User interface changes include a themes concept has been introduced allowing users to tailor the appearance of certain aspects of the system. Additionally, the toolbar menu style, task bar, and group boxes have been enhanced and the Dashboard has received both visual and functional updates.

The system now opens up to a customizable home page, or dashboard. This dashboard is a visual tool presenting the user with an upfront overview of the most important information. Different users can have different dashboards, depending on their role and needs. For instance, a Chief Engineer would want to keep the number of unexpected maintenance Work Orders, created over time and that still need to be processed, under control. Whereas, a chief buyer would need to know at a glance that a number of new purchase order requests have been submitted and need his immediate attention.

By logging into AMOS, each user will be able to see his own customized dashboard. Items in the dashboard are presented in the form of alerts, both numerically and graphically, to ensure the best possible visibility. The dashboard clearly lists all notifications generated by the active workflows. A double click on the notification section takes the user directly to the notification window.

New functionality allows customers to forecast the human and material resources required for a set future period of time within a range of installations and departments. These forecasts are based on existing work orders and planned maintenance.

AMOS Business Suite now includes measure points as well as counters. Set with minimum and maximum values, measure points can also trigger maintenance and be updated in the system manually and through the Condition Based Monitoring module.

Composite Counters allow the definition of a counter based upon another counter and/or a formula. AMOS reads these like any other counter.

A chain of dependency can now be set up between component jobs. The Work Orders based upon these job definitions will then also be linked according to this dependency which can be managed, visualized and printed from the Job Planning, Work Planning and Work Orders windows.

The configuration revisions of the Self Assessment Window support revisions which are work flow controlled and only one draft and one issued revision can exist at a time. User(s) must periodically evaluate each KPI according to the present stage, and then compare the new assessment against previous results in order to evaluate progress.

You should perform a new self-assessment revision when:
•    It is the first time you have incorporated the Self Assessment module at an installation
•    The standards you are comparing your company to have been changed and you must evaluate yourself against newer or more strict criteria
•    You perform assessments at intervals and the appointed time has arrived
•    You have changed the Work Flow Status of a previous Assessment revision (example: cancelled it, issued it, assessed it, etc) and so a new one is now required

Every self assessment is a new and separate revision. If you have a revision in progress that has not yet been scored and issued, you can continue to open the same revision and add to it at its initial status, until it is finished and ready to be assessed and issued through a dedicated workflow. Every new assessment revision is evaluated against the most recently issued set of configurations.

Meeting the KPIs in each element with a 100% score indicates that your company is performing at the top standards demanded by the industry.

In addition, several changes have been made to the database allowing this version to support the ShipDex protocol.

Finally, by providing the possibility to define which content should be included in the HTML documents, the AMOS e-Business Direct solution is now fully customizable.

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